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Android Honeycomb and Gingerbread Test Builds Spotted

AIRBench is an app used to determine how well Adobe AIR runs on your device and one device in particular that seems to be grabbing a lot of attention over the weekend is a Nexus One running both Gingerbread and…Honeycomb?  If the results on the AIRBench website are true, then we clearly see a few different Honeycomb builds (HRI783D, HRI83D, and GRH47B) plus a new Gingerbread build (GRH47B).  While we love seeing Gingerbread builds, I think the real story here is versions of Honeycomb running on a Nexus One.  Supposed to be tablet-specific OS, right?

UPDATE:  FAKE.  They are all fake.  Thanks to our buddies over at Frandroid for pointing it out.

Source:  AIR Benchmark
Via: Frandroid

  • Jon

    who ever said Honeycomb was tablet specific?

    • Gardner24

      Yea I think it will be like ios were both the iphone and ipad are on the same os but there apps and all are completely different

  • Laser_cell

    Hey I know this is off topic but I need help. I rooted my droid 1 and was ok with then I got a theme from here and installed it on my phone but didn't like it after a while. I tried to put it back to normal and now idk what to do.
    First then phone kept crashing at “welcome to droid” and the only thing that worked was the USB. So after that I booted up to SPrecovery and wiped everything and still had a custom theme in still. So I boot into recovery again and now when I try to do a nandroid backup or restor It says can't mount sd card and same with install option. Now I used rsdlite and worked for the sd card problem and did a restore now I'm stuck at the M logo and don't know what to do I tried recovery and nothing just get the M logo. Can anyone help and i was on 2.1 but with the theme I install It went to 2.2.1. Plz I need help reply fast plz

    • Laser_cell

      Wait I mean I was on 2.2 and it went to 2.2.1

    • Kevin Jellison

      Yeah, that is off topic. I know these might be stupid questions, but it'll help get a better idea of where you're at. Did you make a backup before you installed the theme? What rom were you flashing the theme over? What does that mean “the only thing that worked was the USB”? Did you wipe Data/Cache? What method did you use to install the theme to begin with…Rom Mananger, SPR?

  • revd up

    After gingerbread and honey comb google announced a new os called bacon a its 3.1 after honeycomb be prepared for sizzling goodness lol jk y'all.dont kick my a** 🙂

    • NOOOOOOO I'm muslim! I'll have to block that OS update! darn it!

      JK 😛

      • Killer4247

        Me too!!

    • … it goes in alphabetical order… lol

  • d111795

    okay… but why don't they focus on launching 2.3 instead of starting work on 3.0??

    • Nxus1ne

      probably because the engineering department isn't involved in marketing/releasing, and that it's very common in the software development business to be thinking and working a couple releases ahead.

    • Towelie420

      You think infinity ward hasn't been hard at work on the next call of duty since right after they released crappy modern welfare 2?

  • Chris

    No one from Google ever said that Honeycomb is tablet specific. They said it will be the first build optimized for tablets.

    • Zach

      I agree Android 3.0 will be for phones and tablets and will offer a better more optimized and maybe even tablet specific features/UI changes.

      • So it's pretty much like saying it's the most polised version of Android right?

      • Towelie420

        I think it'll be optimized for higher resolution/HD

    • Inquizitor

      Bingo. That would be bullshit if they made the latest version of android and forgot all about phones. They're gonna just keep developing a nice “one size fits all” android that will work great on phones and tablets, instead of developing two or three separate versions of the same os for different devices. That would be a little ridiculous for any respectable tech company, don't ya think? 😉

  • Sboman32

    -hi kids

  • Drew_VA

    Don't have any reason to think this, but I don't think Honeycomb will necessarily be a tablet specific OS. I think it will be more that it allows for higher resolution screens and a few other tweaks for larger setups. Kind of like iOS is the same on the i*ad and i*hone, but includes tweaks and things for the i*ad. I'm hoping that there will be additional UI improvements and things with 3.0.

  • Chris Evans608


  • Freedomsearcher2442

    First I want honeycomb goodness