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Adobe AIR Update is Available Now!

First it was Flash 10.1 and now it’s Adobe AIR.  Both apps are “Gingerbread-ready” after updating today and we’re super excited.  This is another step towards seeing Android 2.3 on its first device, which we can all assume will be the Nexus One.  When that day comes, be sure to keep your page locked onto Android Life for full Gingerbread coverage.

Cheers Nathan!

  • Good sharing , Nice one post .

  • Chris.Go

    Awesome a whole new exploit API v2.5…. SWEET!

  • mrl09

    what is it used for?

  • Shadydave10

    I'm still waiting for droid theme Friday… or was it just me that missed it??

    • Asdf


      They did not do it. Lame.

  • Droid-ice

    Do we all have to downlode this? What does really do anyway?

  • MegaSam

    So it doesn't install to the SD? pfft do not want

    • Tergiversator_Maximus

      Yeah, I have an OG Droid and that is just too damn big. I've combed through my apps multiple times, moving everything to SD that I can and deleting ones I don't use, and I just can't find enough space for AIR.

      Maybe when handegg season is over and I can delete this humongous fantasy football app (yeah, I got sucked into a league…), but until then or if I root after my warranty is up in February, I'm not getting on the AIR bandwagon.

    • This along with Flash aren't able to be to put on the SD card. They are plug-ins, not apps. They wouldn't function right if you put them on your SD.

  • Meatlover

    time to expose my newb-ness… i don't understand what's so great about Adobe AIR what good apps out there actually need it? Can anyone enlighten me?

    • From what I understand, and I understand very little, Adobe AIR allows Devs to write in a familiar code.
      So if they aren't familiar with (whateverthehellandroiduses) they can use…something else.
      Props to my technological knowledge.

      • Meatlover

        haha, cool. Thanks for the explanation. So it seems like it'll be something that is more useful in the future then, when more devs start using it.

  • got it…now waiting for the droid incredible update.

  • first