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DROID X 2.2.1 Update is Live!

The Droid X 2.2.1 (system 2.3.340) update is ready for all users to pull!  All you have to do is hit Settings>About Phone>System Updates and your phone will grab it, download it and install it for you.  Get ready to enjoy a bunch of Exchange enchancements and…Madden 2011 on Android!

Oh, and this is NOT Gingerbread.  The 2.3.340 you keep seeing is just the Blur version.

Cheers Jim, Mark and the other 85 of you!

  • Smilltile

    i have a rooted dx no custom roms running 2.2 ver 2.3.15mb810 do i have to unroot to install new ota software update?

  • Justin

    So I see if I'm deodexed it won't work? How do I go about changing that so it will?

  • how the hell do we root this sumbitch?

  • antintyty

    I keep getting update failed……..!!!!


  • the1khoas

    I noticed after updating my DX it doesn't hold a charge very well…..it'll last half a day now. Also for some reason it gets really hot to the touch like it has a little Droid fever sometimes lol. Anyone having issues like this?

  • Nybandit2000

    took me all day to get update and fix problems after the update. All for what you ask? to add extra bloatware, a new dialer, a little more responsiveness,and a few other minor things. Now i am Back to root with the update and no roms compatible with the new update as of yet (that i know of).

    I was running 2.2 rooted deodexed with Darkslide v3.2.1 blureless.

    -I had to return to stock odexed using 928 back to stock odexed.
    -unfreeze all system apps (bloatware) in Titanium Backup. (if you renamed them or deleted them you need to get them back on.)
    -wipe cache & data and factory reset
    -the update finally worked.

    after update i had root but it acted like i didn't (busybox was giving me issues)

    -had to download z4root 1.3.0 and rerun to fix root issue.

    when restoring with Titanium backup “do not” restore system apps. i ran into constant sync issues and some other issues because i restored everything.

    I just wanted to post this for people to consider before they try to update. If you want to keep the phone from auto updating i read that you can freeze the updater.apk with titanium backup.

    hope this helps. follow at own risk. this is just my experience with it and is for reference.

  • valen89

    having a problem. i was on 2.3.13 then i used the 928 droid odex back to stock theme, now my DX finds the update and is able to download but fails to install…

    wat should i do??

    p.s. i tried also going from 2.3.15 to 2.3.320 and using the TBH sbf to go to 2.3.340 but it wont take the 2.3.320 zip. it says “install aborted” then it gets stuck on the moto symbol.. help??

  • valen

    i applied the 928droid back to stock odex 2.3.15 and i can download the update but it wont install the update. i get a failed to install message wen it reboots, anyone have any ideas??

    • Tpego

      same thing with me. i just posted this… lol

  • Tpego

    can anyone help me? installed the 928 theme that was deodexed, tried updating, afterk attemped install got update failed, the installed the 928 back to stock odexed theme and tried updating but still didn't work. any idea what i need to do to update to 2.2.1?

  • E.B.

    Update not available at this time. Anyone else still getting this?

  • Christian

    The vibrate mode is all messed up now. What gives

  • Tarnette

    For some reason I can't get this update. I was rooted with Z4root. I unrooted and tried to pull it and my Droid X says it is up to date and I know it is not. So I do not know what to do. Can anyone please help me. I really do not understand this. If I call Verizon will they help me? Thanks to who ever helps me out.

  • Dr. Tom Fooligans

    Anyone else lose Google Calendar Sync on DX after OTA Update?

  • Still pissed moto didnt fix the lock screen lag.

    why does the orignal droid lock screen go so smooth and the X SO choppy.

    and this still didn't fix the orientation issue I've had sense 2.2

  • adm930

    FINALLY got everything to update properly…spent all day fighting through using VMware on mac to get the SBF to flash. All in all, I'm happy its over. haha

    • Dean2359

      how did you finally get the update to work? can you explain how to use the sbf? thanks

      • jason w.s.

        check out rootzwiki, you will find anything, and everything you need there.

      • adm930

        sorry for the late response, didn't see the comment.

        I followed this guide from Droid Life, I think, but basically you need to have Android SDK installed on your windows PC, along with the Moto Drivers for your phone. After that you can then boot your phone in bootloader, plug into computer, then flash the SBF to your computer using a program called RSD Lite.

        Hope this makes sense.

      • adm930

        Be sure to install RSD Lite before booting your phone in bootloader.

  • j.

