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More Details on Verizon’s New Upgrade Policy

Just over an hour ago, some depressing news hit the interwebs concerning Verizon’s new upgrade policy that will go into affect on January 16th and we’ve now received even deeper details.  This isn’t going to make anyone any happier, but as always, we want you to know as much as possible so that you can make the best decision come upgrade time on your current contract.

5 things to know:

1.  All customers who activate / upgrade on a qualifying plan prior to January 16th, 2011 are enrolled in NE2 (New Every 2) and eligible to use the NE2 discount for up to six months from the date they become eligible.

2.  Any customer who uses an NE2 credit or Annual Upgrade after  January 16, 2011 will no longer be eligible for either program.  On March 6, 2011, VZW systems will be updated to reflect this.

3.  All customers who exercise the NE2 or Annual Upgrade option on or after January 16th will receive a letter notifying them that it was their last NE2 or Annual Upgrade.

4.  Business customers continue to receive either the two-year corporate matrix tiered device pricing or two-year retail device pricing per contract.

5.  Customers will now be eligible for promotional pricing after 20 months on a 2-year contract and 10 months on a 1-year contract.

We are also hearing that the $100 credit that was included in the current NE2 deal will no longer be provided.  It looks like promotional pricing is all you will get when eligible for an upgrade.  We should also point out that more and more phones are offered for free these days, but still.

Cheers D and money!

  • Wpace

    Here is the deal,  droid  sucks. about covers it.  I have a 2 year contract  and still I have not been able to check email on phone.  you try and click and click and click. yes you got it… sucks…
    dial the phone takes clicks…  takes clicks just trying to dial stored #,s
    Hell if I ever needed to count on this phone………. yes you got it…… it sucks  you caount count on it……. Damm I hate it so much , thinking of smalls claim  court   ………..

  • Sarahjj624

     i have verizon..how much money would it be to get a new phone, when im not up for an upgrade?

  • Pastrami123

    What if your past the six months?????? Please help!!!!

  • daniel

    Yes, we do have to combine and stop Verizon from increasing their rates sky high!!! Like many have already said the cost of cell phones nowadays are one of the most expensive things we pay a MONTH. True, phones now have FAR more value now than they did 10 years ago and many of us can’t live without them now. But charging such a premium SUPER messed up. LOWELL MCADAM EVEN SAID AT CES That “If the press writes something long enough and hard enough it will eventually come true” So C’mon GUYS. SPEAK WITH YOUR WALLETS. AT&T AND VZW MAKES WAY TOO MUCH MONEY ALREADY!!!!

  • Ken

    who do you complain to?

  • Black743

    I’ve been told by customer service in an email and on the phone that my annual upgrade is good until I use it. Once I use it though, I would be under the new terms. They aren’t taking something away that you’ve already earned….

  • disillusion

    So is the consensus from the group, that if you currently could get a $100 discount, would do so then before January 16th? I’m trying to weigh all the pros & cons, leaning towards a Droid X, but the all enticing new phones coming out… I’m wavering. But also, I’ve never felt comfortable being locked in to a 2-year contract, even though I’ve been with them now since 2000. I’m currently on a family plan, 2 of the phones are due for upgrades, but only 1 with a $100 discount, which has been able since October. Like I mentioned, I was leaning towards the Droid X, but have to admit the iPhone is tempting… but then so is the Bionic. Any advice out there?

  • NoLongerLoyal

    Pass it on! I just confirmed it over the phone when trying to get my one year upgrade. My upgrade was supposed to be for March (or so I was told by a rep. at a BJ’s wholesale club when I last renewed and agreed to move to a family plan!) and tonight I am told I cannot renew until November of 2011. Not in March but NOVEMBER. In addition, my boyfriend cannot renew his phone in March for his one year upgrade even if he wanted/needed to because as of Jan. 16, 2011 Verizon will no longer offer the one year upgrade with a new two year contract. They’re not advertising it because “it’s not part of your contract”. The one year upgrade that is. MY PHONE DOESN’T WORK!!! It doesn’t ring, it doesn’t answer, I cannot turn it off without removing the battery first?!, the speaker phone doesn’t work, the sound doesn’t work, the keyboard only works half of the time, and it turns on and off all by itself all day so that my battery is dead by noon! The only thing I am able to do with my phone is text message, facebook, email, and use the camera. I’ve been with Verizon since 2002 and this is the treatment I am getting. I pay my bill every month. I renew with them religiously, always locking in on a two year plan, and when my phone doesn’t work, not only can I not get a new phone but they want to send me a used phone! This is the treatment I get for being loyal all these years, patiently waiting for the iPhone because Verizon is so great. Putting up with their crappy selection of phones because the coverage is so great. Crap on me, right Verizon? Crap on me!

