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Monday Poll: Best Android Text Messaging App?

We have a reader inspired poll today, that has to do with the best text messaging app.  In the past, people were either using Chomp or Handcent, but we’ve seen some new players recently like GO SMS and HelloTxt, so we’re wondering what people are still viewing as the best?  Are you using the stock app or something else?  Did we miss one on the list?  Let us know!

Update:  Forgot Google Voice!  Added to poll.

Best text app on Android is?

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Cheers Curtis!

  • SaMM

    Do any of the above apps allow you to recieve pictures from a sender who doesnt have the same app

  • Mike

    if you have a gmail account (which most of you do) just use google talk. its free and really fast.

  • Suga Shane

    This may sound like amateur hour, but if I have Handcent, how do I get texts to stop going to my default text messenger.

  • There's no way to text thru gvoice ON the phone is there? Just thru the computer app?

  • Bopalula

    GO SMS, definitely. I've tried both Handcent and Chomp, and it's at least better than those two. It's still new so it doesn't have as much features, but it seems like it has lots of potential. It also looks really great.

    • Brttwrd

      So basicly ur saying… its not as good but u like it.neway?

  • jonny6pak

    I dig the MIUI stock app. I used to use Handcent and it's my number two. I would love to use Google Voice for texts, but it feels awkward to me in its current state. I wish they would let 3rd party apps run through the GV text system.

  • I have used Handcent since day one since I got on my Droid 1. I have played with the stock app, and have been tempted with the deletion of it (am only worried about messing up messaging all together). Chomp and others just don't have the feature set that Handcent has offered in the past, and is still offering today. It is the most customizable and most powerful SMS/MMS app I have ever used, bar none!

  • SMSwho

    Texting? Who does that anymore?

    • tbaybe

      for real??? lol

    • Brttwrd


  • The Brain.

    Stock Miui sms app. Clean and minimalistic with enough features to keep me from using handcent.

  • Bpope3006

    how can i download the swype keybroad with the mic button ..i have the D1

  • I voted for Handcent, but lately I've been using the Miui stock just to try it out.

    Also, where can one get that Swype theme? That's badass!

  • jtwildman1

    I have tried a few of them. I like some of the customization, however stock tends to be the most reliable for me.

  • Lakerzz

    I like Handcents “popup” that pops up behind the lockscreen. I just wish Chomps “popup” had an option for that. I believe it shows a setting for that, but it doesn't seem to work…Chomp just seems a little more polished, (as far as looks go.), and just a tad bit more eye candy than Handcent to win in my book. I personally like the conversation style bubbles better. So I'm currently using Chomp, and Sms Popup for…well…a POPUP…

  • Halosant

    All my audio and video is playing at chipmunk speed… HELP!!!! On D1 2.2 non-rooted.

  • skltr21

    seriously……. what's so good about handcent??? what does it do that chomp doesnt??? and chomp has way more customization.

    • Not entirely true. They both have about the same amount of customization.

    • Toine216

      Entirely True!

  • I used to use chompSMS but now that I have MIUI and the I*hone Theme, my “miui stock” messaging app looks like chompSMS

  • Justin

    I use to use to be huge fan of handcent, but ever since I rooted my phone it doesn't allow me to send picture messages and it randomly blacklist people

  • Go SMS is lean and faster

  • nblufire12

    whats better than google voice? can someone tell me cons?

    and the pros for handcent?

  • John

    Isn't Swype a text messaging app? That's hands down the best app available for Droid right now. I can outtext anyone on a traditional texing app using Swype & usually text 2-3 times as fast.

    • Lakerzz

      Swype is a KEYBOARD app…he's talking about a “TEXTING/SMS MESSAGING” app…

  • Jawshua

    I just use stock DROIDX messaging and I had Handscent for a while but never used it. I'll have to check it out and see whats so cool about it.

  • Does anyone know if there is a fix for when you try to send a text while receiving a text for it to not fail? It's frustrating when I'm trying to send a text and my friend is sending me 5 texts at once. Is this a Verizon problem?

  • handcent clearly dominates

  • go sms is gonna go to the top soon!

    • Andrewoppie

      Go sms works great for me u can change font size and color great if its hard for u too see small print…sends pics and vids too…

  • Papoose34328

    both handcent and chompsms seem to lag when i open up the app…must be because i have moto droid. =( i've heard ppl complaining with handcent sending old texts after the phone reboots or have a private message for a special someone being sent to everyone in their contacts (including boss and mother-in-law). hopefully that never happens with me. i voted for chompsms but i switch btwn handcent, chompsms, and stock (if i'm really paranoid =P) from time to time. using chompsms atm.

  • Hdallas

    How can I stop getting notifactions from the stock text app

    • Hdallas

      I just download handcent and its the coolest.