    My original droid is now over 1yr and a month old and with this 2.2.1 update I'm back to running as fast and smooth as the 1st day I got this little terminator.

  • Danlacanada

    My GF can't update and she is running the leaked 2.2 what gives?

    I just hit 1359 on quadrant. Sweet.

  • Anyone else having trouble downloading Madden data? Stuck between 0% and 1%. Thanks

  • adm930

    hey all, i gave up trying to fix the apk problems on my phone. I tried doing a factory wipe from koush's bootstrap and the update still didn't install…that must mean that the wipe didn't work properly. anyway, how do i wipe the phone effectively?

  • dannyjedi


  • Branshaw09

    anyone having problems loading the extra software for Madden on the first boot after you have installed the update? I turned wifi on and mine is stuck at downloading with no progress. I've rebooted a couple of time and no luck. Thoughts?

    • Trellzxassassin

      im having the same prob :/

  • Does anybody know if they are releasing this like they did the froyo update? Meaning like they start on the east coast and move west? Because, just like the froyo update, I'm getting the “Check for update was not available at this time. Try again later.” Message when i try to pull the update.

    • Jdplasvegas

      Same here

  • aaaaaaaa I got this update wed morning. I remember hearing here that it might be up tus night (mid night to be exact) and I got up for work at 7am wed morning and checked my system update and I got it.

    and this is another weird thing, I checked my phone and it was 2.3.320 then just today I got a text from my friend saying the update was out and I'm like aaaaaaaa already got it, I check my system updates and it said I was up to date then I see the update was 2.3.340, I was gonna be pissed cause I rooted my phone and I wanted to get the newest update before I did.

    so I check my phone and I got 2.3.340 but I do remember checking my phone wed morning and seeing 2.3.320 and I didnt update it sense that day.


  • Jawshua

    Yeah it seems to make the rebooting on the phone a lot quicker as well.

    • Jawshua

      Oh and it did nothing to fix the absolutely horrible speakers on the DROIDX. The back speaker is the biggest piece of crap I've heard. My original Droid's speaker was so loud that is was such a letdown to hear how tiny and weak the DROIDX's back speaker is.

      I love my phone but I just can't stand how horrible the speaker is.

  • adm930

    anybody know the name of the VCast Manager apk? I think i'm missing that one.

  • Jdplasvegas

    “The check for update is not available at this time.” What the???? Tell me it's not just me having issues getting to the update.

    • Jmcdan805

      I have the same problem!!!!!

    • B Hirsch

      yeah, have that problem on two units. one rooted one stock. both wifi and 3g.

  • Amarie

    I got the update and I have an original Droid. Was that supposed to happen? After reading the comments on the vibration setting I checked mine and it doesn't work at all. Hmm.

  • adm930

    hi everyone, i really need some help…

    I have koush's bootstrap installed, the phone is rooted. i did remove bloatware, which I put back on and changed the permissions, but it still won't update.

    any suggestions/help? Please!

    • Chester

      factory reset and start again. Only way that seems to be working 🙁

    • adm930

      does that mean i will lose everything? im guessing so…

      • Chester

        yup – will lose everything, root, apps, customisation. But if you have titanium you can back up all your apps, some apps also have the ability to save preferences so you can simply import them again and re-rooting is easy and you will have the update!

        • Tcalight

          Umm… This update will not break root & If it somehow does, you can always reroot using Z4root!
          Not sure about your apps though…

          • Chester

            he meant doing the factory reset – however, even if you do factory reset it might not break root. If you are still not able to install the update after factory reset (such as my friend) then the only option I can see is to go to rootzwiki, grab the sbf (make sure you get the right one!!!!!!!!) and RSD lite and then flash the sbf. If you get a blue triangle in the notification bar after doing this then it just means that you need to dial *228 to activate. Remember to make a nandroid backup before doing anything!!!!

  • Stanger

    i need some help, i downloaded the update but it failed to install
    DX – i'm rooted and deodexed running the 928 black glass theme with the swype theme. i've never messed with any of the bloatware. Any ideas on how to make this work?

    • Chester

      Don't know if it has worked for anyone but those that I have spoken to can only get the update if odexed – deodexed seems to be causing issues even if you haven't removed any of the bloatware.

