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Themed New Android Market Pops Up in Red, Blue and Black

You all have the new Android Market now, right?  If the green is a little much, and your darker side would like something in red, blue or black, then you’ll want to check out this XDA thread.  A couple of members (jeffsanace, fernando sor and thebowers) put together 3 versions for you to try, but you should be warned that the process doesn’t appear to be all that simple.  This isn’t a quick .apk install and instead requires a few extra steps.

Make sure if you have a market installed in system/app that the v in vending is capitalized or this will not delete your old market. Also
If you have been silently updated the market will be in data/app/ Com.somthinggoogle market. Not sure exactly what it says. Also check data/data. Delete anything in data/app or data/data that is google market. Do not delete market updater though you can freeze that with titanium backup premium. If you had trouble installing and then figured it out please post the steps you took.

That make any sense to you?  Feel free to check out the entire thread and comments like this for help.

  • Roman

    here's one that went a little further, and just looks better imo.


  • Roman

    here’s one that went a little further, and just looks better imo.


  • Blackhawk5177

    wut rom is that

  • Falcon34

    So I got the red market to work. I could not get this to work with the new market installed.

    So here is what I did:

    1. I flashed to an old backup that had the old market.
    2. Went into data/data folder using root explorer and deleted com.android.vending
    3. Verified the “V” in Vending.apk was capitalized. Located in system/app (using root explorer)
    4. Placed the .zip file on the root of my sd card.
    5. Renamed the .zip file so it was named update.zip
    6. Rebooted phone into recovery, then navigated in the first menu that shows up to install:update.zip
    7. After phone flashes the update.zip file, boot the phone back up

    You should now have a working themed market!

    • Cisco5679

      Awesome it worked perfect the way you said you did it comfirmed.

      • Falcon34

        Awesome. Glad it worked for you.

        • Mitchell Steele013

          The zip file that you are naming update.zip is the market, in my case the blue version?

          • Falcon34


          • scorpiontank013

            awesome steps worked perfectly

    • i tried this & all i got was the new market with the regular green color. i guess i'll wait until they figure out what they're doing before i get this.

      • Falcon34

        If all you got was the green, then there is a problem with the zip file. I would go back to the links and try downloading the the color you want again. I've done this method with all 3 colors now and it works every time. Don't forget that you have to start out with the old market (hence step 1).

  • Jeffsanace

    Jeffsanace here, just reading and following up on some of the comments here. Check our original post at http://forum.xda-developers.co… We will have another zip coming very soon that will fix the issues that most of you are having. Thank you to all the people supporting our work! Enjoy.

    • Falcon34

      I just posted how I was able to get the red themed market to work. Unfortunately my way requires flashing to an old backup which has the old market if you don't still have the old market already. I'll definitely be looking for the update you guys come up with so I can store it for future use if/when I flash a new ROM!

      BTW – Nice work.

      • Jeffsanace

        Thanks for posting, This problem is occurring because Google changed the way they updated the market. There is a market update fix for those that have the app in data/app. Just flash like normal, no deleting anything. Hope everyone gets it and enjoys it. Thanks again for the support.

  • Falcon34

    Anybody figure out how to get this to work? I have the new market, made sure cache was cleared, V in Vending.apk was capitalized in system/app. Flashed 2 different ways (install from sd card, and also tried naming to update.zip and installing from sd/update.zip) and still force closes constantly. I'm in the middle of running my backup because I couldn't get the green market to re-install after the red market failed to run.

    Those of you who have been able to get this to work please write up the steps you took!

  • SDI

    These themes are the sh*t! It took me some time to get it but the guys who made them helped me out like no one else! You have to uninstall the updated market if you have it then flash the zip! It really is cool!

  • bnitty

    is it me or did they not say how to install this? ROM manager? what?

  • Dan

    I had it working for about 5 minutes, then the force closes began

  • Jdsinglebarrel

    Nice work not even giving a correct post to the XDA thread.

