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Greatest Android Ornaments Ever.

The coolest X-mas ornaments on the planet just hit our inbox and they come courtesy of reader Carlos and his amazing girlfriend (Kristi) who whipped up all of this cute little  guys.  Hand made from an art clay, baked in an oven to become hard as a rock, and then glossed up to look almost plastic, these have “win” written all over them.  And yeah, she even threw in an Angry Birds ornament with an OG Droid in the background.  So impressive.

Entire collection after the break.  

Cheers again Carlos and Kristi!

  • Where can one buy this?

  • KB.Artist

    If you want one…

    After seeing your reactions, I've decided to put some of them on EBay tonight. It only makes sense, since I can't stop making them. I really enjoy it, it's a fun way to entertain myself during the winter. My ID is KB.Artist.

  • 4freese

    These would be a perfect addition to my mantle. String them all the way across for Christmas…….and the rest of the year. Nice work. You motivate me to try to make something myself.

  • BigLa

    Why is it bolded that he has a girlfriend? What are you trying to say?

    • Checazola

      He said it was my wife at first..

      • BigLa

        Well that certainly does make more sense. I thought he was highlighting my inability to retain a woman.

  • Checazola

    Thank for your support! We did look into the Android Trademark and from what we understand, making these guys is not a problem. It's free marketing, as far as google is concerned.


  • Rudy79g

    Where can I get one of these?

  • Barlog

    I want them! Great work 🙂

  • Jawshua

    Wow that girl has some talent, I'm surprised she isn't selling them to us Droid fanatics?

  • Ldrbuck1

    All I want for Christmas is……. one of these little guys on the tree!

  • NorCalGuy

    Now that's dedication

  • I'll take two.

  • bristolcat

    Oh man, I made an Android out of art clay, but he isn't nearly as awesome as these.

  • Bigrob60

    I want one or two or three for that matter. :-]

  • Skyskioc

    copyright infringement maybe

    • can there be a copyright infringement is its all “open”

      • Exactly. And even so, all you gotta do is ask Rovio, and if you successfully sell these works of art, you just have to pay them a small fee I'm sure.

        Also, Rovio would be flattered.

        • Mike

          The highest form of flattery is the cease and desist letter. That's when you know they care.

    • kellex

      Nobody is selling them. Settle down. 😛

    • Troooolllllliiiiinnnnnngggg

  • Me

    Can we buy them?

  • they look delicious

    • Michael_NM

      If you like the taste of rock-hard art clay… 🙂

  • Williamdurham81

    I want them!

  • Michael_NM

    Another reason why this is the greatest Android community on the planet! Carlos, you are a very lucky many indeed! 🙂

  • Hell yeah I want a string of those for the holidays for my cubicle. Its what the well dressed geek office is wearing.

  • Yes, but “win” is an understatement though. “Epic” is the word I'd use. lol

    Really impressive and incredible stuff. I'd even go as far as to say…even worthy of selling in an online store. And I'm sure people would buy all of it..maybe.

    • kellex

      Epic is a better choice.