  • unknown

    Folks…. the only thing that verizon is taking away is the NE2. Everything else will still be the same. You will still continue to get upgrades every 20 months with a discount its just not the extra money Verizon Wireless gives as a NE2. Dont get me wrong here I understand that Im just another number for the company and believe me it is harder and harder to make a good living. But come on people you all understand that Verizon Wireless puts millions and millions of dollars into there network every year for us to have the coverage and 3g and now 4g launching. I just get very annoyed that for the last 13 years of being in this industry its always free this and free that and discount this and discount that. If you want a discount go to the well fare cellular programs out there. US Cellular comes to mind.

    • Ken

      ne2 is going away, but more importantly…so is the ANNUAL upgrade option. It is now 20 months!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with what you are saying. So when you say discount, do you mean the price thats on the little sticker at the store? In other words, when you get a new subscription for a two year plan they say you can have the phone at this price “discounted price” the price on the little tag next to the phone. for instance, if the Droid Bionic is 699.00 but with a two contract it’s only 299.00. So with an eligible upgrade it’s only 299.00. Right?


    After speaking to three reps and two supervisors, and having them read me exactly what they received about it, I learned that those people don’t know anything. I decided to use my upgrade yesterday because the clearest language was “beginning on January 16th”. Aaaaand I just checked online, my next upgrade date is listed as September 2012, despite me reading everything in the new agreement extremely closely and it never being mentioned.

  • Allroy63

    Meh, I’m not really concerned about this. Just get your phone from WireFly.com. It’s always cheaper than VZW stores and website anyway.

  • Daniel

    So, I have a question and i would you guy’s help. I got my phone (Droid Eris) on jan 23 on a two year contract last year. I’m the account owner of a share plan. From what you guys are saying i would still be able to upgrade one year after but it will be my last one right?

    Ok, what if i decided to wait until any one the new phones from CES come out, will i be to hold on to the upgrade till new phone come out?

    Also, if i do decided to upgrade on the 23rd, can i do so with a one year contract? Also, are there any extra fees doing the upgrade?

    • DBK

      Once you use your early upgrade, that’s it (regardless of when you use it).

      As for the one year contract, they won’t let you do it if you have less than a year left on your 2 year contract. If you do it on the 23rd, they may not let you. You’re going to have to talk it out with the rep.

      • Daniel

        Verizon won’t let me upgrade to a one year contract if I have less than a year left on my 2 year contract?

        But i thought you couldn’t upgrade before one year unless you are paying full price?

        • DBK

          Lol sorry. It’s kinda late over here and I’m kinda tired. Streams were crossed. 🙂

          Anyways, what I meant to say is that if there is more than a year left, then you can’t. So you are right. So in that case, you should be able to get that one year contract, but, again, you would have to talk it out with the rep.

  • Bribri8785

    Did anyone else get a text from Verizon about upgrading early yesterday? I thought the timing of the text was odd considering this leak…

  • Anonymous

    Is it really new every 2 anymore? I’ve been w/ them for like 15 years and I got $50 bucks off a new phone w/ a $100 mail in rebate on D1. Big whoop. Unless you’re saying I have to pay full retail price, i.e. $300+ for a new phone then it’s really not that big of a deal

    • DBK

      It’s not the NE2 going away that has people mad, it’s the early annual upgrade going away that has pissed many off.

  • Unknown

    Considering none of the texting, excessive calling and data plans are a needed part of life the complaints about expensive phone plans are the blustering of spoiled and lazy people who are unfamiliar with real person to person interaction. Cell phone companies make money because people demand, bigger, better faster….for less money. People want more towers built, phones that do more yet think they should pay less? Where is the logic here? If the cell phone companies were not making a profit then none of these things would be happening. If you want the luxuries of nice things then fork out the dough, if not settle for the free flip phone every carrier offers and shut up.

  • Ijustdon’tknow

    I’m going to ATT their 4G is comming late but when it comes it will cover more people am in one of those city i know won’t get 4G until 2013 this sucks no NE2 that’s it for me i know it dosn’t matter to VZW but when ATT gets 4G am gone.

