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Download: Official DROID Pro User Guide

The user guide for the Droid Pro is now available.  If you have shown some interest in this device which is officially going on pre-sale tomorrow (November 9th) and in stores on the 18th for $179, then get your reading glasses ready.  It’s your standard guide, but gives you an idea of how that candy bar keyboard will work alongside the 3.1″ touch screen.  

Download:  Droid_Pro_US-EN_UG.pdf

Cheers @rusty_richards!

  • Bmgross

    I can’t seem to get audio when I take a video.  Help!  What am I doing wrong?

  • Amy

    i want to save a media file that someone sent me through a text and I don’t know how, or it won’t let me.  Does anyone know how to do this?

  • Susanbenitez18

    plz help my droid dosnt work when i call or talk to someone it sounds very low and i put the volume on high is it broken or did i press a button that made it sound like that

  • Susanbenitez18

    why does my droid do not sound loud when i call tor talk to someone on the phone is it broken i put the volume up and nothing happens

  • Justin

    ordered mine this morning will be here wensday

    • Sir_Hardin_Thicke

      No you didn't. Pre-sale isn't available yet.

      • boot879


  • The link doesn't seem to for me. Hmm….

  • jmc

    Looks like there are leftovers from slider phone instructions in the guide. A few times, it says to press the power button, or “just open the phone” to wake it up. Oops!

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    This is how you put your phone into landscape view step 1 tilt to the left

  • hope these start shipping tomorrow!!

  • KleenDroid


  • Michael_NM

    That keyboard will be fun to use in landscape mode…