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Video: Eric Schmidt Shows Off Nexus S at Web 2.0 Summit

Yesterday, at the Web 2.0 Summit, Google CEO Eric Schmidt came out on stage and just so happened to have his Nexus S on him for cameras to catch a quick glimpse at.  We snagged a picture of it, but if you missed the entire rundown, you can watch the video and see it for yourself as it has been added to Youtube.  All of the good phone and Gingerbread shots happen in about the first 15 seconds, but there are some goodies on Google TV later on.  Overall, it’s worth a watch.  


Cheers @arozema for the tip yesterday!

  • picaso86

    We need the Evo version for Verizon

  • A Final Hit


    • u gotta be kidding me.

      • CompCrash

        Enough of the first, do we all have to see this childish game going on?

  • me no like plastic. but still spectacular phone. i want that live wallpaper.

  • That whole interview was very entertaining. It was hilarious watching Eric trying to cover his ass the whole time. “Those are your words, not mine.”

    • Chris.Go

      If he would just stop acting like he's all about open source we might see more respect.

  • 2011 will truly be the year of android.

    • and apple will bounce back in 2012 but no one will be here, cuz the mayans destroy earth.

      • apple will never bounce back. and the mayans were wrong its in 50 years from now read!!!

      • they dont destroy the earth. they only predicted its doom.

      • Jeremy

        And its only a solar flare, it won't destroy us. It will just short out and destroy all of our technology and knock out the power grid for a year or two

  • Josh

    Today we call it “Black Bar Notification theme” in a couple weeks, we call it “Android 2.3”.

  • Skeetch79

    Definitely a Galaxy S phone.

    The moderators are a little annoying…the one on the right darn near knocks Eric's phone to the floor trying to remove the Places Card from beneath it (a-la the magic trick that involves ripping a tablecloth from below dishes and silverware on a table!)

    • Joemega2010

      yeah, agreed with it being a Galaxy S phone, anybody else see the power/unlock button on the side?

    • Chris.Go

      They tried to help cause clearly he didn't know what he was doing. He got nervous after it didn't work the first time then kept placing the phone on the marker making it restart.

      You must not understand this technology. Imagine going to a store bumping items and walking out… no checkout.

  • Michael_NM

    It's a shame to see T-Nobile on that screen… Can we have VZ Pleazee…

  • This is the only contented to DX right now.

    • o_O

    • nah, the droid incredible is the bees knees…dx is a nice phone, don't get me wrong.

  • Chris.Go


  • Im4degreesaboveu

    oh wow did i get to comment on how awesome this is first