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VCAST App Store is Live for DROID Incredible, Here is the First Walk-through

A Droid Incredible update is supposed to start rolling out to devices this week and for some of you, it sounds like it may have started already.  One of the major things to be included in this update and that you should check out right away, is the new Verizon VCAST app store, which until now has never really been seen.

We told the world about a ROM which was based off of this new update and actually included the VCAST.apk last week.  If you loaded it onto your device, it gave you an error instantly, but today, if you load it onto your Incredible, you’ll be able to browse and purchase apps.  We have a full walk-through after the break.  

Download:  VCAST.apk (Incredible only!)

Browsing for apps…

Purchasing an app…

“My Apps” section…

Report issues and rate apps…

No LauncherPro.  Boo!

Overall the VCAST app store looks pretty, but so far is a little sluggish.  Navigating around in menus or from category-to-category took some time and the VCAST version of the hour-glass popped up quite a bit.  The search function is no where near the quality of the Android Market and as you may have expected, won’t suggest apps for you as you mistype them.  The buying process was simple though and there appears to be a ton of apps already available.  One of the big selling points of the app store was the ability to place app charges straight to your VZW bill and this looks to do that perfectly.  Not once was I prompted to input credit card, Paypal or Google Checkout information and I have to admit, enjoyed it immensely.

In the most unsurprising news of the day, we should note that there are ZERO Google apps in the app store.

Have fun!

Source of App:  XDA Forums, Virtuous ROM

  • TheMix

    Just got the update this morning (which also installs Slacker…gee..thanks). I played around with the store for a few minutes and I doubt I'll ever fire it up again. The interface makes the Android Market look like a human-machine symbiotic revolution. As mentioned above its slowness will bring you to tears. There are very few free apps (a CNN reader was 99 cents…you have got to be kidding me). For the few paid apps that may be useful, there is no free trial counterpart as offered on the Marketplace. Most of the utilities and productivity tools available now are joke-ware…I understand they hope to add more offerings but there are very, very few apps there now. Did I mention it takes five seconds to open up a list of 4 apps? Search function provides no hints on the fly.

    Hopefully people won't be attracted to this store just because it offers carrier billing, because with this second-rate software Verizon does not deserve a slice of the app market.

  • Kingjt3

    This apk file works for my incredible! http://www.multiupload.com/N8SH0LYRB3 I mainly used it to buy power amp using my account but they dont have it :p

  • Viper76269

    anyone know if this apk is the full update and not just the app store?

  • Cgmartin33

    How much money has Android brought to Verizon?..yet Big Red always has their hand out don't they? The first time in 10+ years I ever felt like I wasn't paying too much to these guys was yesterday when I made 4 phone calls to get $60 off my bill (Thanks Droid-Life!). Im curious how bad I just F'd myself though when LTE is released and I set up my first “4G” phone.

  • xerodown

    Why do I need this?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      you dont, they just want you to think you do and already, we can even see above that apps in the real Market are not shown in theirs

  • FortitudineVincimus

    no thanks.. even if I had an Incredible

  • Paul

    Portability if I switch carriers? What about if I just switch phones?

    This just brings back bad memories of re-purchasing Bejeweled every time my wife got a new phone.

  • choosn2change

    can someone pull the system apk for vcast app store for me? (download link plz) thnx a bunch in advance!

  • Guest

    Just my thoughts however I thought VCAST App store was just for their VCAST app's, I didn't think it was going to be the replacement for the Android Market. Just like you get if you are using a LG or any other phone that is not a smart phone. So it does not surprise me that many or most of the apps that are on the Android Market are not on the VCAST app store.

  • InvaderDJ

    That looks like fail. Are the limited apps at least good? Does Verizon curation look like it has helped a little bit?

  • I'm sorry, but I don't want my app downloads scattered all over the place. I will promptly hide the VCast App Store icon using Launcher Pro.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      or just delete the app with Titanium Backup if your rooted

  • Timoh

    Someone else pointed out in another topic that if you switch devices you still have access to your applicatins purchased in Google store. Wonder if the same is true for VCast, or if you have to purchase them all over again when you upgrade.

    • kellex

      Not sure if that's support in the Vcast store and I can't try it because it only works on the Incredible so far. It's a great question though.

    • [email protected]

      Well I remember before the smartphone days, anything you bought from the media place would not follow new devices ect.

      There was even a point where I went on Verizons website to activate a new phone, it offered “Re-download previously purchased items” — Had an entire list of downloads from all my other phones that I forgot about, went adding all the old ones and new ones and they wanted to recharge me for everything!

      I called Verizon and they said thats just the way it works, now I did not fuss to much because it was over a few stupid games and ringtones… but still, it makes me weary about this.

  • tombaz

    Yeah, yeah, but what about Verizon's no refunds policy (as mentioned in the previous article)? Hello, this is America!! People want to be able to return a product if it meet their expectations, especially with so many crappy apps out there.

    • Jason

      … Can't do that on iTunes can you? Can you return opened software to the same place you purchased it from?

      • thislandisyourland

        “Can't do that on iTunes can you?”
        Thank you for pointing one of the many reasons I will never buy an iDon't.

        • Freedomsearcher2442

          Rwas the comments and ratings don't download dumb apps pretty simple

      • FortitudineVincimus

        uhh yeah, BUT at least in iTunes you have the ability to listen to 30+ second of every song before you buy it

      • Killer4247

        Actually in itunes you can return things but only if you talk to a nice rep and you only have one try because you can't click the I have an issue button twice

      • Chales the II

        Sure, if iTunes is your ideal shop. On the Android Market on the other hand, you can return apps you don't like and get full refund. That's what Verizon is competing with, not iTunes.

      • Bigtex

        Digital download providers will let you return products as there is no 'opening' and DRM is attached, somewhat similar to our app markets today. Returning an opened PC game to a store is completely different as it generally comes with a license key that you could have written down.

  • Jhobbs

    What does the bug icon represent?????

    • PuzzleShot

      That is just usb debugging

  • EC8CH

    Bravo Verizon… way to TRY and stay relevant in the phone software market.

  • Yagermeister

    Correct me if I'm wrong everyone but…if you use this then you'll have to manage all of your apps from two places…how convenient! <insert sarcasm!=””> Manage the ones you buy from VCast in VCast and the ones you download for free in the Google Market in the Market…Now if VZW could merge them into one place I would actually like this.</insert>

    • KleenDroid

      That's a good idea…. merge the markets together into one…. 🙂

      • Chris.Go

        You find VCAST apps already on Market this app is just for morons with money to waste.

  • Isaacstaco

    will i get the update if im rooted?

    • You will not, normally. Most of the time when you root it turns off OTA updates because they can cause wonkiness, remove root, and force you to work overtime for no additional pay. I would wait for this to be put into a ROM or hold off until the forums say it's ok to update.

  • MikeCRock

    Why did they have to make it look like an i*hone app?

    • Mrpicolas

      Because we all know the crapple device is imminent its subliminal marketing at work

    • brife

      Cuz they have no vision of there own?

  • KleenDroid


    • kellex