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Verizon Focusing on 4G LTE Android Devices, Not the iPhone at CES

Verizon announced that it will be holding a 4G LTE event at CES a couple of weeks ago, and this week, made it Android-specific which means no i*hone for those of you holding out for a device from that other company.  Surprised by that?  We’re not.  We’ve heard all along that if the i*hone 4 comes to Verizon that it won’t be an LTE device, so that leaves it without a slot at CES.  Sure, they may launch the i*hone 5 this summer as an LTE device, but CES more than likely won’t be the place.  Plus, Apple likes to have their own spotlight, and dropping their next device at a giant tech conference just doesn’t seem like their style, does it?  And moving on to Android again…

We heard that the HTC Thunderbolt made an appearance yesterday?  [insert sheepish grin]  Just know that Big Red isn’t stopping there.  After next Thursday’s press event, we should have a chance to see (possibly handle) 4G LTE devices from Motorola, Samsung and LG which are all Android devices.  It’s going to be a big CES for the good side of mobile operating systems.

Via:  Android Community, Information Week

  • Bob Heacox

    Very interesting. I’m on the list for the Verizon iPhone 4 but I am very reluctant to toss my Droid X so I may just wait for the Bionic and/or the Thunderbolt before making a switch. Not being able to remove the battery nor add memory on the iPhone really sucks.

  • Bob Heacox

    Very interesting. I’m on the list for the Verizon iPhone 4 but I am very reluctant to toss my Droid X so I may just wait for the Bionic and/or the Thunderbolt before making a switch. Not being able to remove the battery nor add memory on the iPhone really sucks.

  • hghhb8
  • Anonymous


  • Dpsinger

    Is it just me or is android missing a critical form factor that the business usere wants. Why are there so few portrait sliders on the market? Many of us like to feel the qwerty keyboard when we text, while still having the full size touch screen while aslo having the option to type with one thumb when need be.

  • Fhgfj Fhj
  • Jchevalier2004
  • cfhgj
  • InvaderDJ

    I knew the iPhone wouldn't be at CES because Jobs and Verizon would want it to be a seperate event to give it as much impact as possible. Probably millions of people will be interested in switching to Verizon for it, they aren't going to show it off at a trade show that isn't exclusive to it.

    I'm interested to see what LTE devices are shown off though.

  • I”m waiting on Motorola”s 4G LTE Device.

  • Ckochinsky125

    I think verizon should just forget the iphone altogether let at&t hold onto that and cling to life with it. Verizon doesnt need it they are doing fine with android

  • scorpiontank013

    Anybody know when 4G LTE devices will be actually released and for sale? I realize that they are going to be showing them off of the 6th at CES, but when am I going to be able to go to the Verizon store and buy one.

    I'm still running my rooted BB original droid, which has held up like a tank for me. However, it just isn't fast enough for me anymore. I've been holding out for a 4G LTE phone ever since it was announced.

  • 1bad69z28

    I wouldn't concentrate on that iCrap either!!!! Good for Verizon 😛

  • SJobs

    Looks awesome. Very soon we will see that Android is the best and only real fully-functional mobile OS.


  • Chad

    Personally I'm very interested to see what the iPhone will have to offer on Verizon. I went from an OG Droid to a Droid X in August and have been extremely disappointed in the X. Mainly because of all of the garbage that comes along with blur.

    • Higher_Ground

      I'm sure it's been said before, but why not root and remove the garbage you speak of? It's really not as hard as it sounds at first.

      • Don't even have to root. Just run Launcher Pro and hide the bloatware. It's a 5 minute setup.

      • QPHALO

        Yeh, as soon as I got my DroidX I rooted it it. When I realized that the preloaded backup assistant wouldnt work cause of my location I removed it. Bad idea. The phone would turn on but all I got was black screen hell. The one and only thing that still worked was answering a call, but I couldnt here what the other person was saying to me. Made me miss my OG.

  • Droidalicious

    Good! Thats where Verizon should stay focused. Screw the IPhone. Android FTW!!

  • Etpvt1

    I will never buy any apple product. Never have, NEVER will. Period.

  • thank god. i think the iphone/verizon “team” is over. it would of been something special when it was first released but there is no need for it being that android is here. imo

  • No iPhone on Verizon to show off at CES!? GREAT!

  • SJobs

    I think it’s smart for Verizon to back the better horse. The iPhone is old news and besides, Android is growing at an alarming rate. Android devices and software are improved on (almost) a daily basis. For apple, you have to wait until the next release of hardware and the software updates usually don’t fix problems or make them worse.