  • Marc

    Not sure why everyone is complaining….1, nobody has gotten $100 NE2 credit for over a year so thats nothing new, and 2….everyone on here takes advantage of annual upgrades anyway who never took advantage of it. I swear we all spend $200 on our phones and hell, even more if u get it on ebay, craigslist etc…so honestly all you cheap asses sound pathetic

    • todd

      Thats the problem, we all were taking advantage of the annual upgrade at 2 year pricing. Now we are stuck in 2 year contracts that we would have normally only done a 2 year contract. The very least verizon could do is let us pay the extra $70 to change our contracts to 1 year contract, or when our 12 months come up, allow us to do a 1 year contract at 1 year pricing.

      • todd

        above should read we would have normally done 1 year contracts…NOT 2..sorry for the typo

  • Anonymous

    If verizon doesn’t get a version of the Atrix 4G than I’m just going to go to At&t, forget call quality I barely call anyone anymore

    • DBK

      Bionic says hi.

  • celldr

    Hey all, check out U.S. Cellular. Pretty good deals going on there, and they now have this “one & done”. Which is an initial 2 yr contract, and that’s it. After that, no more contracts, plus a lot of other customer loyalty benefits.


    • Justin

      And no cell service anywhere.
      4G? No way!

  • DudeLove987

    I just called 2 different people at verizon and neither one has heard anything about an upgrade policy change

    • DBK

      Not really surprising yet. The training hasn’t really started yet and many are being told to keep quiet about it until it goes public.

  • The Atrix on AT&T is looking awfully attractive.

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  • Well at least I have two lines that will still qualify for NE2 in the future, but I was never told by anyone at Verizon that my primary line was eligible at 12 months ever. So technically speaking I can upgrade my primary in May (get an iPhone for the wife) and use her non contract phone now to get the ThunderBolt.

  • 4yrfujtgeyj


    • Justin

      You would enjoy fuckyou.com

  • Raven

    OK, I have to ask an apparently dumb question. Can someone tell me what I am missing here? Everyone is all upset because they are changing New Every 2 years to New Every 20 months, it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but the last I checked 2 years = 24 months and 20 months is less than 24 months. So, isn’t that 4 months less that you have to wait to get a new discounted phone?

    • DBK

      The NE2 refers to the credit you get when you upgrade. They’re doing away with that and they are also doing away with the early annual upgrade for the 2 year contracts. Hope that helps.

    • unknown

      Verizon wireless has always given its customers to upgrade with a discount at 20 months all along. You will still be able to upgrade at that time

  • Feplustwo

    Quit whining. Tyhed purpose of Verizon is to make money. Don’t like it? Go somewhere else or do without a phone.

  • Dfgfd Gfh


    • Justin

      try fuckyou.com

  • Anonymous

    Dear Verizon,

    You have great coverage but seriously this is BULLSH*T!!!!

    thanks for nothing!

    PS: It’s sad that my 200 comment had to be so negative! :[

  • this is bs! my husband has been a loyal customer with them for the past aamost 11 years. and we both got the nv3 bc nother phone we like out there. we have the new every two. and i guess they get u also where U HAVE to ahve internet on your phone. man, i am up for a new phone i think this july. i hope nothing happens to our phones or we are s cre wed. and anyone know what the deal is about the $30? fee for using your debit card on the phone????? is that whenever you pay your bill over the phone they are now going to chsarge you for it??!?!?!?1

  • Robert

    I just came over from ATT because it was a better deal. And I will leave as soon as it no longer is. This is an old story. The king of the hill is forgetting why or who made them the king of the hill. They will do things like this until they see customers leaving. Then they will change the way they do things again to climb out of the hole they are starting to dig.

  • Anonymous

    Well damn, I sure am glad that I have 5 different lines one which to play the upgrade game with,

  • So I am eligible for an upgrade under NE2. I signed up June 2008. Can I wait and get a discount upgrade + $100 credit for the new phones coming out (e.g. HTC Incredible HD)?

    • DBK

      Yes you can. But if you use it after the 16th, it will be your last NE2. If you use it before, then you get one more. Hope that helps.

      • Thanks, what would you recommend? Get a Droid right now and get one more NE2 or wait for the new phones?

        • DBK

          Your welcome. 🙂

          That’s a tough one. If you want 4G then I would wait (that Bionic looks nice). But if you are not that interested in 4G and just want a decent smartphone, then buy a Droid now. It’s your call. Hope that was helpful.

  • Anonymous

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