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Honeycomb Preview Video Sneaks onto Youtube, Confirms Android 3.0

The video was originally posted here, but apparently wasn’t supposed to have been, at least yet.  Luckily the guys at Engadget re-uploaded that bad boy for everyone to continue to enjoy.  Say hello to Honeycomb which is officially Android 3.0 and “built for tablets.”  This is a quick overview/walk-through that was uploaded to the Android Developers Youtube channel earlier today and could potentially blow your mind.  Have a seat and enjoy.  

Via: Engadget

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • DBK

    Can't you just return it, get a refund, and buy the Xoom when it comes out?

  • Klewis Kkl

    And i just got an ipad, im very upset that this wasnt shown sooner. SMH

    • DBK

      Can’t you just return it, get a refund, and buy the Xoom when it comes out?

  • Knightcrusader

    I can’t wait for Google to release this so it will get ported to my GTablet!!

    • DBK

      If the rumors are true, you’ll be fighting a losing battle.

  • Those navigation buttons are ugly, who is designing this stuff.

  • Fghf Hgj


  • Anonymous

    The video didn’say exclusive for tablets. I hope its much like iOS in that it’ll run on both devices. It makes development easier to package them together.

  • Anonymous

    I love the UI. It looks like a desktop interface (a lot like Gnome on Linux) instead of just a scaled up phone interface.

    …Well played Motorola. You’ve made me interested in a tablet and with staying with Verizon.

  • Mjv1222

    once this is actually released for a tablet ill give it a month before we start seeing roms for our everyday phones

  • Anonymous

    Suddenly that Motorola XOOM teaser makes sense. The iPad really is just a blown up version of iOS , whereas Honeycomb has been completely redesigned. I want this. I want this so bad. Thank you Google.

  • Beeze82

    Big deal

  • Man, Google’s really competing against Apple now. I mean look at Honeycomb, it really reminds me of the iPad version of iOS.

  • Anonymous

    never wanted a tablet.. now I want a tablet

    • Anonymous

      Same thing here. All of a sudden I feel the need to add one of these to my stable.

  • The350zWolf

    What really caught my eye is that you will be able to video chat with google talk. I will start my piggy bank and save to buy the Droid tablet (Moto Xoom?) with no 3G/4G service contract (yes I know, it will be $$$$) and tether it via wifi to my phone. Honeycomb is really cool and it looks like it really takes advantage of that dual processor 8^D

  • David

    Well according to Andy Rubin when asked at All Things D, he confirmed himself that we would see the Honeycomb test tablet UI he was playing with on phones. Somebody link that video and time he stated such.

  • Brendan

    this made me honeycum

  • ratamacue

    I bet honeycomb will never be And was never intended to be released on phones.

    • im sure there will be a phone version of honeycomb to.

  • Sweeeet. Please let the Xoom come out tomorrow lol

  • Salespace

    adios ipad 😀

  • Anonymous

    So gingerbread is for the phone? and honeycomb is for the tablet? ok

  • Anonymous

    Suddenly I want a tablet!

  • Anonymous


  • Ergrimes

    Wow, I bout peed’d my pants watching this I cannot wait and Im so glad I didt get a galaxy tab for Christmas!!

  • Yeah that looks neat and all. But what will the phones be getting for a 3.0 i wonder. I’m only not as thrilled because i don’t plan on having a tablet this year. 🙂

  • smallhero44

    Nice, Liked the tron theme

  • Unnnnnggggggghhhh. That is all.

    • chistian

      they said there not done with the full 3.0

  • Motosurf


    • Edensdesign

      What excites me most, is that that looks like a true Google Chrome Browser.. At last!

      • Edensdesign

        well at second look, it is not quite identical to chrome, but looks damn close

      • the browser in honeycomb will probably be replaced with a ‘google chrome’ application for android, instead of the stock browser.

  • Eaturcrap

    Off topic,
    how do I root my original Motorola Droid with 2.2.1
    I want some way to root and put on a custom rom,
    I’m dying to have HTC Sense on my Droid somehow

    • Supposedly, SuperOneClick works on frg83d.
      I suggest using this guide http://bit.ly/avqTOb

      Then, when you get to Step 2 #1, download http://bit.ly/odexed_frg83d_droid and use that file instead of the one posted on the guide.

      • 3M4NU31

        Is there any way to root it using a mac?

        • Flombardo

          Sadly, i tried the whole developer suggested mono thing to no avail.
          insert cliche here –> i’m a mac user, it was the first time in 18 months that i touched my wife’s…PC. other than to clean up messes she & my little one had made. Good news is it only takes 15-20 minutes and you’re set.

          P.S. not interested in shots from the peanut gallery regarding Windows/Linux/OS X. You pick your computer, I’ll use mine, we both love Android & DL…get on with it. Bring on the Honeycomb Tablets!

      • Flombardo

        I can vouch for superoneclick… you have to toggle the USB debugging mode about half-way through when it’s running RATC, a FEW TIMES though (forum on XDA doesn’t quite say this) until magically it passes the loop / waiting for device…
        OG Droid – 2.2.1 – frg83d

  • Wow?

    That was…

    …STUNNING! I want. No, I want NOW!

  • Mr.Joe

    Now this is a tablet UI. Still doesn’t make me want one though.

    SO… what are the cell phones getting if 3.0 is for the tablets?

    • Anonymous

      I have a feeling 3.0 and it’s succeeding updates is for tablets, while 2.3 and up are for phones. I think Google’s trying to make the distinction that 3.0 is for tablets and 2.2/2.3 are for phones.

  • Keithsmnr

    Really first?

    • Keithsmnr

      nice…like my 10th first at least

      • Doesn’t it get boring after a while? Also, you weren’t first 😛

      • iamsteventucker

        Oh did you get first? What’s your mom cooking for dinner 35 year old guy who lives at home?

    • kill yourself?

  • Anonymous


    That looks amazing. I hear it’s only supposed to be for tablets, but I wonder how long it will take XDA to get most of that coolness on phones too (and how much of it will be useful on a phone).

  • Anonymous

    i jeez in ma pants…

    • Adecker246

      I fully and entirely second that. O_O That…Was…BEAUTIFUL! I am buying that droid tab if it runs this ASAP!