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Full Version of PowerAMP Hits Market for $4.99

If you have PowerAMP installed on your phone from the market, then you likely have an update waiting for your approval.  After updating to this new version, you will start a trial that can go full by purchasing a $4.99 unlocker.  It’s not clear how long the trial will last, but if you love some PowerAMP awesomeness, then I suggest you support another great developer and unlock the beast.  

Download Link

Cheers Natham!

  • The program is no longer on the market at all, trial or paid. Same for Winamp and bTunes. What gives?

  • I will pay the 5 bucks…..as soon as the trial is over lol….until then im ganna milk this power amp till shes dry

  • rayz336

    Honestly, this is a nice music player app, but at $4.99, I looked right past it. I'll use the stock Sense music player rather than spending $5 on this.

  • sgtmilstack

    Since my Inc is my only music player, I don't mind paying the premium price.

    However, I think $3.99 or $4.49 would be easier to swallow. Imo, any amount below $4 isn't reflective of the many features available (read: customizable EQ and tone) and the time spent by the dev to build this app.

  • surj

    Guess it's back to winamp 🙁 It's a fantastic app and I love the EQ, but there's nothing to justify the price, not when there's more versatile programs that see a lot more use for half the price. I know $5 isn't a lot to some, but to me, for one app, it's a little greedy. I'd buy it instantly, even if there was a free version, for $2-3 bucks

  • Dellbx

    $4.99?? Look, all I want to buy is the music player. I already have a phone.

  • fallofshadows

    Five dollars isn't much, although for a music player it might be a lot. The main thing I love about poweramp is the EQ, because music is better with about 75% more bass. PA also looks friggin sweet, but paying five dollars for it? Idk.

  • Brian

    one annoyance that hopefully someone here knows how to fix: is there a way to change the default to Artist instead of Album on the top of the list say after an album is done. It's very annoying to have to jump three screens back from a list, go into the library, then sort by Artist… or am I just an idiot?

  • Bhain3s

    If there were ground breaking features maaaaybeee, and. A simple black n white theme

  • Rrbferrari


  • to bad this wont play right in miui lockscreen

  • Rrbferrari


  • Wow, that's a bit much. There are plenty of other alternatives out there. If there was nothing else other than stock, then sure, maybe it would be worth it.

  • sc4fpse

    I'm definitely going to hold off on it. I would be comfortable paying as much as $2.99 or so for this, but $5? For a music player, when there are so many other options that are quite good (Winamp, although I admit it's not quite on par with this, but it's close enough) and *free*, this price is steep. And when you consider the Android market ecosystem, it's even more blatantly obvious that $5 is a little excessive.

    This is one of the few apps I'm willing to pay for. $5 is just a little more than I think it's worth, however. I won't buy it at $5. The dev has my attention with his app now. He can secure my $2.99 pretty easily right now, but he won't get $5 out of me, as much as I do like his app. That's too much, Bob.

  • 1bad69z28

    Michael _NM I am Right with you Brother!! Let's keep the juvenile name calling out!!! This is a well respected site that represents all of us. I know the first thing I do when I run across family friends or strangers that have a droid is to pass along this website. Because of the friendly community and help that many of the members here will give great advice and help.

    I've been a member since this blog started and find all of the people great and well repected. So let's police our site but not give in to immaturity. Thanks guys 🙂 “Droid Life Rules”

  • Dr. L'ling

    $4.99 is alot to spend for a music player, when it comes installed on the phone for free. And that one can read songs in the correct order all the time, unlike Poweramp. Its a good looking app, but not for 5 bucks when i can just use doubleTwist player for free

  • xbicex

    I really don't mind the price and this is the best music player, but it encrypted my music folders so my ringtones and alarms would not play. I really dislike the folder layout and when I changed it to library feel they use the system library which defeats the purpose when the system can't even view it because of the encryption…

  • It's a great app, but when the dev set the price to $5 I uninstalled it and went back to Winamp. I don't see enough value in the app to pay $5 for it when I can get all the same features, minus the EQ, in Winamp for free.

