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Gingerbread Spotted Running on Nexus S!

We just posted this up over at Android Life, but had to share with everyone here as well since this is HUGE news.  You are looking at the Nexus S running what we believe to be Gingerbread aka Android 2.3.  This photo matches up to that really blurry one a few weeks back and also to everything our buddies over at Phandroid were tipped to.  Time to get excited!

Update:  The first REAL photos of the device are out.  Peep them at Android Life!

Oh and we’re still thinking Gingerbread could hit the Nexus One at some point this week…

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    Forget OS version fragmentation… can we please get a standard key layout? Back, Menu, Home, Search. Every phone seems to rearrange these things or omit some of them. Enough of that. The Nexus One/Droid layout of Back, Menu, Home, Search is the most logical at this point… and should be the standard.

  • snoty

    Android and Me questions if it is photoshoped http://bit.ly/aqSM4y

  • droidaholic

    Alright here's the deal, when posted “android” related topics on here and not just droid things people got mad.. now when he makes a seperate site so u can have android topics people get mad.. he really can't win either way because of all these haters

  • wow. plastic? htc should have done it again. samsung is so cheap. plastic and 2.1 on there other devices. two fails for them. atleast this samsung prouduct one will have android 2.3.

  • KleenDroid

    Of course this information should be posted here, cause I am not going to your other site to get information that should be here. How many sites do you really think are needed? I know the reason you want multiple sites, but it isn't handy for us.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      amen, amen, amen… I mean, when you have to cross link the 2 sites as much as they do here to try to remind you where to go (though I am still not clear why I go to one and not the other), you know the double site idea was a simple fail.

      come on guys, be like the 8Pen devs and confess to your error and just combine the 2 sites already

      • scott

        Completely agree, how long will the Droid brand be around for anyway on Verizon? They are both Android…

    • Okay, you're Kellex, you want to reach as many people as possible and people cry a river every time he posts something not just about the Droid, what would you do? The second site was a great decision, its really not that hard to click a link for some of the more interesting things over there.

  • Josh

    Awesome. A plastic Samsung phone…need to know specs.

    Also, the 2.3 UI looks vastly improved.. errr. the same??? I don't get it, whats so new besides a black notification bar?

  • Slowdo

    Just thinking no way nexus 2 is gonna be plasticy like this!!!! If so wow nexus one was one quality phone!!!

  • greens my favorite color ^_^

  • boardjnky4

    fact of the matter is that it doesn't matter what it looks like OR what carrier it is on. This phone is for development purposes. Nexus One was the same thing…Google uses these devices for new versions as well as to stimulate hardware competition.

  • Slowdo

    Don't care about front facing camera….. I wonder if specs are thr same as galaxy s. If so id be very happy cause I have a fascinate.

  • blade78

    Will the original Droid receive this update?

  • Ok I'm going to try and reserve judgement til we see it, but the UI really does look like a theme from XDA and it's kind of tacky. However, I will point out that the colors in this picture are crazy saturated (and blurry) , so maybe that green won't be quite as loud when you actually see it. Just look at how bright the Market icon is compared to what it really looks like. Here's hoping that it looks much better in person.

  • ryanallaire

    Just looked at the “REAL” photos, either that phone is HUGE or that dudes hands are small…

  • ryanallaire

    Can't wait for 2.3 for DROID 1!!

  • 1bad69z28

    I'd like to see more of the specs and the final product. So far this is ok not too much so far, I hope this guy who they hired from palm can think outside the box and wow us. We don't need anoth Palm Treo/Droid spin off.

  • Dave A.


    • Anonymous

      You're such a hater. Why don't you go back to your iPhone. Hopefully the glass will break again or it will catch on fire.

  • Skyskioc

    I smell chistmas cookies….

  • sylent101

    So I'm guessing Motorola will make the third nexus?

    • Anonymous

      No… Motorola is now in the business of only making phones that are locked down. The D1 was their last phone that could really be customized. 🙁

  • If their UI improvements only consists of a black notification bar and new icons, this is the very definition of “meh”. I already did that with CM6 and LP+.

    <off-topic><rant>I know this is probably just a concept phone of the Nexus S, but what's the deal with the button arrangement!?! Now they've swapped home and search? Why can't OEMs use just one soft-button arrangement (preferably the OG Droid/N1 arrangement. It's perfect!).</rant></off-topic>

  • That might be the worst button layout yet… Home on the far right? How is that intuitive?

    • Wow, I didn't even notice that. I thought that vanilla Android phones always went back, menu, home, search in that order.

  • Thats just horrid and how would they consider this and update? All i see that they did was render some things a different color and steal helix launcher's app drawer no?

    • Helix got that app drawer from the Nexus One.

  • Leet Enuff

    Can't wait till there is a Cyanogenmod based on this for the OG.

    • mikeym0p

      I can’t wait for the day I see the tweet saying CM7 is being uploaded 🙂

  • maaax

    So Google hired the guy from Palm and he came up with “Make the icons green?” Come on!

    • sylent101

      The battery icon looks just like the palm one now..but seriously they could've done more… this looks like a theme from xda. 🙁 come on google!

      • Josh

        Looked at the Android Life pics. This pisses me off. It’s all plastic-y and looks like a iPhone-wannabe. The back cover looks like a curved plastic-nightmare. If it were carbon-fiber, I would go crazy for this phone!

        • Anonymous

          I think it would look better with HTC style soft keys, A HTC styled bezel , a metal body. Nix the ugly Samsung logo on the back and stamp a nice HTC logo on its rear end then top it off with an announcement from HTC announcing the real nexus 2.

          • mikeym0p

            I think HTC had the soft keys set up perfectly. They should at least have ti look inspired by the original Nexus One. HTC put such a huge effort into the N1 with all those durability tests posted on youtube.
            One thing I hate about the metal bodies is when the battery cover can’t be extended for larger batties.

  • kulz

    let the party begin~! ;D

  • litrekid

    people r talking about it so its probably only three months away for theDX. WOOOOHOOO!

  • Soap

    I thought the whole PREMISE of G was to make vast user/aesthetic improvements… that looks like utter dogshit.

  • Time to Party!!

  • i dont like the new theme at all

  • Hedney3


  • this will be for t-mobile, right? im not excited.

    • true… but kanged gingerbread parts can't be far behind!

  • Michael_NM

    Vanilla Gingerbread… mmm… looks yummy!!!

    • looks more like chocolate with this new color scheme ?

  • giddyup!

  • Goatfish

    oh yeah!!!!!!

  • Shieatt

    I believe the phones UI will be verrrry customizable, giving the user choice in the phones appearance. I’m betting it will ship with a bunch of themes that google will offer and people can easily modify sans root; much like gmail themes. This is most likely one style of customization. Yea… as if google is saying they’re gonna render carrier skins useless by changing the icons to green… yea right. And if that’s actually true, the entire android blogosphere needs to unite in lampooning criticism.

    • Hmm. Interesting take on it; I've not thought of it like that, but that makes a lot of sense. The only way to keep the OEMs from changing the UI is to make the UI itself changeable.

      I like it!

    • EC8CH

      Exactly… instead of trying to create the perfect theme, just allowing skinning like they do with gmail and chrome. IMHO that is a major reason people root is to theme their UI, so why not allow theming natively. Seems like a no brainer to me.

  • First

    First to say FIRST!!!!!!!!!

  • EC8CH

    Maybe they should make the widgets match the rest of the theme… just sayin’