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Monday Poll: Thoughts on the Name HTC Thunderbolt 4G?

We’re almost positive that the new HTC 4G LTE device headed to Verizon in the coming weeks will be called the Thunderbolt 4G and now we want to know your thoughts on it.  There are varying opinions surrounding almost any new device name and this one in particular has had its fair share.  We’ve already seen names like Mecha, Incredible HD, Incredible 2, etc., but Thunderbolt 4G should be official next week.

So do we like it?  Should they have gone with one of the other rumored names?  Cheesy?  Thunderbolt 4G fitting?  Any other suggestions?

Thoughts on the name Thunderbolt 4G?

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  • Booshnig123

    I’d like evo just like sprint and I just wished there was no silver and it looked like the evo… 😀

  • Cityofchicago911

    I’m really disappointed with it not being a duel core phone. I expected more from HTC at this point in the game.

  • Gdfg Dh


  • Nice, that’s helpful for me!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


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  • cellphonesarephony101

    really cool but a better name would be like… the htc miracle or htc gleam htc electro htc stealth htc bolt htc lightning htc hurricane htc fantasy
    idk something other than thunderbolt… something epic. like the samsung epic was a cool name i like that name 🙂 ooh another is the htc electrify or htc hercules <— ooh that ones cool 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


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  • Djubas

    If HTC is to compete with Apple they need to come up with some better or sexier names that imply exclusivity, shorter and to the point than three syllables, how about “H1”, “the 1”. Hire Prince, I’m sure he could come up with a creative name that people will want it before they see it and are happy to tell their friends the name once they have it.

  • Fhgf Fgj


  • Andrew

    Thunderbolt isn’t a bad name. But this should be called the “HTC Incredible HD”,
    and the original one should now be called the “HTC Droid Mediocre.”

  • NerdPower

    I wish it was called “Droid Lightning 4G”

  • Fastcompjason

    Its fitting i guess that the first VZW 4G LTE phone was named Thunder Bolt. I think Verizon was alluding to it when it launched the first and current commercials for the service with all the lightning and the kid throwing a “bolt of lightning” at the end of the spot. I can only imagine that with a little video editing the kid will now be throwing a phone towards the screen with lightning streaming behind. Commercial Advertising at its greatest.

  • T_damon

    I can only imagine how nice the commercial on tv will be for the thunderbolt.

  • Not unlike the sound it makes when exploding.

  • Ryan Matsudaira

    How does thunder, bolt? Thunder rumbles – lightning bolts….jeeze…

  • Victormmr

    Would best be called Tornado 4G or Twister 4G

  • Fgyfgj Fgvj
  • Dhtfuj Dh
  • Yahoa

    Droid Thunder
    Droid Bolt

    both have a better ring to it.

  • Timbabwe

    Even though I think that the Merge is a different phone, I think that this phone should be called the Droid Merge by HTC. A, since it's on Verizon and their best Android phones become “Droids”, that's why it def needs to have Droid in the name. B, I like Merge for it because it's the first 4G phone for Verizon, “merging” them and everyone with the carrier to 4G… I mean I think its genius 🙂

    • I agree, Engadget and other sites are acting like its the same phone but the 12 photos clearly show that the Thunderbolt doesn't have a slide out keyboard like the HTC merge. Also another way to notice the two phones are different is the HTC Merge has red accents around the earpiece and keyboard and the Thunderbolt does not.

  • yhfgjhgj
  • AppyHours.com

    Sounds like pokemon:

    Ash: HTC! I choose you!

    Phone: H-H-HTC


    Phone: H…H-T…HTC!!! *shoots thunderbolt out of body*



  • yhfgjhgj
  • L_lm20

    as long as this has a droid brand, this thing is mine….

  • Jawshua

    Mobile View is not working on my DROIDX! Non-rooted, Froyo 2.3.340, Launcher Pro Plus, Dolphin Browser HD. I've emailed countless times..

  • Asdrsa5
  • shamu11

    droid thunderbolt neh
    droid incredible HD YEAH!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    no “who cares” option?

  • Why not lightning, its fast and good sounding!

    • EC8CH


  • Brochaos

    incredible HD is a dumb name. why do companies just stick HD, XP, etc on things that don't even relate? i think just HTC Bolt would have been better. I would suggest Thunder, but didn't dell already use that?

