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Dolphin X-mas Gift is a New Holiday-inspired Theme

Remember that X-mas gift that Dolphin was preparing for us?  It’s a happy new Christmas theme for you all to enjoy!  I know, I know, we were hoping Dolphin had some inside scoop on a mass Gingerbread release date or winning lottery numbers, but that isn’t the case.  If you want to show some holiday spirit though, then feel free to grab this add-on from the market for free.

Download Link

Cheers Brian and everyone else!

  • Eryt

    Just downloaded dolphin and then the theme, neither will work. Says there isn't a connection or the site may be down. any ideas?

  • Chris

    why download a theme to just use for 1 day? i want some gingerbread for christmas. with a side order of honeycomb

    • jeesung

      we won't laugh, if you use it all year round 🙂

  • Xeneize480

    I am using it =) really nice theme

  • Eryrtfgc
  • Rman18

    I have had it for a week. Old news.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I actually downloaded this Christmas theme about a week or so ago and have been using it since. They let everyone know about it via their blog. Strange that they didn't wait to reveal it. Oh well… download it, it's awesome!

  • Michael_NM

    Dr. Droid, Since you won't spell Christmas, maybe we should change the name to KelleX-Mas… 😛

    • His ego is big enough, bro. Let's take a break on that 😉 hah! jk

  • tbaybe

    I got this first thing this morning.

  • Yay you used my tip 🙂 Thanks for the shout-out guys. Droid-life rules!!!

  • Huge let down when compared to GB which is what we were expecting.

    • CupcakeLover

      This is for everyone(well, for all xmas celebrating folks at least)… I think it's pretty cool.

  • 1bad69z28

    Second, I just saw this on my OGDroid

  • Gagman

    so first