      • Stanger

        this worked. i applied the 928 droid odex and was able to update. thanks

  • Dean2359

    Need some help from you fellow X'ers. I removed a few bloatware apps and because of that I cant get the new update. Can anyone help please. thanks

    • I cannot get the files off right now and upload them but I can do it when I get home in about four hours if you have twitter you can send me a message

    • Chester

      Seems the only way to get the update is to either replace all the apps that you removed (which doesn't work for some), or boot into recovery and do a factory reset. Though remember to back up your apps first! The factory reset reinstalls all the rubbish but at least you'll then be able to get the update.

      • Dean2359

        Thanks Chester,I did the factory reset and it didnt change anything. The update downloads but doesnt reboot the phone. After i reboot it,it goes to the recovery/reboot screen,the one with the small green writing and i reboot it then it says software update failed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Lancerlot7

    I installed fine but cannot theme because im no longer deodexed. Im rooted again…
    any ideas how to deoxeded with 2.2.1?

    • Lancerlot7

      Also I used the deodexed method on droid life but seems only works with 2.2 not 2.2.1

  • Update failed again..just like the other nite when the update 1st went out…what the hell?? any advice or kow of something i should be doing..i am rooted but do not have a custom rom..

  • tkilla

    Stop telling me what I should have done. Tell me what I can do to install this. It won't let me. I need the bloatware, I understand that. But how am I supposed to get those back? Am I screwed now?

    • Megginsonp

      Dude you need to find someone that has it, if you want I can take the contents of my app folder and send it to you.

      • tkilla

        That would be amazing! Seriously. [email protected] dot com is my email. If you could send it to that that would be awesome. Thanks so much

  • Drew

    I manually installed this update. Now my vibrate mode is changed.. sounds different. Is there anyway to downgrade and then get the OTA instead?

    please email me with a response.. achapman91 @gmail dot com

  • Megginsonp

    I am rooted, restored all my bloat (failed first go around), update applied and used z4root to restore root and I am back up with no probs.

    Also im not running any custom roms.

    • Dean2359

      how did you restore your bloatware?

  • CAN I DOWNLOAD THE 2.2 STOCK IN ROM MANAGER… and it will take me backto 2.2 then i can update… i am rooted romed and themed out…. any Help???

  • Strattonbrandon78

    New droid x update still does not work

  • Crefs89

    I've tried running the update and it failed, I'm rooted and deodexed running Android 2.2 and received the OTA 2.3.15 release, I have 928Droid's Black glass theme and swype theme, using a custom boot animation and boot logo, I previously had Skype, Amazon MP3, VZ Navigator, Visual Voicemail, and Help center changed from .apk to .bak, but changed them back before running the update, any ideas what's preventing me from updating?

  • Demon Of The Sword

    This is another rollout test, don't think its really for the masses yet. Oddly changed the vibration on my phone P:

    • Dean2359

      How can i put the bloatware apps i deleted back onto the phone so I can get the update?

  • chester

    Have put together a list of all the bloatware the X had on it for those that were asking. Think I've included everything but if I've missed something then feel free to add:

    FM Radio,
    Motorola Phone Portal
    Backup Assistant,
    City ID,
    Motorola DLNA,
    Visual Voicemail,
    Verizon’s 3G Mobile Hotspot
    Amazon MP3
    Need for Speed demo
    Google Search
    Google Talk
    Media Share
    VZ Navigator
    Integrated Google Exchange, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter Contacts
    My Verizon
    VCast Media Manager
    VZW Backup Assistant
    Google maps with street view, transit and Wikipedia
    Google Calender
    Corporate Calender

    • Dkbetts

      Chester, these are able to be removed and it will not affect the phone in any negative way? Every time I go to delete some of these with Titanium it gives me a scary message saying that it might jack my system. So I get scared and keep them on there.

      • Chester

        It seems that anyone who did remove the bloatware is now having problems with the update and so are having to reinstall them. If you already have the update then you should be able to remove them all with no issues, but I would recommend just renaming them to hide them rather than remove as otherwise next time an update comes out you may have to reinstall them all again so the update will go through. Also, if you already have the update, make a nandroid backup of your current system first before you remove/rename anything and then if you do need to go back to 'stock' you'll be able to do so easily.

    • Kyfry85

      Cool, thanks for the list…now I need to know how to re-install them…Any idea on how to do that?

  • anyone know if there's a way to remove the madden game and its massive, ridiculous download WITHOUT rooting?

    i'm curious as to if i buy the game and install it full it'll allow me to delete it. i know…it sounds like a waste of 10$, but i did play madden on my old iphone 3g for months, and i'm sure i'd get some use out of this one, but i know its longevity is pretty short. (i had a 140 – 0 game on my 3g, so…)

  • Mike

    does anyones “vibrate” mode sound all funky now?