    • SjB

      you have to go into the settings of the stock app and turn notifications off.

  • Ken

    Tried to stay with stock app to avoid downloading another app, but once I tried Handscent, I was hooked. I like change, and Handscent allows that, with background changes you can make, font color changes, etc. It's easy to customize and the change is nice.

  • Lists

    If Google Voice would allow short codes, mms, and adjust the app font size it would be the perfect texting app.

  • napes

    Miui stock sms is perfect.

  • QUESTION: The stock messaging app allows for outgoing text received notifications, IE the little blue and white icon that shows up when the recipient receives your text. Is this possible on Google Voice? On any of the third party SMS apps?

    • SjB

      i know handcent does, can't speak for the others.

    • Inquizitor

      Google voice does this for texts as well as free visual, transcripted voicemails. need i say more?

  • QUESTION: The stock messaging app allows for outgoing text received notifications, IE the little blue and white icon that shows up when the recipient receives your text. Is this possible on Google Voice? On any of the third party SMS apps?

  • Cgmartin33

    Im wondering if there are more votes for Handcent because the ads on the free version are less intrusive than Chomp? I used them both and ended up buying Handcent.

  • Zach

    miui all the way

  • saimin

    Google Voice has free SMS. Is that true of the others?

  • Betadeltapika

    Handcent, personalized ringtones for each contact, and just go to settings and adjust stock sms to receive no notification for no double messages. Plus quick reply is a nice time saver too.

  • Pixappeal

    How about some more love for ChompSMS???

  • droidftw

    the miui sms app

  • I use to love Handcent as my primary sms because for some reason my N1 never could sent mms through TMo. But I think it has gotten way too bloated with all sort of crap like themes, those cheese greetings and pictures. It is still a great choice for sms of course but with my phone space at a premium unlike new phones that don't have this issue. I'm more selective of apps that are leaner without bloat ware.

    Right now I've moved on to Go which is lighter has similar features but less customization which I actually don't miss except for some and hopefully they will add but I can live with it as a trade off.

  • droidfan78

    Handcent for sure. Google Voice would be first if it had MMS support. I don't care what anyone says– trying to get my friends to remember to send a MMS message to email and regular text to my cell is pretty hard. 😛

  • I use the stock app, but I'd love to switch to Google Voice. I like that I can view my texts/reply from my computer. Unfortunately, it'd take quite a bit to make the move because I'd have to tell everyone that I've changed numbers.

  • Ufmace

    I'm happy with the Stock messager plus SMS Popup. I like the looks of the stock message list better than Chomp or Handset (What's with the iPhone look-alike message lists? If I wanted an iPhone-looking message list, I would have gotten an iPhone!) With this setup, I get the stock message list, plus incoming texts are shown in a popup with the sender's name and contact pic, above or below the lockscreen depending on config, and it will read them aloud, let me quick reply, by voice or keyboard. Plus, I can set custom vibration patterns for the notification and custom notification settings by contact. If there's any features I'm missing, I can't think of what they would be.

    • Kit

      If u go into the settings u can change it to like 3 other looks besides the i*hone one… fail for not going through settings…

      • SjB

        yup…that’s lazy. you can make it look exactly like stock if you want to

  • the miui messaging app, nuff said

    • Calculatorwatch

      Agreed, nothing beats previewing a text from the lockscreen and then going right into the thread, plus the themes and customizations are a good bonus

  • NorCalGuy

    I used to be all about handcent, but then I began to realize that it was slowing my phone down, so I uninstalled and now back to stock I am much happier now.

  • Joe

    I use chomp only because of the option to have the virtual keyboard automatically popped up when entering a conversation (handcent seems to have an option for this but it doesn't work; though it does work for quick reply). It's a nice option when you only have a virtual keyboard. Other than that, I would prefer handcent (though chomp gets closer with every update, imo).

  • I use the Stock app. My problem with Handcent is the themes. I wasn't a big fan of the dark one and the light one was way too Jobsonian for my liking. I would use GV but don't want to use another phone number.

    Also, thank you Kellex for reminding me that I don't have the Swype beta haha

    • Wmsco51

      You can put your own backgrounds. In Hancent.

  • Tcanderson2

    Vanilla messaging

  • KidPhat

    Anyone know the ROM/Messaging skin in the post?

    • Its stock with swipe keyboard and gingerbread theme….

  • Stevo760

    I like chomp cause the pop up window is prettier not some square block like hancent

  • JDMaker1

    Stock w/ SMS popup.

    • krazyman

      Same Here

  • Elcaveman

    I just downloaded Handcent. How do I make it my default? Or is not possible? I hate the fact that I'm getting texts through both stock and Handcent.

    • Firelight

      turn notifications off inside of the stock messaging app and presto-change-o you're good to go-o.

