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Our Twitter Conversation Reveals Incredible HD as an LTE Device

We had a quick Twitter conversation yesterday with a Verizon LTE engineer (@black_man_x) who through a “sneaky panda tweet”, basically mentioned that the Incredible HD is on the way and it will be an LTE device.  Here is exactly what he mentioned…

Just saw something so incredible that it was almost HD… and LiTE as a feather…

Can you translate that?  Incredible HD running on LTE.  We expressed our feelings to him and received this response back…

@droid_life bgr posted a pic of the old hardware months ago.. its been refined a bit. Sure u all will get a leak. Love the site btw

He’s referring to the picture above which is a mirror image of the Desire HD, so we’re hoping the refinements mean it will look similar to the original Incredible as it will always be one of the sexiest devices we’ve owned.

While there aren’t any official pictures in the wild yet, expect them to find their way to the forefront soon.


  • digitalicecream

    Definitely one to take a good look at.

  • I hope that it does NOT have a 4.3 inch screen. Some of us like small and thin devices. Remember the success of the RAZR.

  • Guest

    Release this for christmas!

  • Smoov

    I hope we don't get forced to get a LTE plan since it will be more $$$$. But I want this phone but with 3g.

  • Derp

    ok, that's it, soon as this is out i'm ditching my droid X

    i'm not tired of blur, i never use it since i'm always using launcher pro; i'm tired of the ROM in general, and the massive amounts of crippling bugs that motorola probably has no plans of fixing, i'm tired of the locked bootloader preventing me from loading on a not-buggy rom, ect.

    however i really do like the hardware, not just the internals, but the design in general (hardware buttons > capacitive), i even like the screen ratio (more skinny than wide)

    i don't even care about the ETF anymore, i just want this thing

  • chris

    what does LTE mean??

  • anDrO721


    • kimir

      Who confirmed it?

      • anDrO721


        • MOTOX

          I think this phone will be lte once verizon turns phone lte on…..they wouldn't make 2 of the same phones..just 1 lte…thats just stupid…in my point of view…

          • anDrO721

            No, they are revising this phone and it will be released in 2011 for the people who want 4G. Also, it's not stupid because a lot of people aren't getting LTE in their area for another year or two while they get good 3G coverage at the moment, so yeah, it's not stupid.

          • kimir

            Do you have to pay for 4g if it Is not in your area?

          • anDrO721

            No one knows yet. I've asked every VZW insider I can think of. Even black_man_x doesn't know.

  • palomosan

    My next phone if it indeed it has LTE.

  • NMMI89

    I WANT THIS!!! The only caveat that I have that it has a front facing camera, HTC Sense and is a Google Droid Inc. HD.
    Since this is supposed to be an LTE phone, but I have no LTE service here in San Diego. Does that mean I don't have to pay for a tiered plan? I could still pay my unlimited data plan I have now?
    Hmmmm…..either way, I WANT THIS!!!

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  • Kw

    When i was in the verizon store they said they were most likely going to have 4G LTE phones late 2010 and then show off more January 2011 so i guess this is what they meant. I will probably get this over any Tegra 2 device at first because that will just drain the battery, and its 4G so that will drain it too.

    • And you think they wont make better batteries? I guess they'll keep putting the olders ones in huh? you make no sense.

    • kimir

      get a second battery and just switch them out if they don't improve…

  • Thomasgiovia

    @Kellex….The pictures have been out for like a week now…http://www.phonearena.com/phones/HTC-Incredible-HD_id4985……Identical twin to the EVO..

    • If those are the specs of the HD Incredible, I'm going to finally hang up the OG and get a Dx now. I've been itching to get a 4.3 and I don't care about a front facing camera…

  • Donnydee

    I highly doubt that Verizon will release a global droid 2, a droid pro, the 2 lg androids….and a Incredible hd in the same month….But I hope so!!!

    HTC in my opinion makes the best looking hardware!!!!! And im a hug sense fan!!!! ven though i have the fascinate…But honestly if the Incredible HD has LTE with Tierd data i wont be getting it without a unlimited option!!

    • Guest.AJ

      I was at Verizon yesterday and they told me 18 new phones by Christmas! Dreams do come true.

  • Tom

    The pictures have been out for like a week now…http://www.phonearena.com/phones/HTC-Incredible-HD_id4985

    • Tom

      this phone is going to be identical to the EVO….

      • kimir

        That's not all bad…

  • jedijesus95

    I could care less about LTE. I live in Montana, its gonna be a few years before I see any LTE. I just want this phone.

  • Trombone Dixie

    It's definitely a toss up between this and the Nexus S.

    • kimir

      No. There isn't. Samsung

      • kimir

        Isnt half as good as HTC

  • Franz

    Ok cool, but make up your mind.

    “Incredible” is not a “DROID”. In the sense of brand. Please merge an.droid-life and droid life. Having them separate is useless, especially if your not going to stick to the droid only news.


  • viper1549

    Looks like we are still seeing incredible HD this month.. check it yourself about 3 hours ago on his twitter..


    @black_man_x some other ^end VZN reps seem pretty confident a 3G version of the inc HD will be out this month, can you say anything on that?

    @viper1549 there is a 3g version. Been in testing for awhile. But why purchase it when the real deal is coming. Radios are easy swap

  • Mikeyoungblood84

    Might want to hold off on getting a fascinate then eh? What about the nexus 2/s?

    Waits for spec sheets…


    Pls pls please have that front cam i see…really be lte….have the new sense…and be made of metal :), better battery…IM SOLD ON MY DX pls sell me to this htc!