    • instead of being a solid vibe, it seems to be more of a whooping thing. its weird.

      • M3thedeep

        i get the same vibration. i can't stand it.

        • i will say, however…it does seem to be a more powerful vibe, despite its obnoxious delivery.

    • David

      I thought my phone was broken! It’s really irritating me…

  • drfaustus71

    Just FYI, looks like this update does not include being able to sync subfolders in Exchange. 🙁

  • chris

    i tried to load the new update on my x it keeps saying check for update unavailable. tried battery pull still nothing any ideas? thanks

    • I had the same problem. Go into data manager, click on social applications and uncheck “sync over wifi only.” Then check for updates again…

    • Darrin16

      Did you root and remove any apps?

      • chris

        no running stock 2.2

  • kronik

    all i had to do was go to privacy – factory reset. After that i was able to go to about phone – updates and manually download the update. 🙂

  • DroidFan

    Is there a way I can just restore my DX to factory state with all the bloatware back on it? I dont even care if it is rooted anymore. Its just getting to be to much of a hassle.

  • Update failed because I deleted bloatware. Would be cool if someone put together a master bloatware list so all of us rooted people (who forgot what they uninstalled) could get these apps put back and get the update.

    • eh?

      next time you should make a backup of your stock setup so you dont have to worry.

    • shadowfoxx

      I agree.. if you find one please post it.. I did the same thing.

  • rjoudrey

    I am starting to understand why Verizon/Motorola doesn't want people playing with these things.

    • eh?

      explain please.

      • rjoudrey

        Sorry, I understand learning curves are good!

  • Swould333

    Did this udate when it hit live to the test group via OTA and i've found it broke a couple things… chrome to phone no longer works with it.. when you get the link sent to your phone it copies it to the clipboard rather than opening it on the browser… and then when you try to long press the address bar the it wont let you copy from clipboard.. you have to copy it to the search bar in Google to get it,.. THIS SUX!!!!!

    plus.. you can't turn on the wifi while on a call using bluetooth cay while you're in a call talking via BT…. you have to turn off bluetooth turn on wifi and then turn back on bluetooth…

    Can someone please replicate this to confirm it?

    Anyone found any more issues?

  • shamrock86

    i just update but lost my root after…

    • Gerrysafford86

      now im rerooted thxs z4mod yeyy

  • adm930

    anyone know if there is a list around of all the bloatware that was on the phone originally, naturally the update failed for me on my DX…got rid of blockbuster and 3g hotspot i remember. not sure what else.

    • Higher_Ground

      Probably need to search some of the android forums to find the apk's

  • JubbaTheHutt

    I really…REALLY loathe Verizon for pushing Madden 11 onto our phones with this update. I understand it could be easily taken care of if I were rooted, but it's the principle of the matter.

    • Darrin16

      It actually only pushes an icon to download the app. If you want it, it's an optional 53MB download.

      • Krweby

        A 3MB icon that is in system/apps so you can’t remove it.

  • Hogasswildmc

    Not available for me, but I have the original 2.3.9 leak.

  • Hamholla

    so i just installed the update and I didnt lose root? did this happen to anyone else?

    • T_angel3

      Same here. No problem with update and still rooted.

  • muDude

    I updated using the “update.zip” hack yesterday. I guess I should have been more patient.

    I was hoping that I could still get Madden and whatever else was missing from the early update, but nope.

    Anyone know how I can roll back my phone so I can get the update the proper way?

    • muDude

      I checked my app drawer this morning and found the Madden Icon there. I swear it wasn't there last night. At any rate, it's downloading now!

  • jason w.s.

    Im still on 2.3.9 running FlyX. Can anyone tell me what i should do to get this update? When i go to pull it, it just says my phone is “up to date”

    • antintyty

      i’m getting the same deal…i’m was running TranQ 3.0 and just did an TOTAL wipe and clean and still can’t pull the update!!

  • dannyjedi

    Cannot update on my GF's X running Leaked 2.2….. Any help?

  • Chrisvaios

    Im on stock 2.2 DX. D/L update and now all I get is the Droid eye on my phone for the last 20 minutes. Please help. What should I do?

    • Chrisvaios

      UPDATE: Pulled my battery and phone restarted properly. Thanks anyway!