  • XxXDroidXxX

    I concur, don't waste an upgrade on a D2

  • It still remains to be seen literally how much and how well the 4G coverage will truly be. But even for just 3G, that is a nice looking phone. way more sleek than my DroidX

  • swapngreen

    I know this is a little off subject but I know of this website that will pay you cash for your broken, working, damage, cracked phones it's http://www.swapngreen.com might as well make the extra cash right?

    • Higher_Ground

      or you could go to http://www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com and donate it to a charitable cause. There are many other charitable causes you could donate your phone to, why be greedy and send to to a business that will profit off of it?

  • EC8CH

    I bet the Thunderbolt gets last minute Droid branding… just like the Dinc.

    Why make the first 4G phone from VZ a non-Droid?

  • EC8CH

    When the i*hone finally gets 4G it will somehow be magical and revolutionary.

  • Soooo, I have to say this: I am very underwhelmed by the Thunderbolt (if it is missing dual-core). To be clear, we ARE expecting an LG or Moto dual-core LTE device to be announced next week on Verizon, right? I reallyyyy want that LG (whether it's the Optimus 2X or something with a better screen) or the Olympus to hit Verizon. I want a future-proofed device! Not something with single-core. Especially when game developers are making games for solely Tegra 2 devices lol

  • tggt32
  • bravoleader2

    iPhone sucks!

  • Rudyt

    Thunderbolt is a lie. Thunder comes in soundwaves, not bolts! LIGHTNING!!! comes in bolts!!

    • PandaBarr

      Never put 2 and 2 together like that. Lols on marketing

    • Jake

      I've been trying to establish that, but nobody seems to get the memo

    • Towelie420

      I've always hated the premise that we have lightning, and then we have a seperate name for the sound it makes. It has led to an acceptance as both being interchangeable to mean either/or.

      • EC8CH

        It's like thunder, lightning The way you love me is frightening

        • Anonymous

          You better knock knock knock on wood. You better knock knock knock on wood.

    • Me

      they sould just name it the Droid Bolt. its short simple and to the point 😀

  • JoeLivesLife

    One word: Ugh. Just upgraded my bb storm (gasp) to Droid 2 Global. And when these come out, my 30 day return period will be up. FML lol

    • picaso86

      You mess up big time!…well anything is better that POS bb storm! :]

      • If you return the D2G, will you get your upgrade back? It might be worth waiting for some 4G phones. But I'm sure the plan pricing will be higher.

        • Viper76269

          it won’t be. it will be the same prices

        • I was told that as long as you return it within the 30 day period you have to pay the restocking fee, but you keep your upgrade pricing. It might be worth it. I like my D2, but I'd like this more.

          • JoeLivesLife

            The restocking fee, which I was told, was $35. However, I got buy one get one free, so my friend (who shares bill with me) would have to give up his Droid X. So I can't do that plus my Blackberry is cracked and the screen is messed up. What a joy… lol

        • JoeLivesLife

          I got such a good deal with the D2G. Buy one get one free, one reason I can't return really, and my line free until 2012 because of some Smartphone deal. But I seem to have an upgrade on 11/11/11 – lucky, i know…

      • JoeLivesLife

        Anything is better than my crackberry, which has a huge crack slicing down the screen

    • kellex

      Yeah might want to think about suffering through the BB Storm for another month or two. 😛

      • JoeLivesLife

        I would love to at this point, but I got buy one get one free when I bought the D2G, which means my friend (who shares the bill with me) would have to give up his DX. Plus my lovely BB Storm has a huge crack down the screen and is truly unable to be usable at this point. Bad timing, really. The only good thing I see in my way is that I have an upgrade on my sole line on 11/11/11 – major luck… But I told my family that I was going to try to hold on the the D2G for the two years because I have a bad reputation in the family to not hold on to phones for long. Ever since my Razor I've gone through many phones. And not because of breaking them! Because I had many opportunities for new phones. Anyway, long story short, I am screwed! 🙂

    • Murphy

      I agree, your life is f*cked. I'm on my 3rd OG Droid (thank god for insurance!) I refuse to use my upgrade until we get some 4G action 🙂

      • JoeLivesLife

        I know! I was going to wait but my bb got a huge crack down the screen and is really not usable plus they had a great deal with made me cave!

      • ironick


    • Sputnick

      One thing about the Droid Pro that will be nice if you use it for Google TV remote with the keyboard that you can use with one hand like you would a traditional remote

  • ADD_Boy

    Sweet! I am glad they are mostly just over looking the iCrap

  • TheDrizzle

    Apple's like the spoiled kid in kindergarten who needs all the attention for himself. I say, keep on chuggin' along Android!

    • Hopefully in first grade people will realize he’s a total brat who has no actual talents.

  • Can't wait to have some good choices in the 4G arena. Thank for the info, Kellex!