  • lets hope it has a front facing camera, and i hope it looks different… if not its exactly like the evo

    • kimir

      It does.

  • bravoleader2


  • woo

    i thought verizon wasn't getting an LTE smartphone until early next summer. does early next summer mean “march”?

    • kimir


    • Timoh

      I'm pretty sure the rumors were late this year at the soonest, for sure early next.

    • I thought I read that they are announcing LTE phones at the International Consumer Electronics Show in early January.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


  • marleyinoc

    Yeah, the timing seems right, I just missed that bullet myself. And I was excited for the storm. I ended up staying with lg dare just long enough for droid to come out. A few friends/coworkers got storm and hate(d) it… Freaking anything Android blows everything I've touched away. Fascinate is aptly named, x is sweet, evo too, so there are plenty options out now. I'm due in feb, and it looks like I might need to wait a bit as neat phones are coming up q2 or 3. But running cyanogenmod6.1RC3 now, and perfectly happy to wait. My win7 dell is soooo lonely anymore!

    • be glad you didnt get the Storm dude. ya saved yourself a ton of head aches.

  • I follow that guy on twitter and shortly after that, he said early march 2011. so if this is supposed to be the LTE verison of the evo and it comes out then. it better have a big spec update because that will be almost a year old device rerelased with a diffrent radio.

  • Hunkooman

    Nice but would like to see a Moto LTE device.

    Still flashin the D1

    • Im with you hunkooman. D1!

    • drathos

      Not unless Moto goes back to the Droid ways.. Stock Android, open device. They need to realized they're a terrible software company and stop wasting their time on Blur.

      • Blur isnt all that bad.

        • Anonymous

          It breaks things that work perfectly fine in stock Android, just so Motorola can have their own version. If it was just a UI layer, I could ignore it and go with LauncherPro or ADW.Launcher, but it isn’t. It delves too deep to avoid its problems.

    • Anonymous


  • Brandon Wells17

    What is the LTE pricing NEway?

    • Muddy B00ts

      I'm pretty sure with other carriers it's an extra 10 bucks a month tacked on to the data plan. So $40/month for unlimited data.

      • Hunkooman

        Mmmm I feel like a cheap skate, but that sucks man

        • Muddy B00ts

          I totally agree, I think $30 is a little hard to stomach sometimes. I think I'll buy the very last 3G android to come out before LTE. I want the best of 3G, but no more for now.

  • IBowToAndroid


  • raverk

    @black_man_x later mentioned that because of the “refinements” we likely won't be seeing this device until March of next year. I hated reading that. I am so looking forward to seeing and, more than likely, buying this device.

    • Rudybikerpunk

      that would suck if it didn’t come till march, especially with no dual cores and with the spec’d resolution. I think the fact that its getting released now when the evo has been out makes it kinda behind the power curve but MARCH !!!??? dont get me wrong I still want this phone 😉


    See if you can get the processor it's carrying too!

    I also love the Saturday updates! 🙂

  • Andrew53517

    is it still coming in march did he say? or possibly sooner?

  • ironick

    I was just thinking yesterday that he Incredible HD isn't gonna be so incredible when it's competing against LTE devices. So Y not make it a LTE device.

  • BeeJay

    yes! I'd upgrade to that in a jiffy.

  • kimir

    Ask him if it has Google! 😀

    • Droid Incredible HD
      Droid family has google…

      • kimir

        Who says it's still droid branded…

        • if its an incredible… it wouldnt make sense to make it a different brand.. the htc incredible HD will be a high end phone.. verizon puts it's best android handsets on the droid line… they know that not giving this the droid brand name it won't sell as many. and i'm almost positive that this will be the flagship LTE phone since we won't be getting the terminator/T2/Tegra moto until after AT&T…

          • Anonymous

            The Samsung Fascinate is one of Verizon’s top end Android devices, but it did not get the “Droid” branding. Instead, it got Binged. There’s no guarantee that the Incredible HD will be branded as a “Droid,” but it should be if they’re sticking with the “Incredible” name.

          • they’re also a new contender (samsung) to the android arsenal. it didn’t help that verizon was the last one to get it.
            but as i said before, the incredible HD has to be a droid if it will be a sequel to the current incredible. if it’s not going to be called the incredible HD then it could well be binged. but black_man_x is on the inside of verizon and called it the incredible HD.

  • kimir

    Google please. Thx

  • kimir


  • Motta2003

    Daddy want! New every 2 ended on 10/28 hoping my patience will be paid off by this device!!

    • marleyinoc

      What phone do you have now? Just curious

      • Motta2003

        BB Storm (1)…hated it since I got it

  • 11knives

    Not willing to pay LTE pricing… 3G works just fine for me.

    • Stansbrand

      same here that killed this phone foe me

    • Do we know for certain that LTE will cost more on Verizon? Sprint is more but with all the competition gearing up, I wonder if it won’t become standard and cost the same as standard data rates.

      Sprint has a premium service for now but come next year, every carrier will have “4G”

      • 11knives

        I work for Verizon. LTE will certainly cost more.

        • NMMI89

          What happens if you don’t have LTE service in your area? Does the old unlimited data plan still in effect?

  • Michael_NM

    +100 for the Saturday updates! Weekends are more fun with Droid Life alive! 🙂

    • WarEagle

      This device looks sweet. It’s too bad it does not have GSM capabilities.

  • jb

    im getting this for sure

  • Jlperry54

    Looks like I'll be waiting for that device