  • Anon1

    I got the update. I am not rooted right now because I wanted to wait until a fix for text messaging. My camera also does not force close every time I open it. A good update. I can notice an immediate difference in the responsiveness of the motoblur. I am slowly beginning to accept motoblur. Now I will go and root my phone to get rid of all this bloatware.

    • hey Anon1 once ur rooted how do u get the bloatware off (flash custom roms)

  • Towelie420

    Well i tried to install a theme and bricked my phone…. Paper weight


  • rooted, uninstalled car dock and skype, the update is failing. Is this because these apps were uninstalled?

  • Whenever I get a picture message ever since froyo the pictures open in the upper center of my screen almost too small to see. Before froyo they opened up full size does anyone know how I can fix this so I can see them again

  • MzA

    my update keeps failing i am NOT rooted , i was but unrooted a week ago but didnt remove any bloatware or rename anything. any ideas?

  • mine updated – but wasnt there supposed to be the new home buttons? the dial, apps button and browser? mine didnt do that at all, and i hate running launcher pro, it bogs down my phone

    • antintyty

      dude, LP is the best thing to happen to DX, you must have something else on there that is bogging it down, not LP.

    • Higher_Ground

      That's new in gingerbread, which won't be out for months via OTA. If LP is laggy, try going back to the blur home and deleting all the widgets and icons off the screen and go back to LP. Turning off the automatic landscape rotation helps too.

  • antintyty

    mine says system is up to date

    • antintyty


  • I'm also now running (on 2.2.1/2.3.340) ApeX 1.3.0 with Gingerbread theme and LP instead of included ADW launcher, and my phone is running better than it ever has!

    • so you didn't have any trouble putting ApeX back on there after this update? I'm still on the 2.3.15 OTA so i'll probably SBF back, upgrade, and then put the newer ApeX back on if it's working right

  • Jim537

    Just installed an OTA update to 2.2.1 on my original droid.

  • DroidFan

    Help guys! I am rooted. every time I try to update it says it failed.

    • Chris

      If you are too noob to figure that out then you shouldn't have rooted your phone.

      • DroidFan

        Ok smartA$$, I am not “to noob” I just had a question, if you cant help then shut ur mouth. im pretty sure it is where i deleted some pre installed apps. If you can help i would appreciate it. but talk to me like that.

        • Anonymous

          OK you guys should we pass another stimulus!

      • cool, be a prick

    • Towelie420

      You probably have removed a bloatware apk… I had to go back and rename them from .bak to .apk

      • Mike

        I unrooted but it still failed. Ugh, do I have to put all these stupid apps back?
        VZ Navigator

    • Anon1

      go back and return all the files you messed with to their original state and if you deleted anything like Cardock.apk you need to put the file back in its original place or install the original build back on the phone. It has been my experience what I just said solves 90% of rooting problems. You probably forgot one small detail and its destroying your life right now.

      Next time you have a question like this go check out the forums, ppl don't troll there and the community is way too nice and its sort of creepy but they are genuinely trying to help.

  • Dkdandjmd

    the update is keeping my outlook calendar sync'ed correctly. this was a problem i had since the last update.

  • Alex

    Mine did not work. I am rooted and deodexed. Android 2.2, running 2.3.15. After I download, I hit install and the phone reboots, and says – The Software Update Failed! When I first got my phone I uninstalled Need For Speed because I never used it and did not want it. Is this why it won't install? Is there a way to get it back, or do I need to SBF?

    • DroidFan

      i got the same exact message.

    • I had a similar issue too, rooted deodexed, 2.2/2.3.15(Droid X). I flashed 928Droid's “928Droid-BackToStock-DroidX22-OTA-Odexed.zip”, and ran and installed the official OTA update with NO problem. You should put Z4Root on your SD before hand, so you can easily re-root your phone after the update finishes.

    • Iloveboobies2008

      same here. rooted and deodexed w/ tranq rom. it says the update failed.

      i'm assuming i have to flash back to stock. any ideas?

      • Anonymous

        It probably isn’t working because you are deodexed.

  • Msombloski

    running stock 2.2 and can't pull update. getting message that says “Check for update was not available at this time. Try again later.”

    • Msombloski

      nevermind. just did a battery pull and tried again and it worked fine.

