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Chart: DROID BIONIC vs. HTC Thunderbolt vs. iPhone 4

We just wanted to toss this chart out there to give you an idea of how to compare the i*hone 4 on Verizon to the top 4G LTE devices (DROID BIONIC and HTC Thunderbolt) that we should be seeing in just a few months.  Other than the fact that the i*hone won’t and can’t run on the new 4G LTE network from Big Red, there are some other big differences here that you should be focused on.  Actually, I’m not sure any are bigger than that fact, but we’ll continue on anyway.  

Screen size:  How could you not want one of the new screens that Motorola or HTC are putting out?  Super LCD and qHD might be two of the prettiest displays we’ve ever seen and take up almost an extra inch of real estate when compared to Apple’s current offering.

Storage:  With the i*hone, you are stuck with either 16GB or 32GB.  There is no room for expansion on their devices.  So if you go with the cheaper $199 16GB model and realize that’s not enough space for all your pr0n, then that’s just too bad.  With the Android options above, you get the choice of going all the way up to either 40GB or 48GB depending on the device.

Processor:  The DROID BIONIC is the only device of the three that sports the new dual-core Tegra 2 processor from NVIDIA.  Apple’s doesn’t have one and we’re actually not sure that any of their products ever will.  Remember, they like to keep it in house and NVIDIA has already been spreading word of their Android support.

HDMI-out:  The BIONIC again is the only one of the 3 with this feature.  Who doesn’t want to have the option to connect their phone to their TV and show off those beautiful photos and videos they’ve taken to their friends?

RAM:  The Thunderbolt is the class leader on this one.  According to their official spec page, it’ll sport 768MB of RAM which will help make up for the lack of a dual-core processor.  Of course, it’s already running the newest Snapdragon, so peformance wasn’t going to be an issue anyway.

So, are you still willing to use that upgrade on a device that doesn’t really compare to the top two Verizon 4G LTE devices?  While we haven’t heard specific dates for either the BIONIC or Thunderbolt, we have been told “first half of 2011” and have at least a couple of tips pointing for a March release of at least one of them.  That’s only a month after the i*hone 4 hits VZW store shelves, can you wait another month?  You should.

  • I have 2 Androids and they are both between OK and very cool in most ways (except battery life). I’d say the HTC Evo 3D is definitely better than OK. Why do I have two? I’m a software developer working on both iOS and Android projects, so I actually have more than 2, I also have an iPhone 4, 2 iPads and 3 other iPhones that I have passed on to family members (or retired to my sock drawer).
    Android? Nice. iPhone? still in a class by itself. Between better and far better in most ways except for no 4G. 4G hasn’t made a big difference yet, I definitely get what I need out of 3G and wifi. I enjoy developing for both Android and iPhone, but Android is quite a pain in some ways, having to worry about code working well on such a wide variety of phones and processors is one of the biggest pains. I like the competition. Go for it Google. The world is a better place for it. But the smart phone in my pocket is still an iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    You are right, being that the iPhone has no skin at all (as stated) all it is is a terminal system with a phone calling kernel installed.

  • Trevor

    Who would’ve thought the Bionic would end up coming out in September? I’m just glad it’s finally gonna be coming out though

  • Millennium Clearwater

    Solving world problems with math and science!


  • Millenniumparty

    Solving world problems with math and science


  • MEGABOT2000


  • i prefer Iphone4 is much preferred by many users. because of its performance

  • Maplesh0sh0

    How long until the Droid Bionic is out?

  • Rydecki6

    Just to let u all know I work cell towers and were still updating the cell sites to 3g yet alone 4g. The demands of a faster network doesn’t happen over a couple months. All the antennas on every site must be changed, tma’s must be changed, all the coex cable changed, so keep thinking on 4g its still in the process.

  • Mike_is_Mike

    The only comparison needed between these phones is — ACTUAL release dates. iPhone wins.

    Because, right now, my old Nokia dumbphone beats the pants off of both the non- existent Bionic & Thunderbolt.

  • Almcloud

    The Thunderbolt has dual core processor, one for voice and one for data (3G and 4G)

  • Hhgolf

    Very compelling. Wonder if all this good stuff requires the Bionic or -bolt to be recharged after every six hours of continuous use.

  • Beermanmike

    Droid Bionic is 512mb of DDR2! which smokes the 768mb of DDR1

  • Beermanmike

    Droid Bionic is 512mb of DDR2! which smokes the 768mb of DDR1

  • Alan

    michael you’re a fag

  • Informer

    Verizon is dropping the Thunderbolt on monday…

  • Anonymous

    As an original Droid owner I would buy the Bionic, BUT the locked boot-loader on all Motorola smart phones is a non-stater. I love to customize my phone. I hate Apple so… HTC here I come.

  • Anonymous

    If you want a full comparison to the other 4G Verizon phones go here: Droid Bionic vs. HTC Thunderbolt vs. LG Revolution http://exm.nr/hhpkeo

  • Connortgodfrey

    lies. iphone does have most google apps. except navigation 🙁 , but there are free alternatives. there are a whole bunch of other fallacies that i dont feel like going through, but i thought id bring that up

  • Ronnie

    Lets sum this all up. Customers want the iPhone… They get it, and then they complain. The say droid is still better. Comparing two new products to a phone that was released 6 months ago. The best part is, when the iphone comes out, the iphone will be in the hands of more customers in one day then Android in the life of their sales. I will buy the iPhone 4 then the iPhone 5 when it is released. I currently have the droid btw, and have had the incredible.

  • iwrestledabearonce

    I can see some people see this chart as pointless, being that the iPhone is kind of old news and both of these android phones haven’t been released yet. But being that its coming to Verizon, I was half-way considering giving the iPhone a chance since I’m more than ready to upgrade my droid eris. But thats just silly, when you do a side by side comparison both android phones just kill the iPhone IMHO. So, yeah I think I’m really gonna’ enjoy using the HTC Thunderbolt…

  • YeahNoYeah

    Good table, but including the iPhone 4 in this table isn’t the best comparison. The Thunderbolt and Bionic will be more on the same level as the as yet unreleased/unannounced (technically) iPhone 5.