    • Higher_Ground

      Since Winamp for PCs has included an EQ from day 1 (that I used it at least) I fully expect them to include one in a future update. Plus, if they eventually charge money (history shows they probably won't but might include a “pro” option) then I'm more than willing to support the music player I've been using for a good 8 years or more 🙂

  • I knew this was going to happen when I saw the beta was only a “trial” release.

    TBH, the only music player I have any use for nowadays is Audiogalaxy, because it streams my tunes from my PC (which is always on), effectively giving my Droid an unlimited collection. Did I mention it's free? PowerAMP can take a hike.

    • I just signed up for audiogalaxy its pretty cool, thanks for the head up

  • FAG? What do Alec Baldwin and Matt Damon have to do with this?

  • EC8CH


    How 'bout I give ya 75 cent and I'll only listen to music by Micheal Bolton?


    • Cgmartin33

      I haven't laughed that hard in a while…thanks for that! I catch episodes late at night sometimes and it brings me back to high school. Its crazy to see Jennifer Lopez and “James” Carey before they made it big!

      • EC8CH

        It's too bad they don't make funny like that no mo!

        • Cgmartin33

          Agreed…and Mad TV was the closest thing I could find and then that ended!

  • A bit steep compared to other music players, but being able to choose my music folder alone is probably worth it. Cubed is currently populated mostly with random sounds from samplers because it pulls the whole SD card, and it's really irritating. I hate having to scroll halfway down just to get to my actual music.

  • Im all for paying for the worth of things, heck I paid for 8pen because it was interesting and I wanted to give it a chance, but 5 bucks is too pricey for this app, i just dont think its worth it

  • Michael_NM

    Who's to say how much is too much. For me it's not worth $5, but that's because it doesn't add $5 of value to me. However, others may certainly think differently. Let the market decide on this one. What I take issue with is name-calling. Disagreement is great, but let's try to keep it friendly: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/07/02/site-reminder-time/

  • YHAO

    Is there a way to display the controls on the lock screen like the stock player would. I get the EQ features are better but that's one perk I don't know if I can part with.

    • Trug2018

      Yes its under preferences

  • thug13

    5 dollars? hahaha!!!!

  • Man people are a bunch of cheapos on Android. Maybe it is true.

    I mean really? $5 is a cup of Starbucks coffee, and #1 meal at McDs. I rather spend the $5 to support a great app/developer. What I can see is that is music app has almost everything and the kitchen sink oh and the EQ. So people complain..blah…blah..blah…doesn't have podcast..well there's and app for that…doesn't stream…well there's an app for that..and maybe you should learn java and make and app that does and then we can gripe for it not being purple with 8 buttons.

    I will certainly buy the app since I've been using it since it came out and its a dam good music player.

    • Chris.Go

      I disagree, it doesn't do what I want and until it can do what XiiaLive can do I am not moving. I was disappointed when WinAmp did not have the bells it should have but maybe soon it will.

      • Timoh

        I agree. If it doesn't do everything you want it to, don't buy it. Support the dev so he can add those features later? No thanks. Plus, you know there will be something better in a few months anyway, there always is.

    • Ya I’m with you man. Cant afford the five bucks then remember that trip into Mc Ds that you do every morning maybe skip it eat some cereal instead and get your self a awesome music player for you phone. And about the whole EQ thing It is a blessing I have been on the hunt for a music player with a EQ since I got my first android phone last year.

  • Ferg40

    Well that wasn't very nice… and if you can't pay $5 you shouldn't have an android phone. Sorry.

    • Chris.Go

      It's not that it's just people that complain about people that complain are funny to me.

    • Timoh

      I disagree, who are you to tell people how to spend their money?

