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Dolphin Browser Mini Wants to be the Fastest Android Browser Ever

Dolphin, one of the most popular browsers in the history of Android, is taking a new approach to mobile internet greatness.  They hope to make one of the lightest and fastest browsers ever with their new Dolphin Browser Mini.  The app is still in “preview” stage, but is polished enough for you to give it a spin.  The whole idea behind this new Mini version was to make it clean, simple, and really fast.  Did they accomplish all that?  Download it for yourself and tell us!  

Here are some of the app highlights:

  • New fresh UI. A clean and simple user experience is available for you, Dolphin Mini provides a brand-new look and feel to you.
  • Speed through the web. The Web has never been so fast until you use Dolphin Mini which loads web pages much more quickly than other mobile phone browsers.
  • Infinite tabs browsing. You can open infinite tabs when browsing since there is no limitation on the amount.
  • Innovative Menu design (tool box). It is not the final version, we will upgrade it.

Download:  DolphinBrowserMini.apk

Via:  Dolphin Blog

  • Jack

    The guys behind dolphin browser just published the mini version to android market.It works great on my Droid X.

  • Joe1981

    Is it just me? It looks a lot like xscope 5. Step in the right direction at least.

  • Chris Evans608

    Seem alot faster to me just going to suck setting up all my gestures again

  • replicant

    i'm still a big fan of miren (miui) browser. i left xscope for it about a week ago and am quite happy. i tried out this preview 2 release of dolphin mini, and its definitely a step in the right direction, but i'll keep with miren for now.

  • Davidukfl

    any way to import all my bookmarks from Dolphin HD over to this?

  • Stelv

    xscope still blows this one out of the water.

    • ohshaith55

      xscope isnt' faster than dolphin HD. i did a bunch of testing and dolphin won the majority of tests

  • Just gave it a whirl on my GalaxyTab. Didn't notice enough of a speed increase to keep it versus the HD version, which I prefer the UI of.

  • Just gave it a whirl on my GalaxyTab. Didn't notice enough of a speed increase to keep it versus the HD version, which I prefer the UI of.

  • Stephen D

    It was still slower than the stock browser and scrolling and pinch zooming was choppy. So I'll stick with stock. At least they're trying.

  • I love the stock browser on my DroidX but I just got a Galaxy Tab and am loving Dolphin HD on it. Tabbed browsing makes sense on a bigger screen. I may give this version a try and what it's like.

  • V941726

    still not faster than xscope. but we'll see. i love xscope and the dev said he's not done. this could be a good battle between xscope and dolphin mini.

  • El El Kool J

    I will stick with the stock browser.. she's never let me down, and don't have to wait on any updates to changer her.. 😛

  • dblj

    gonna be hard to leave xScope..

  • I really like some of the features in this release vs. Dolphin HD.

  • Rain_king46

    I dont see it being any faster or much less complicated than the standard Dolphin HD which I didnt care for either. the swipe gesture, pinch to zoom is confusing at best. I still feel that the stock DX browser is the best option. Fast and easy to use.

    • V941726

      Dolphin hd is very slow. this is much faster

      • ohshaith55

        dolphin HD is not at all slow. i tested it with numion.com's stopwatch against xscope(which is claimed to be the fastest browser) and it won 6 times out 10

  • Mbruno44

    Seems ok – not getting the increased speeds they are going for

  • Inslery

    miren is the best

  • CuriousGeorge

    Whats the UPdate on this DROID X update??? Sorry for off topic

  • Lemme go head and give this a spin B-)

  • Michael_NM

    I like the new UI, but I don't notice any difference in speed from Dolphin HD…

    Nice to see that they added pr0n mode. 😛

    • Rymanh24

      LMFAO! I saw that to. Isn't that horrible.

      • Pope Wilson

        Yeah… horrible how they didn't add it until now.

        • Downloaded it just cause I saw Pron Mode….lol

        • Downloaded it just cause I saw Pron Mode….lol

    • Alphabets13

      wait…where do u seen pron mode?! haha

  • Ragman89

    This is the direction we should be going. I want speed! Not special features, plugins, extensions or any of that crap. SPEED!

  • dolphin is pretty sweet. time for a test run