  • kriswagner

    I got the update this morning and since it's rebooted I keep getting “The application Google Services Framework (processcom.google.process.gapps) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again… It's happening over and over and driving me nuts. Only option is to force close and then it comes back up in a few seconds… Droid X 2.3.340… Grrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Ka_Solo

    Ok I know this is better suited for the forum but having issues accessing at the moment. Anyway here goes: I dl'd the new gingerbread KB for OG droid and it installed fine but I noticed the little microphone voice to text part was missing. Well I went back to regular kb's and noticed it wasn't on them either, same thing when I restored previously used ROMs. So I was wondering how it just came up missing and what I need to do to get it back so I can use the voice to text feature again. Thank you so much for any help it's greatly appreciated…!!

  • My original Droid got the OTA update last night.

    • Sschaper

      I got the dialog box for the OTA last night as well, and let it run. A little while later the screen was just yellow exclamation mark in an angled triangle with a drawing of a Droid. Normal power cycling didn't work. I had to ctl-alt-del with the physical keyboard. And now I still have fr22, not 83, and I'm told I have the current version.

      Will they try again or is my only hope rooting and some custom ROM?

      • Not sure if it will try again. If you can download the update pack somewhere you could try to update manually.

  • Hoopesjj

    Update fails to install? Tried several times any ideas? I am rooted and have removed some bloatware with titanium backup. Is this the problem?

    • zepfloyd

      yep. removing system preloaded apps fails the install. same thing happened to those going from 2.1 to 2.2. You may need to go the SBF route. It's easier to just hide the apps in the future to ensure compatibility with updates.

      • Dean2359

        what do you mean go the sbf route? please explain since i am having the same problem thanks

  • zepfloyd

    overall seems a LITTLE snappier/fluid to me, audio bugs def fixed for me, and so far the SMS is keeping the right order but it's only been 5 hours, keeping fingers crossed on that one.

  • tjpeco

    If you're getting a failure when rooted – I just had the same problem. I had renamed a bunch of the apk's in order to remove some bloatware. Once I put back the file extensions, then it worked just fine.

    Now I have to go rename all that crap again.

    • Dean2359

      im rooted too and i removed 3 bloatware apps and i cant get the update. It downloads it but then wont reboot itself. Then when it does reboot it reboots into that green worded recovery screen. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks

    • Dean2359

      how do you rename them?

  • if i am running leaked android 2.2 will this pull the update? so far it isnt

  • Ray

    I am on Apex and install keeps failing…. anyone else with this issue?

  • Aubreyvt

    Now if I can get maps 5 this will be a GREAT WEEK!!!!!

  • I got a software update failed error. Is this because I'm deodexed and/or running the gingerbread keyboard?

    • Anonymous

      Probably need to go back to odex and stock keyboard. Can reapply customization after the update

  • TDTrav

    Everytime I try to check for system updates it says that I must have a motorola account to get system updates. When I click to set up an account it gives me a list of accounts to set up, one of which is a google account which I obviously have. I have tried to set up facebook and twitter and no matter what I do everytime it says that I still need a motorola account. Can anyone help me??

  • Ray

    if i am rooted will this update?

    • zepfloyd

      Yes, you will lose root, but just rerun z4root and you're all set.

      • Mjlb2334

        What version of Z4 did you run. I used 1.3.0 and it would not root my X after the update. Any assistance would be appreciated…

        • You have to do the updated version.

          • BaldyPal

            which would be where? Not pulling on the android Market?????

  • muDude

    Unfortunately I was one of the eager beavers that updated using the method posted yesterday.
    I wish I knew that that update didn't include Madden 2011.
    Any tips on rolling back so I can get the full update?

    • Matthewjsherwood

      I too would like to know this as well. Anyone have an answer?

  • Rockylreed

    Is there any difference with the OTA file and the update.zip file that was posted posted yesterday to manually update the phone at http://www.droid-life.com/2010…/

  • memememmeme


  • villian1998

    I really wish I could pull updates on my D1, oh well

  • Hey, Kellex….in case you didn't know – the DROID X update is now LIVE!

    • Mrpicolas

      In case you didnt know kellex now knows that you know

  • Bqluong

    Hit the Update button, restart, hit the Z4Root button…Fantastic.

  • Crawford720

    NIce, just hit th ebutton!

  • joe1138

    Woo hoo!!

  • David

    I was rooted deodexed running black glass and had to revert back to stock odexed to pull the update… had some bloatware apps removed… they are back on after I updated… rooted again with z4root …. droid x…. my question is can I put 928 black glass back on or will I brick