  • Mrpicolas

    I dont care what it's called as long as its called mine..

  • valladolid

    they should call it Droid Thunder or Droid Incredible 4G

  • bballer619

    It would have been voted on more if the Chargers actually won this weekend.

  • stang68

    Incredible HD is dumb unless it has an HD screen. And don't say it's because of HD recording. If so, then I have a Droid X HD.

    • kellex

      The HD came from the Desire HD since they are almost identical.

      • stang68

        Yeah, and that name is stupid and unwarranted, as well.

  • KniteLyf

    The name is more gay than a guy using a ShakeWeight

  • zepfloyd

    You knew the marketing team wasn't going to let a new phone out the door without 4G in the title like the Evo and MyTouch…and Incredible 4G sounds cheesy.

  • Jet Gladstone

    So check this out guys, it would make sense if it were called the thunderbolt because they claim to b the first to 4G and in the first 4G commercial for Verizon the kid is holding a Thunderbolt…………

  • Gg101

    I don't really care what they call if, I just want to see some specs. This better have at least as much horsepower as the mt4g.

  • Timoh

    Would be fine as a codename rather than a production name. It sounds like they had a gradeschool “name our next phone” contest with this one.


    How embarrassed are you going to be to say “i just got the new thunderbolt” you will either be pegged as Harry Potter fanatical witch OR sex crazed horn dog bragging about your new “toy”. awesome.

    • kellex

      HTC Potter 4G. Yikes.

  • Romma1

    It's better than Dinc 2… I want a Dinc to to be similar in dimensions, look and feel to the original, hence being appropriately named as a true follow up device. But of course I want the hardware and software to blow the original Dinc out of the water. This device does look very interesting. I am being told there will be no 4g in my part of Connecticut for maybe 2 years.

  • droidman

    I like it…it also keeps it in line with the commercial for LTE (kid running to mailbox, gets brown box and pulls out a thunderbolt…)

  • My hope is that if it becomes “Thunderbolt” it will be “Droid Thunderbolt”. NO BING!

    • EC8CH


      Yeah, the name “Droid Bingless” would get lots of votes.

  • Michael_NM

    I understand that names are part of the marketing game, but the geek in me longs for model numbers. I'd keep the Droid moniker, but add model numbers. Droid 4GI would work for me… I guess that's why I am not in marketing any longer… 🙂

    • kellex

      Starting to think you may be right.

  • Br_d

    A pet peeve of mine is when people use lightning and thunder interchangeably. There is no such thing as a bolt of thunder, so I think the name sounds kind of moronic.

    • bravoleader2

      I've always been afraid of bolts of thunder.

    • kellex

      Classic comment. Seriously, that is one of the top things ever said on here. I'm actually laughing at HTC right now.

      • DBEvans

        Are you also laughing at the Merriam-Webster dictionary (or most other dictionaries)? They have it as a defined word.

        A pet peeve of mine is when someone claims a term doesn’t exist when it actually is a real word.

        • Henryg129

          Like Irregardless…..

      • DBEvans

        Are you also laughing at the Merriam-Webster dictionary (or most other dictionaries)? They have it as a defined word.

        A pet peeve of mine is when someone claims a term doesn’t exist when it actually is a real word.

      • DBEvans

        Are you also laughing at the Merriam-Webster dictionary (or most other dictionaries)? They have it as a defined word.

        A pet peeve of mine is when someone claims a term doesn’t exist when it actually is a real word.

    • Anonymous

      1. a flash of lightning with the accompanying thunder

      ….nuff said

    • dah… your not the only one. There are not thunderbolts, only lighteningbolts. pokemon games did this too

  • gregmr

    Thunderbolt works well in terms of the Verizon marketing campaign so consumers will relate it to the commercials they have out now. But it terms of a phone name, I like Incredible HD much more

  • I personally like it a lot.

  • EC8CH

    Incrediblier was the obvious choice.

    • curtmoreno

      The man has a point.

      I guess “Thunderbolt” isn't bad, but it is sort of a lame appeal to the “cloud” sensation. If this is the name I want to see a commercial with a half naked old dude playing Zues tossing this phones down and hitting nerds from Mt. Olympus.

      – KFD –

      • EC8CH

        out of context quote:

        “I want to see a commercial with a half naked old dude”