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Monday Poll: Best Android Text Messaging App?

We have a reader inspired poll today, that has to do with the best text messaging app.  In the past, people were either using Chomp or Handcent, but we’ve seen some new players recently like GO SMS and HelloTxt, so we’re wondering what people are still viewing as the best?  Are you using the stock app or something else?  Did we miss one on the list?  Let us know!

Update:  Forgot Google Voice!  Added to poll.

Best text app on Android is?

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Cheers Curtis!

  • SaMM

    Do any of the above apps allow you to recieve pictures from a sender who doesnt have the same app

  • Mike

    if you have a gmail account (which most of you do) just use google talk. its free and really fast.

  • Suga Shane

    This may sound like amateur hour, but if I have Handcent, how do I get texts to stop going to my default text messenger.

  • There's no way to text thru gvoice ON the phone is there? Just thru the computer app?

  • Bopalula

    GO SMS, definitely. I've tried both Handcent and Chomp, and it's at least better than those two. It's still new so it doesn't have as much features, but it seems like it has lots of potential. It also looks really great.

    • Brttwrd

      So basicly ur saying… its not as good but u like it.neway?

  • jonny6pak

    I dig the MIUI stock app. I used to use Handcent and it's my number two. I would love to use Google Voice for texts, but it feels awkward to me in its current state. I wish they would let 3rd party apps run through the GV text system.

  • I have used Handcent since day one since I got on my Droid 1. I have played with the stock app, and have been tempted with the deletion of it (am only worried about messing up messaging all together). Chomp and others just don't have the feature set that Handcent has offered in the past, and is still offering today. It is the most customizable and most powerful SMS/MMS app I have ever used, bar none!

  • SMSwho

    Texting? Who does that anymore?

    • tbaybe

      for real??? lol

    • Brttwrd


  • The Brain.

    Stock Miui sms app. Clean and minimalistic with enough features to keep me from using handcent.

  • Bpope3006

    how can i download the swype keybroad with the mic button ..i have the D1

  • I voted for Handcent, but lately I've been using the Miui stock just to try it out.

    Also, where can one get that Swype theme? That's badass!

  • jtwildman1

    I have tried a few of them. I like some of the customization, however stock tends to be the most reliable for me.

  • Lakerzz

    I like Handcents “popup” that pops up behind the lockscreen. I just wish Chomps “popup” had an option for that. I believe it shows a setting for that, but it doesn't seem to work…Chomp just seems a little more polished, (as far as looks go.), and just a tad bit more eye candy than Handcent to win in my book. I personally like the conversation style bubbles better. So I'm currently using Chomp, and Sms Popup for…well…a POPUP…

  • Halosant

    All my audio and video is playing at chipmunk speed… HELP!!!! On D1 2.2 non-rooted.

  • skltr21

    seriously……. what's so good about handcent??? what does it do that chomp doesnt??? and chomp has way more customization.

    • Not entirely true. They both have about the same amount of customization.

    • Toine216

      Entirely True!

  • I used to use chompSMS but now that I have MIUI and the I*hone Theme, my “miui stock” messaging app looks like chompSMS

  • Justin

    I use to use to be huge fan of handcent, but ever since I rooted my phone it doesn't allow me to send picture messages and it randomly blacklist people

  • Go SMS is lean and faster

  • nblufire12

    whats better than google voice? can someone tell me cons?

    and the pros for handcent?

  • John

    Isn't Swype a text messaging app? That's hands down the best app available for Droid right now. I can outtext anyone on a traditional texing app using Swype & usually text 2-3 times as fast.

    • Lakerzz

      Swype is a KEYBOARD app…he's talking about a “TEXTING/SMS MESSAGING” app…

  • Jawshua

    I just use stock DROIDX messaging and I had Handscent for a while but never used it. I'll have to check it out and see whats so cool about it.

  • Does anyone know if there is a fix for when you try to send a text while receiving a text for it to not fail? It's frustrating when I'm trying to send a text and my friend is sending me 5 texts at once. Is this a Verizon problem?

  • handcent clearly dominates

  • go sms is gonna go to the top soon!

    • Andrewoppie

      Go sms works great for me u can change font size and color great if its hard for u too see small print…sends pics and vids too…

  • Papoose34328

    both handcent and chompsms seem to lag when i open up the app…must be because i have moto droid. =( i've heard ppl complaining with handcent sending old texts after the phone reboots or have a private message for a special someone being sent to everyone in their contacts (including boss and mother-in-law). hopefully that never happens with me. i voted for chompsms but i switch btwn handcent, chompsms, and stock (if i'm really paranoid =P) from time to time. using chompsms atm.