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Rumor: Motorola’s Tablet will be first to run Android 3.0?

According to Mobile-Review.com’s Eldar Murtazin, Motorola will get to release the first Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet come next year.  While the rest of the world took his tweet as meaning it would be called the “MOTOPAD”, we’re assuming he’s just using that name since an official one hasn’t been outed.  Trust us when we say that it will be filed under the DROID brand and I highly doubt it’ll actually be called the “MOTOPAD.”  Oh rumors.

While the 7″ size comes as a big surprise to me, you may want to hold out thoughts on that as I can almost guarantee you that a 10″ version will be their flagship and baby.

Source:  Twitter
Via:  BGR

  • Jackson

    I've tested it out. Its UI is slick. Better than the Samsung tab.

  • Nice information, many thanks to the author.Well Droid 1 RoCKS!! I have yet to use an another android phone that makes me jealous. 🙂 Thanks again and good luck!

  • DroidVader

    You are crazy. I currently have a 7in archos and it's perfect size. I do a lot of traveling and it's real convienent. If I wanted anything bigger I might as well carry a laptop that's much more powerful. Some of my friends have the 10in iPoop and it's too bulky. I'd rather have my macbook pro than that.

  • Smooth

    Want to get a Tablet, but it must be Motorola and it must be the 10″ to me these 7″ Tablets are are not Tablets, there just Big Azz Phones…

    MotoDroidlet with 3.0 and LTE would be the next level of Droid for me.

  • ckeegan

    I wish we would start seeing details on the 10″ Stingray. After all, it's supposed to be announced/shown off in like 6 weeks at CES, right? Can't believe we haven't seen leaked photos already.

    Just thought I'd throw this out there, but this is what I will buy:


    – 10″

    – LTE-capable

    – HDMI out


    – Vanilla Android

    – Capable of landscape docking, so when it's charging, it can also act as a picture frame and/or info-station (weather, stocks, sports scores, etc)

    – SDXC compatible (no micro or mini)

    – Built-in stylus for on-screen writing (may sound stupid, but not to us business users. Client signatures, etc)

    – Front-facing Camera, but that should be obvious

    – Launch accessories should include a folder-style case with built-in full QWERTY.

    – ATSC tuner? 😉

  • picaso86

    Can companies stop calling their tablets “Pads”? its FN annoying!!!! AND I believe a tablet should be 10 inches not 7… IMO

  • trumpet444

    I would really reallly like a 10″ moto tab tho. rooted

  • trumpet444

    If the 7 is 699+ and the 10 is over 1k, give or take, then no thanks. The G-tab is overpriced as it is too

  • Eldar Murtazin is the same jackass that said that Gingerbread would require a 1GHz CPU, a 4″ screen at 1280×760, and that Google had decided on a permanent fragmentation business model. Google said that it wasn't true and good ol' Eldar admitted he made the whole thing up.

    I'd love to see Moto take the lead again but I'd also take anything thing this Eldar fellow has to say with a grain of salt. Yesterday, Engadget called Eldar “The James Bond of cellphones.” I'd say he is a lot more like Barney Fife.

  • 1bad69z28

    I tried the 7' Galaxy Tab and it was very cool, wierd to see an *Pad in the Verizon store, it just doesn't seem right at all!!! 😀

  • The fact that it says 7″ version implies that there will be another size, so I'm definitely waiting for that one

  • hunkoman

    Can we just drop the name *ad plz! That name brings nothing good to mind!

    C'mon everyone knows 10 inches is where it's at……just like the porn industry.

    Like my wife says ” the women that say size doesn't matter are the ones whom have a boyfriend /husband with 2 bb's and a tic tac between their legs”

  • Seriously, is the biggest reason why they are pushing 7″ tablets is because droid phone apps look bad enough “blown up” to 7″ and would just be even worse on a 10″ pad?

    I can't imagine there are any significant hardware/software conflicts with Android that it couldn't handle the 10″ screen size, right?

    Android-based tablet developers, please pay attention: 7″ tablets are TOO SMALL!!!

  • Ben M.

    As excited as I am about buying an android tablet (SUPER excited), I have to admit that all of this is going to be a letdown if Google / Netflix can't work out an android version of the Netflix app. Not that Netflix is the only reason that I'd use the device, it is just one of the main reasons I'd consider investing in a 7″-10″ “phone”.

    And no thanks on Blockbuster.

  • DROOOOIIIIIIIIID PAD gets me moist…3.0 on a 10″ pad? are you kidding? and people still want to buy the ridiculously overrated ipad? oh my…

    • Michael_NM

      “DROOOOIIIIIIIIID PAD gets me moist..” I thought you were a dude… 😛


    Is it gonna come with Blur? Is it coming with Bing? Moto has been letting down after D1

    • kellex

      This is just a guess, but I'm pretty sure there won't even be traces of Blur.

  • Firelight

    My guess is the 10″ might launch with Gingerbread and update to Honeycomb shortly after… the 7″ debuting with the 3.0 after the initial 10″…?

    • ckeegan

      Good point. Hadn't thought about it that way.

  • I am holding out for a 10 inch tablet. I like the Galaxy Tab but a bit to small to stop me from having to bring my laptop everywhere.

    • wynalazca

      Notion Ink's adam is the answer you're looking for.

  • Tabe

    STOP IT WITH THE 7″ PADS!! PLEASE!… that is all

    • Josh

      7″ tablet is the way to go. It’s perfect, have you even used a Galaxy Tab yet? I hate having to hold the 10″ ipad, even when I’m sitting on the couch. It feels like I’m using a touch screen children’s picture book! It’s heavy and just a tad too big.

      • Tabe

        Already answered your question. 10″ is perfect for me. You must be a small guy. =P

    • Michael_NM

      Have you tried one yet? I vote for 7″ being the perfect tablet size. YMMV… 🙂

      • supermiah

        I thought that a 7 inch was not right either…until i played with the ViewSonic G-Tablet (10″) and the Galaxy Tab (7″)….7 inch is the way to go for me…so far!

      • Tabe

        Yes I've played with 7″ tablets. The size just doesn't make sense for ME. I have a Droid X to use when I'm on the go, and it's plenty big for mobile access. 7″ is too big to carry around with you unless you're a student that always has a backpack or like a businessman that carries a briefcase. I'd most likely use a tablet around the house and for that purpose 7″ is too small. Around 10″ is perfect for that. IMO 7″ is too much of a “tweener” size.

        • Michael_NM

          While I don't like my Tab being called a “tweener,” I respect your thoughts. Thankfully, Android is “fragmented” enough to meet all of our needs. 😛 At least in the near future it will…

  • tbaybe

    in time for my b-day??? hope so!

  • Im done with Motorola… After how shitty the Milestone is.. i dont care what the release…

    • Droid 1 RoCKS!! I have yet to use an another android phone that makes me jealous. 🙂

  • Michael_NM

    Happy Monday Droid Lifers!