  • Cant install the apk. on Bugless Beast. Anyone else having that problem?

  • You can download a market apk, install it like you would any other apk using Astro file manager or any other similar app, then go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All, then do down to the “market” app and clear data. After that its a good idea to reboot. Once you phone has completed rebooting go on ahead and open the market, and it should load up the new market.

  • Pez

    For the new market, download it here http://forum.xda-developers.co…. Reboot into recovery and “install from sd card”. To get one of the themed markets, do the same thing right after installing the new market. Always install from recovery. I just did and got the new black market running perfectly.

    • Pez

      Running newest Bugless Beast on OG Droid by the way.

  • dblj

    just tried this and got a constant force close when trying to open the market. reflashing backup now..

    • Happy_X_User

      If you restore the system files it wil stop focre closng and work without issue.

      I was able to get all 3 working on my Droid X by using the method below..Runing the black right, sweet…

      Install Method
      Did not remove any files
      Bootup in Clockwork Recovery
      Chose Mounts and Storage
      Chose Mount System
      Power button back to the beginning
      Chose Install Zip From SDCard
      Next Screen choose zip from sdcard
      Navigated to the file and execute it
      Power button back to the beginning and reboot

  • Not only didnt I make it work but foolishly enough I didnt back up after moving to Apex and now Im stuck in a boot cycle.

    So I restored back to pre-Apex, now dare I try again?

  • brain550

    Still can't get any of the .apk files I've downloaded here to install. Running CMod 6.1.2, any reasons as to why I can's upgrade to the new market?

    • brain550

      I'm referring to the .apk files for the new market, and not for these themed versions.

  • Mr2turbo15

    Couldn't make it work and I do have the new market

  • is there anyway to update my market on cm 6.1?

  • XDA Thread link is incorrect.

  • HeathCliff

    Don't have it yet. Droid 1

  • Mitchell Steele013

    I am running BB V0.6 and can't get this file to install for anything. I tried installing the Market that is here (http://www.droid-life.com/2010…/) but it will not let me install this over top http://www.droid-life.com/2010…/

  • (i've had the blue one for a week-ish) but its nice to not have all that white blaring at ya. 🙂

  • El El Kool J

    NET NEUTRALITY law gets voted on today by the FCC.. we dont want this people.. this will allow wireless companies like Verizon to block Google maps App on your phones and we will have to use VZ Nav.. If you blog/tweet or whatever make sure you express your opinion on this..

    • i'll keep my fingers crossed, for the good. 😉

  • I still dont have the new market? help?

    • Anonymous

      Are you rooted?

  • Keithsmnr

    off topic, does anyone know of any themed gingbread keyboards for droid?

  • Princesation

    Finally! A new market that works! Lol I'm loving the red and black one.

    • Mr2turbo15

      How did you make it work..? I flashed it but its still green

  • Jinxygrrl

    I don't have the new Market.

  • brando56894

    I really digging the black one! That will go nice with gingerbread or my black and cyan theme I have for CM6.

  • Keithsmnr

    link to XDA thread is wrong, please fix.

  • Brian

    I still don't have the new market. Is it because I'm running Sapphire 1.0 still?

  • Alex M Keech

    what if you don't have the new market? (download errors) is there anyway to get it on a custom rom?

    • Anonymous

      Try the steps I have outlined in this thread. It should work for you if you still have the old market. I’m running a custom ROM and I was able to install all 3 colors (at separate times of course).

  • Silentmajority

    My market didnt update yet, is there something i need to do?

    • Anonymous

      Are you rooted?

  • What?!?

    • Theantt21

      I can't get the new market on my droid

      • okay?

      • brando56894

        If youre rooted you can install it manually, if youre not then clear your cache from the application settings menu, that may spur it on.

  • Theantt21

    I don't have the new market still download errors 🙁

  • the XDA Thread link takes you to the video. http://www.droid-life.com/2010…/

  • V in vending?

    • Vending.apk located in system/app

  • joe1138