      • Elcaveman

        Thank you.

    • appdaddy

      Go to the stock sms settings> check box that disables notifications from it. Problem solved.

      • Elcaveman

        Thank you.

  • Google Voice is the only choice here PERIOD. Nothing else even remotely compares to the features GV has in both the Android app, web app, and cloud features of spam control, voicemail to text transcribing, texting from a chrome extension, porting your number… the list goes on.

    • Jager07

      could you ever get voicemail-to-text to EVER read something besides asa aoi blic and apfod why nerve? I couldn't.

      • Katie

        Mine has real words and half of them are words the person actually said. still have to listen to the message if i think its important though.

  • Chris

    Recently I've been getting double copies of a large majority of my texts. I've always used hancent. Anybody else getting this?

    • Katie

      Chris i just redid my customizations last night and i remembered seeing something about “check this if your getting double messages” now i cant find it though… maybe i was wrong.

      • Chris

        Hmmm. If you find it just let me know please. It gets pretty annoying

  • Ace87

    I like the look and simplicity of stock. What is the major benefit of something like handecent?

    • Cgmartin33

      Also the quick response window…that’s the only reason I use it.

    • nicotinic

      Customization of the app's appearance

  • Skwerlii

    I've been using the stock messaging app since I got my Droid 2 in September..
    On my Droid 1 I had handcent and loved it…

    Never felt the need to change though….
    Stock does everything I need it to…. like…. send and receive texts/pictures/etc…

    Also, why are there iPhone trolls on here?
    Shouldn't they be sucking Steve Jobs off or something?

  • Inquizitor

    How could anyone be so dense as to use anything besides GVoice? Why would you willingly burn your money over something as frivolous as text messaging?

    • Katie

      have you not been having major issues sending and receiving with gvoice recently? i have to do it all online, that means no notifications of new texts. I assumed that everybody was having the same issue?

      • Anonymous

        nope. must be your phone, buy a new one. my og has never failed me w/ gvoice. only problems i’ve ever had are updating it but that’s cyanogenmod’s fault because it’s installed as a system app, and there’s an easy fix for that.

  • What about Kik in the poll?

    I use Google Voice and Kick, depends on my mood and who I am texting with.

  • Google Voice. It's not the prettiest, but I can reply from my PC (which I'm at most of the time anyhow), which is much more convenient, and it stays synced up with my phone. VERY handy.

    • MattInPDX

      Seconded. I challenge anyone texting on their phone to keep up with someone typing on a computer keyboard.

      • But what if you aren’t always at your computer and out of the house about 14 hours of the day?

        • Katie

          then right now google voice is pointless because its not syncing properly!

          • Mrhumble1

            I use Google Voice exclusively and it works just fine. No delays, no issues. It has had its problems in the past, but now it’s pretty solid.

      • Anonymous

        As long as im not copying anything I can fly with a regular keyboard (no idea what my WPMs are) but Ive noticed with the virtual keyboard on my droid I can type pretty damn fast, but its less accurate than a computer keyboard.

    • Agreed. I just hope that Google will make some sort of API so you have the PC functionality but be able to use any mobile SMS app that you want (like Handcent).

      I like it the best because I don’t have to pay $20 a month for texts.

    • Friedricho

      try the app remote web desktop…I use it to text through my computer all the time when I am at work. It has its quirks but it sure beats picking up the phone to text someone

    • El El Kool J

      I totally agree with you… I love gvoice

    • Yes all of what you mentioned plus the fact that it sends messages free. I don’t pay for any text or a text bundle. Google Voice is the only option that actually saves you money.

    • Rampancy

      I had to drop google voice. I use my cell for business and 12 hour delays on texts and voicemails is not acceptable.

      • Anonymous

        I have never had anything remotely close to a 12 hour (or even 12 minute) delay in texting or voicemails. Are a lot of folks here seeing those kinds of delays?

    • Get SMS2PC and you can reply from your computer all day long via bluetooth or wifi.

  • Kellexsoundlikeagirl

    Lol its a shame u ppl need text apps n launcher pro n angry birds just to make ur phones as smooth as an iphone lol…wow u guys are lames iphone num 1 in world check them numbers n when it hits vzon it will reall dominant android

    • toomuchtimeonyourhands

      why are you on an android forum?

    • nicotinic

      You really must get that English as a Second Language program. I think it’s called ESLapp and is still available in the app store. It’ll teach you many of the intricacies of this fine way of communicating that you have sought to patch together not unlike one of those shattered iPhone cases. It can also keep you from being the butt of jokes when you’re trying to make a point. Try Google translate next time. FREEDOM with Flaws vs. a DICTATORSHIP with Laws.

    • It's a shame you fail at spell check, grammar, and containing your inner fanboy.

      • Inquizitor

        Not to mention irony.

