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Motorola CEO Talks 7 and 10 Inch Tablets, 4G Device “Early Next Year” and Verizon iPhone

Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha owned the keynote at the Credit Suisse 2010 Technology Conference yesterday, dropping bombs about their plans for 2011.  He started off with talk of the Motorola split, but then jumped into all things Android and what they have in store on the tablet front, 4G arena and who might step up to deny their domination.

The good news:

  • Both 7 and 10 inch Android tablets will be out in the near future.  Software differentiation will be key, targeting enterprise, international and retail spaces.  Obviously we all just care about their retail plans.
  • They have plans for dual-core devices as they continue to lead the way with hardware specs in their mobile products.
  • 4G devices will be out “early next year”.
  • They plan to spread out their products over multiple U.S. carriers.

The bad news:

  • They still really like MotoBlur and think it has been a huge success.  Jha talked about their millions of subscribers, but that seems obvious since they force you to use it on their phones.  Nice way of spinning it I guess.
  • The Verizon i*hone is coming in Q1 2011, although he wouldn’t actually say the word “i*hone” you get the point.  “Additional challenge potentially” in first quarter is what he said, but isn’t worried because of their strong relationship with Verizon.
  • He doesn’t expect Q1 of 2011 to be awesome and that could be because of the i*hone or because they won’t have a huge release until Q2.

You can listen to his entire keynote here.

Via:  BGR

  • chris!

    yeeEEee i really hope we get the iphone!!!!

    • Big_Ern

      I couldn't care less.

  • Paul

    Do yourself a favor Sanjay and get rid of Blur!

  • jus cuz he said competition doesnt mean he is talking about the iphone…yhu forget their are other android phone makers like htc samsung….so dont get ya hopes up(: juss sayin

  • Screw the iPhone I want some dual core

    • Debrihmi

      Amen to that!
      Dual Core and Large Screen!

  • Jake

    If Motorola isn't abandoning MotoBlur, then it better make some major improvements to it. It's hideously ugly and clunky. MotoBlur on its Droid lineup doesn't include remote wipe, backup, or location services as MotoBlur does on other Motorola phones. The locked bootloader isn't an issue for me, it's the ugly and clunky UI. I use a third-party launcher, but would like it if I didn't have to.

  • 1bad69z28

    I've been hearing the love for the 7″ tablets but what I want to know is how do you guys feel about a 10″ PAD from Moto?? I think the size is pretty nice.

    • ckeegan

      I won't buy anything but a 10″.

  • Binglut9

    I think there would be more information about the Iphone coming to verizon by now and there has not been anything so until somehting concrete comes in I think if anything it might come out Q2 or Q 3 of next year. I am sure one of our leaks would have given us something but nothing from anybody so I deem unplausible as of right now and I dont care if it comes to Verizon I am happy with my ability to customize by droid and things I can do that the Iphone cant do. The only thing I think is that if it does come out with Iphone I dont think it will be up to speed as other droid devices since tegra 2 are coming out and everything I think Iphone will be a little late to the game and I know people will buy it but what I am saying is if you have to decide about a tegra 2 device that will ultimately bring great screens and unbelievable abiltiies I think people will have a tougher decision to make that they think.

    • Binglut9

      And I didnt mean to say that the Iphone will be outdated I am just saying I think people underestimate the decicsion they will have to make once tegra 2 start rolling out on all these devices

    • Higher_Ground

      I'm going to take what you said a bit further. I don't think the i*hone is coming to VZ until the new model drops. I know they release many phones that aren't anywhere near “top of the line”, but it's no question (in my mind) that a 6-8 month old i*hone 4 will appear outdated next to the potential 4G devices that will debut in January.

      If Apple really wanted to “steal” VZ's android market share, they would do it when they debut the next generation phone. It only makes sense, at least to me, to start off with something new, not old. That being said, maybe it will be the elusive white i*hone… that is if they can figure out how to work the camera!

      • ckeegan

        Who says that Verizon won't actually get the “new” model before AT&T? I'm not saying it would be named the i*hone 5, but you know they're not going to put the same antenna design into it, so I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they bumped some specs for a Verizon launch.

        • Higher_Ground

          well besides you and myself, I haven't seen or heard anyone mention it. It won't have the same antenna design because it won't be GSM… but I haven't heard any mention of a “new” i*hone – though why would I? It's not like I'm frequenting i*hone-life . com 😛

      • Big_Ern

        Apple will do what Apple does best, make a few small improvements (fixed or improved antennae, probably 4G, slightly faster A4) and than release it as the best thing since sliced bread with some new marketing lingo that the sheep will latch onto and repeat ad-nauseum.

