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SiMi Clock is Another Amazing Minimalist Option, Includes Galaxy Tab Support

If you are getting sick of our “minimalist” talk, please try to hang out for just one more minute.  SiMi Clock Widget is the newest simple-styled clock to hit the Android scene and has something that helps it stand out from the rest, Samsung Galaxy Tab support.  SiMi allows color and text customizations to match the style of your current setup plus some transparency sliders.  It’s simple, pretty, customizable and fits right into our DL style.    

Download Link

Cheers Levi!

  • helloo

    How did yoy get your app drawer and the notification bar like that? Sorry guys im new to this blog and my droid x

    • download launcher pro plus, then replace the dock with any dock you want.

  • Leenlargeo

    Download link for me isn't working. I also tried scanning the code from my DX. It wont read. Anyone else having this prob?

  • Snork

    i'd be a whole lot more inclined to use this and clockr and stuff like it if any of them were able to act as a shortcut to the alarm like digital clock widget can

  • And here is mine (with Widget locker & poweramp widget.)


  • found out about the clock yesterday


    The (45) stands for the week 45th week of the year.

    • guyguy

      John, how did you get the weather and switches on your simiclock widget?

      • You just have to have the weather and switchpro widget set to how you want it. Then take simiclock and drag it over said widgets. Bam, that's all.

        Oh, you need LPP of course.

        • what weather forecast widget is this ?

        • guyguy

          Very cool. I got it, thanks. I didn't realize you could overlap widgets like that.

    • jonny6pak

      Yes, how did you get the weather and power control switches tied to the simi clock widget?

    • Mikesuds

      How did you get the switchpro widget so close to the weather widget? it looks like beautiful weather 4×1, with the current weather not shown and flat white skin. I have it looking identical and I love it but there is a big gap between the bottom of the weather and top of switchpro for me…….

      • Mikesuds

        nevermind, got it. enable 5 icons on LPP homescreen.

        • Mikesuds

          so it's not beautiful widgets, or at least not that skin, but something REAL similar. Whatever you are using just has larger icons, bringing them a bit closer to the top of the switchpro widget. mine is close, but there is still a slightly larger gap between the two. what are you using?! 🙂

  • asdasd

    the download isnt working for me right now :S

  • Imajinaxn

    45 represents week in the year. 45th week currently and I agree with simi being awesome http://bit.ly/a7F8SL

    • 4boost

      How are you stitching simi and the weather forecast widget together?

  • Uncle paul

    ya whats the “45” supposed to mean?

  • Gary

    In the screenshot there is a wifi widget, it looks better than the standard one, where did you get that?


  • Timoh

    I'm enjoying my typo and battstat setup. So simple and clean.


    • what launcher are you using?

      • Timoh

        ADW, allows you to hide the top bar and has the launcher tray at the bottom.

        • Chris Nimon

          You can hide it with LP to. I also like the simple clean look, to much stuff and your home screen looks like a Where's Waldo picture lol

          • Timoh

            I figured it could but the main reason I never went to launcehrpro is because of the drawer at the bottom. I really like that. I wish ADW could hide unused applications in the drawer.

        • does it let you have just 4 icons at the bottom? i noticed you have more than 5. so i thought it let you have a preferable number of icons on the dock.

          • Timoh

            you can have as little as 1, if you put more than 5 it has a side to side scrolling to access the other icons.

    • viewthis66

      question for you Timoh… what's the html number or code for a clear background for the weather widget?

      thank you

      • Timoh

        Where it says #55000000 replace the 55 with 00.

        • viewthis66

          thank you.

    • Sethmo38

      What clock is this?

      • Timoh


    • Leenlargeo

      what launcher are you using. I like how there is 6 icons on the dock?

    • Leenlargeo

      How do u get 6 icons on the bottom. And no drawer button? I also have adw but can't find those options

      • Timoh

        Put an icon on your desktop, Slide the app drawer button up, drag the icon down to the empty space. To get the app drawer button back slide the icons down.

        • Leenlargeo

          How do you get 6 icons on the dock?????

          • Timoh

            Just drag 6 down there. You can do even more, I don't know the limit though. It's not the dock with 2 icons and the app drawer button in the middle. Swipe up on the app drawer button and that dock appears.

  • Anyone know what this clock is?


    I want it.

    • EC8CH

      Most Impressive

    • EC8CH

      I can't get rid of the backgroud and the day text wraps “sat” down on my screen. Can't seem to find any options to change these issues. Looks great in the pics you posted, but unusable for me if I can't find some options somewhere.

    • EC8CH

      I can't get rid of the backgroud and the day text wraps “sat” down on my screen. Can't seem to find any options to change these issues. Looks great in the pics you posted, but unusable for me if I can't find some options somewhere.

  • Call me an idiot…but what does the “45” represent?

    • the year kellex was born! lol jk kellex!

    • yeah wtf does it mean?

    • Michael_NM

      I belive it's the week of the year. Oh… since you asked: You're an idiot. JK 🙂

    • Theschneidster

      45 days left in the year?

    • DBK

      The temperature, perhaps?

  • PyroHoltz

    Is it able to be thrown onto the lockscreen wo/ the need for another app?

  • 1st 😉

    Nice ish, K!
    I'm the biggest Minimalist dork out there alongside you! hah