      • a) you got trolled
        a.5) i got trolled
        b) i do need angry birds “to make my phone as smooth as an iphone”
        c) android ftw

    • Joe

      at least we have options.

  • Pauldroidr2d2

    None of them really. I want a text messaging app that works smoothly with both google voice and my regular phone number on my droid x. None of them are able to do that so far.

  • Pitchblack86

    Was using handcent for past 7 months but just last week switched bake to stock one on droid x. Tried deleting stock and have just handcent but pics wont send/receive without it. Tired of seeing both appear everytime I want to share something. Stock isn't bad at all imo

    • Wmsco51

      Goto settings and unchecked notifications.

    • lol what @Wmsco51 said…

  • Daballa

    Kellex, Where can I get that theme for the new swype?

  • Jarrett

    Either handcent or stock miui… stock miui is better though

  • Katie

    google voice has sucked for like the past 3 updates! they need to get it fixed then i may chose them… i love handcent for all the customizations!

  • The only reason why people still use the stock android text app is because they've never used Handcent. I thought for a long time 'What's the point? What could Handcent do that the stock texting app can't?' Then I learned: it does a lot more. I wouldn't ever go back…

    I really like that I can read incoming texts without having to unlock my handset–and be able to reply from there too! The different themes are cool, the ability store more text messages than I probably should, & being able to easily text contact info is icing on the cake.

  • If I get a MMS using Handcent, does it still show up as a slideshow? that's the single most annoying thing about my Incredible's interface.

  • Wow a lot of stock users. handscent since day one – I do remember telling some friends about handscent who were new to Android – Android noobs seem to stick to what they first see. I have run into people that made me wonder why does this person have a smart phone let alone Android.

  • Mark

    What's the biggest difference between Chomp and Handcent? They seem nearly identical.

    • When I was testing them, Handcent seemed like a better UI. But now, I just use the stock app.

  • jawa5636

    I use Google Voice but it is seriously lacking in the text messaging department. Handcent, hands down, is the best messaging app out there. Come on Google!! Get the Voice app up to par!!

  • Without a doubt, Handcent is easily the best text messaging app available. I send about 1000 or more text messages a month, and needed a good app for that(with a lot of features and ease of use, plus really great functionality) and Handcent provides all of that.

    If you text message, get Handcent–The cooler way to send text messages!

    –I approve this message–

    • Inquizitor

      first off, you likely have a problem if you send ~1k texts a month. but beyond that, why not save tons of money by using GVoice? Do you enjoy getting robbed? (if so, please respond with your full address, PIN, SSN, Credit Card #, Gmail password, and safe deposit key)

      • Dodgerdude

        First off, he is probably around college-aged … I am a junior in college and send/receive approximately that many texts, if not more, on average … it’s how kids stay in touch nowadays (I know it’s much easier and faster to call someone if you want to plan something, but whatever). As for the money aspect, I’m sure he has unlimited texting …

        • unlimited texting costs money genius

          • Yes, I text like crazy, and I do have an Unlimited Texting plan, and sure, I could use Google Voice(have done it before) to do my text messaging, but I can’t use Handcents with that, which I really enjoy using, thus is why I don’t use Google Voice and just pay for unlimited texting.

            And yeah, I’m of college age. I just like texting. It’s not as personal as a phone call, but it’s easier to text. lol

            Now if I’m making plans(BIG plans), I’d call. But for some small stuff(a lot of SMALL stuff), texting is easier. And quicker.

        • Anonymous

          i’m probably his age or younger. i can certainly tell you that us youngsters do text a lot, but we also use other services too. but for someone who texts an absurd about like him, why even waste a monthly unlimited fee when you can pay nothing? herp derp

      • I send 1000 texts a week.

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    TRillian??? Got google Voice forwarded to Gtalk which I receive in Trillian. Why? Because Google voice is horrible

  • While handcent has gone a bit crazy with it's addons (festive texts?? come on!), it is still the best out there with the vast levels of customization. The pop-up notification was the main reason I got it to begin with but had to turn off as the latest updates kept slowing down my droid 1. I refuse to go back to stock.

  • longtime handcent user…switched over to Go SMS. so far so good…

    • Mth2134

      Long time handcent also. But curious why u left for go? Just a change of scenery or is there a benefit im missing?

      • change of scenery…i found myself customizing handcent every day and it drove me nuts.

    • John

      Go SMS is nice. I tried it out recently, but I went back due to lack of customization (themes etc). I'll check back when they update it a bit more.

  • Once GO SMS adds some more features, it will be my default messaging app.

  • RealGame22

    Handcent SMS……Point.Blank.Period.

  • Haneyg


    Seriously, how could that be missed on this list?

    • Anonymous

      how to make Google voice number and your main phone number?