      • Anonymous

        Who was this statment too? If its to me I’m not telling anyone how to spend there money. I’m just saying, if you pay the devs the pay you back with great apps. And the only reason I said anything is because he called the guy a fag.

        • Anonymous

          It was in response to the if you can’t pay $5 you shouldn’t have an android phone. I don’t think ti was right for him to call you names. I thought people were going to start getting banned for being hostile.

          • Anonymous

            Lol he didn’t call me a fag. I was standing up for the guy before.

    • Touche´. You win, sir.

  • dblj

    Bought it but now it won't open. Constant force close… Wtf?

  • Chris.Go

    Yes, FAG, $5 bucks plus 100 other supported apps that work added up over a year with bills to pay and money to save for more important things is to much.

  • Chris.Go

    I don't like the fact it doesn't give you an option to use this APP to play podcasts (mp3) streaming or whatever. Anyone know if they fixed that? I would click on MP3 link and get options Music, Winamp, XiiaLive but no PowerAmp.

    WinAmp come save us!

  • lex*toy

    I like PowerAmp alot. Too bad it causes my phone to lock up when using GPS 🙁

  • Any notes on what's actually unlocked with the full version?

  • captaincaptain

    You guys complain much? People spend that much on coffee and you think give bucks is too steep? You go watch movies in the theater with your friends… What's that… 20 bucks? More? For a one time two hour thing?

    Five bucks is too steep? No, I just think you guys are cheap as hell.

    • Stray1
    • relative to other music players on the market, yes, $4.99 is steep.

      • DMills216

        4.99$ is pocket change to the fact most paid 200$ for their droid, to steep?? then get a different phone lol

    • Timoh

      I don't do any of those things because I'm saving for a trip to Haiti. Yeah, it's too much.

      • Michael_NM

        I know I just said I don't like name-calling, but Haiti? You lucky #%@*! 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Haha, yeah going with a group, going to help build a well for a community. Really looking forward to it.

          • Anonymous

            That’s really cool man, maybe you can send us some pics of your work down there. 🙂 Via DROID

          • Anonymous

            Definitely, taking my D80 with.

          • Anonymous

            Cool 🙂

    • brife

      You can't compare the coffee/movie market place to the google app market place, that's apples vs oranges. The app is overpriced particularly when the dev has said it was only in development for 6 months. He could easily make 3 million for 6 month's work – way overpriced for what it is.

      • Bhain3s

        In dat case I’m gonnna spend the next 6 months gathering a team of coders n making a .99 music player that’s light weight with many features and cut into this market I gotta eat too .

    • Relative to other music players in the market, yes, $4.99 is steep

    • Vawing

      most apps are 1 or 2 bucks 5 is a lot, just for a player

  • Michael_NM

    Somewhat off-topic: I really like PowerAMP, but I can't stand album artwork. It seems like all of the music players I've tried “feature” album artwork. Are the any “minimalist” players that don't use the artwork?

    • Anonymous

      can’t you change the albumn art to a visualizer with the stock music app?

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    POWER AMP!! So loud It will blow your speaker! Literally

    Its decent I prefer the free stuff

  • Ben

    Wow… $5. The only thing this app does that cubed and winamp doesn't is the EQ. Not sure EQ is worth $5 to me. $2 and I'd have done it without question.

    • This app is also one of the few apps that lets you sort your music easily by genre, edits the ID tags (to a limited extent) automatically downloads album art, yadda, yadda yadda,,,, it’s still over priced but with some development (not promised development) I could easily see paying $5 for this app.. The Developer is on the right path he just has more work to do. Time to quite supporting half-ass developments with promised work and not real work.. I would pay $2 for this app as it right now though..

  • Rodeojones000

    I'm all for supporting good developers, but no music player is worth $5.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    very cool app.. not even close to a $5 value to me though

  • AeonFrog

    hmmm $5 is a bit steep for an app, may stick with winamp for now.

  • joe1138

    Not sure if it's worth it to me even though I like the app.