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Monday Poll: Thoughts on the Name HTC Thunderbolt 4G?

We’re almost positive that the new HTC 4G LTE device headed to Verizon in the coming weeks will be called the Thunderbolt 4G and now we want to know your thoughts on it.  There are varying opinions surrounding almost any new device name and this one in particular has had its fair share.  We’ve already seen names like Mecha, Incredible HD, Incredible 2, etc., but Thunderbolt 4G should be official next week.

So do we like it?  Should they have gone with one of the other rumored names?  Cheesy?  Thunderbolt 4G fitting?  Any other suggestions?

Thoughts on the name Thunderbolt 4G?

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  • Booshnig123

    I’d like evo just like sprint and I just wished there was no silver and it looked like the evo… 😀

  • Cityofchicago911

    I’m really disappointed with it not being a duel core phone. I expected more from HTC at this point in the game.

  • Gdfg Dh