  • 1T2dirtnap

    Oh lay off it Bob, its been reported by a number of reputable sources, people that know, it's coming Q1 (March) 2011 to Verizon. Anything else would not be “competitive dynamic” developing at Verizon, it's definitely not some WP7 devices. I'm overly positive Motorola ain't worried about WP7.

  • Why isn't this censored?? I'm not threatened by the i*hone btw.

    • kellex

      Apologies! Censored.

  • Why do people consistently try to make it sound like there's going to be a Verizon iPhone? We've heard it several times over the last few years, and has there been one yet? No. There's no insinuation, it's people reading between lines that don't exist. “there will potentially be a new “competitive dynamic” developing at Verizon Wireless… in the first quarter next year”. So another manufacturer…someone like Acer or the other computer manufacturers that are making handhelds and tablets? Lay off it already, Verizon != iPhone

    • Mustagme

      I know I am waiting for the iPhone. It just works. And then Android can go sign an exclusivity agreement with ATT. They are perfect for each other.

      • Blargh


        Android is OSS, so there will never be any sort of “Exclusive” agreement. Anybody company can grab the OS and release their own phone on any carrier they want.

      • No they aren't. at&t sucks so bad, you loose service under a freakin tree! NO JOKE! (my grandmas iphone)

      • Crookedmarc

        And you are I'm droid-life because…..

      • Anonymous

        Have fun with your pretty, glassy, overhyped and lacking iPhail along with it’s locked down and pricey ecosystem.

    • ckeegan

      Why do people continue to doubt that it's coming? You seriously think that Jha is worried about Acer phones being sold by Verizon? Yeah, I'm sure that would really lead him to believe their financials could be severely impacted in 1st quarter…by Acer. That's almost as funny as thinking Windows Phone 7 devices would have a large impact on Moto's Android sales.

      • Bigrob60

        But it did. A new headline that is. Andy outsells Gates 15-1. Yay Mr. Roboto!

  • Chupaturkey
  • Timoh

    I wont buy another Motorola that has a locked bootloader. I'll be fine with my DX for a while. It runs smoothly and I'm happy with it overall. If they release a “developer” phone, count me interested.

    With the advancement in devices, they are more and more like personal computers. I wouldn't buy a PC that was locked in to one OS dependant on the manufacturer for updates. I wont do it with future handheld devices either.

  • Ryansheehan2010


  • Sorry Verizon and Moto but I am heading to T-Mobile – Half the cost of Verizon and Nexus 2 with Vanilla is calling my name

    • definitely – when the nexus S comes out, im selling my phone to pay for the ETF and heading over there. im so sick of phones that are locked down (Droid X), and unstable (Incredible)

      • youre going to change services because of a locked bootloader? each to their own but i just find that kind of silly. i like my custom roms and all but i mean im not going to change if my next phone is locked.

        • tjpeco

          I agree. Its silly to leave the most reliable network in the country because of a locked bootloader that doesn't mean anything anyways since you can still install UI's and root your phone just like before.

          I might be old fashioned, but my first priority when using a phone is the ability to make a phone call, and thats something that Verizon is bar-none the best at providing.

          • iPhoneBestPhone

            People just like to complain about the smallest issues in a basically perfect phone. Go let them be stupid, it's their money not ours.

          • your exactly right.

        • xyzlene

          why pay for a locked phone? late updates? sorry moto. vzn has great coverage, but the prices. my car insurance per month is less expensive than my vzn monthly bill.. If the S is worthy, t-mob will have a new customer. You know they are going to jack 4g prices for the new line of smart phones. it's inevitable.

    • 1bad69z28

      T – Mobile? REALLY??? I guess you haven't seen that T- Mobile is one of the companies that won't be around for much longer. They have the worst software and thier company is hurting from customer complaints. I should know my company is still in talks to help them and even thier executives tell us that thier is too much legacy systems falling apart and no one knows what to do about it. T – Monile is hurting man not a great customer service company at all. Just the facts Man

    • Breakmyfootoff

      Me too, If the i*hone comes to Verizon I’ll go to whatever network doesnt have it, so I dont have to share a network with crApple fags.

  • Michael_NM

    Is that the same Sanjay Jha who said to expect a 2 GHz phone this year?

    • Anonymous

      Indeed it is. Bad Sanjay!

    • Timoh

      Shhh, nobody remembers that!

    • 1bad69z28

      I thought he said ” end of year to Early 2011 ISH” LOL