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Verizon Sends New DROID 2 Global Emails, is this our Official Announcement?

After this, we’ll just stop talking about the fact that Verizon has decided to sneak in the Droid 2 Global without ever  giving it a proper announcement (Facebook message doesn’t count) and then maybe they will decide to.  As you can see from the email above, VZW is starting to send out additional emails to Droid email subscribers bragging that it is the “first smartphone with a 1.2GHz processor.”  Seems like something press release-worthy doesn’t it?  

The full email also included this shot of the Droid Pro

Cheers Zach and me!

  • Just a quick update – got a D2G White today for my wife (went to the verizon store, not re-seller). Interesting fact – no mention of D2G *anywhere* in the store at all, nor was there a display unit. However, when asked specifically for D2G they did pull it out from the back office. A nice surprise – the up-until-now-online-only D2G White was also up for grabs, which we did 🙂

  • Droid-ice

    On any smart phone do you have to get a a internet for it to work??

  • Josué

    I finally decided to switch to Verizon from T-Mobile and visited a store last Monday. Already had my mind set on a Droid 2, but asked about the Droid 2 Global, and the nice young woman told me that she indeed had them in stock and that if the system allowed her to sell it to me, she would. And well, she sold it to me. Not sure if she broke the street date or not, is there even a street date? Regardless, this is my first Droid and I must say, it's a very cool little device.

  • Last night the Verizon store rep officially told me D2G are arriving on Mon 29th and can be purchased in-store.

  • Krazyrogue

    Why does every blog expect an announcement on the D2Global. It's just the same as the D2 but just global ready as the new feature.

  • I'd feel screwed if I picked up a regular D2 released just months after. Did they rush the D2 out in the first place? Why waste time on that launch?

  • Josh

    the best buy i work at already has the d2 global out on display

    • Yeah, ours too. We have both colors in stock, too, but only one out so far..

      • Josh

        yeah, same. we have the white out, but selling both.

  • 11knives

    Seems like way too much info on here about devices that aren't even out yet lately, and not enough useful information on the droid devices currently in use by most of your readers… Just an observation, sorry

  • 1st
    i got it

    • Lakerzz

      Congratulations…you win a prize from yourself. 😛