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DROID Pro vs. Blackberry Curve 9330 vs. Blackberry Bold 9650

Now there is a great look at how Motorola is planning to steal customers from RIM and its Blackberry handsets with the new Droid Pro that we are expecting to hit stores on November 18th.  Exact form factor, almost identical keyboards, global roaming capabilities plus Android and a bigger screen has this device positioned to be an instant winner with the business crowd.  While it may not appeal to all of us 4.3″ screen loving fools, you have to admit that if you had the choice of these 3 devices, you would lean towards our family member.  

Important specs for the Droid Pro:

While I don’t necessarily have a use for this device, I have a half dozen friends that can’t part ways with their Blackberries because of the damn keyboard.  You know exactly what I’ll be showing them come X-mas time, right?  This device gives Android enthusiasts another selling point when looking to convert smartphones users over.

Anyone currently working with a Blackberry?  I’d love to know if you plan on switching over to the Android world.

Photo:  Verizon

  • awesome comparison.thanks for sharing

  • anna

    i just cant decide HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well i dont care about the bb curve i just cant decide between bb bold and driod pro

  • Greenemachine22

    How is the texting on the droid pro. I am looking for a phone that is not a slow phone when swithing between apps and so on…

  • A Homan18

    i’ve always hated androids. and all of the hype about them being so wonderful. recently i switched from my blackberry to the pro after playing with it in the store for a little while. BEST DECISION EVER! i went from an antidroid, to cant live without my droid!

  • M. McCool

    My 2 year contract with Verizon will be up in 6 weeks, at which time, I would like to decide between staying with a newer version of the Blackberry Curve or switching to Verizon’s new Motorola Droid Pro.
    It took me forever to get the hang of the Blackberry Curve which I have grown to rely on and totally enjoy and appreciate since I am heavy on the e-mails and rely on the long battery life that the Droid Pro lacks. The downside is that the Blackberry Curve’s internet is very slow, and doesn’t offer very many Apps . I really wish that Rim would get its act together and add these much needed features to their tried and true workhorse, the Blackberry Curve

  • Knr0828

    i miss my blackberry

    • MoMc

      why don’t you like the droid pro that much ? & what kind of BB did you have ?

  • Nice, that’s helpful for me!

  • NYLonghorn

    Just switched to Droid Pro from BB Curve and not entirely sold yet. I was a heavy BB user for business – emails, contacts, calendar, etc. The ability to sync w/ Outlook and receive emails from multiple email accounts, both personal and business, is not as seemless as it was with the BB. Plus, everything just takes longer, whereas the BB was quick, efficient, and reliable. Also, the battery life absolutely sucks, and I rarely had issues w/ the BB The upside of course is the browser and app capabilities. That’s where RIM is falling way behind. For business people, I’d say BB is your phone.

  • Mystiqueboise

    I have used a Blackberry Tour and loved it til I spilled a latte’ on it and it stopped working. Yes I tried the rice bag and it worked for 2 days, but then quit on me again. I have never been a fan of touch screens since I have long fingernails. I had the Storm and absolutely hated it. I went in to the Verizon store and the salesman tried to sell me an all touch, which did I say I hated. I told him that I think this looked like a phone I might like. Well needless to say, it was a piece of cake to load all apps, e-mails, and even use the screen for touch. I highly recommend this phone and am personally loving it!!!!!!! Great for anyone who used a blackberry previously!

  • greg

    I am considering switching from my BlackBerry I have had for a couple years to the Droid EVO. I dont use the BB for business and the Apps are so limited. The BB is a very rugged and dependable phone but is limited unless using for email or the keyboard.

  • greg

    I am considering switching from my BlackBerry I have had for a couple years to the Droid EVO. I dont use the BB for business and the Apps are so limited. The BB is a very rugged and dependable phone but is limited unless using for email or the keyboard.

  • Blue

    I just upgraded from the BB Curve to Droid Pro yesterday and I love it. It’s a great transition as I’m so used to the keyboard. I do miss the trackball, especially when i need to go back to delete a word or two in the middle of a sentence and the option to hold down a key to capitalize. I haven’t figured out how to transfer my outlook calendar from BB to Droid on a PC. Can someone help me with this? Thank you!

  • mk

    I like the Tour i have but since I changed from the BB World to the Tour, i find typing long emails or messages cramping my hands because the keyborad is so close to the bottom. It does look that Pro is even closer, so that may be an issue. What I know I will love about Pro besides the browser, is the fact that they have and get this: PUT THE SHIFT BUTTON WHERE ITS SUPPOSE TO BE-YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! If you post here, please mention is you agree or not that the alt button where it is on the BB is so so stupid. If your using your bb only then you can get used to it but not if your at your desktop all day as well as your BB. So please answer these questions:
    1) When typing long emails or documents does your hand cramp up from the little space because your pinky can hold the BB? If so its look like Pro may be worse.
    2) Do you hate the shift button being in the wrong place on the BB? Then Pro wins out.
    3) Does email work as well on the Pro as the BB?
    4) Is email as secure on the Pro as BB?
    5) Why cant BB get a great browser already????

  • Jo

    I still prefer the Curve, and for one (however silly it may sound) reason – the keyboard. Not the keyboard's size, not its non-virtual aspect…its layout. I'm used to the symbols being where they are, and I like being able to type with my eyes closed. Sure, I'd learn a different phone if i got one, and it wouldn't take long, but I'm used to my Curve.
    Of course, the Curve can't do nearly what Android phones can, but that's okay – my Curve is capable of a lot more than I use it for, because really all I do is text and email and obsessively refresh my Facebook homepage to stalk my friends, along with the occasional weather check or trivial search.

  • I've read from BB users that battery life on the Droid Pro is horrible.. and for a BB user to say that must mean its pretty bad. My BB battery doesn't last a day. I can't image how bad the Pro must be. I did read downloading an App Killer did help. Anyone have thoughts on the battery life?

  • Digital_Panda

    This will overtake Blackberry in a matter of years. Better OS, same hardware, better phone.

  • Nice, that's helpful for me!


    you all are really stupid if you think that this is going to affect bb andriods dont know anything when it comes to security thats why this phone is a useless piece of junk

  • Joice_law

    moto pro look great,just worry about top-heavy it when you using the keyboard. You know it `s a long.

  • Habekott

    i had a bold and made the switch over to the droid pro. its exactly what i was looking for. keyboard along with a much better web browser and user interface. its really the perfect phone in my opinion.

  • Aviatormotivator

    My wife was due for an upgrade (she had a Blackberry) and my plan is not until March 2011. I have not been able to convince myself to get rid of the Blackberry (8 year user) until this time around. She likes the Droid Pro a lot…BTW I also carry an HTC Evo so I am very very familiar with the Android. Yes, based on the feedback from my wife (and she is knowledgeable) I plan on switching to the Droid Pro..unless of course Blackberry comes up with something that will make me to reconsider.

  • Pbelnap

    I've had a curve for two years and haven't gone to the droid because I didn't like the original size and feel of the droid. I don't like the screen keyboards. The droid pro might be the one I've been holding out for.

  • Andrew1cohen


  • Ron H

    I've currently got the Incredible that is for personal and business use. I came from years of using a Blackberry. Not having the keyboard was hard and still is hard getting used to, even after months of use. But I'd never go back to a Blackberry just for the keyboard. Now, after having played with the Droid Pro at the VZW store, I've decided to get it. I'll use the Pro during the week and then reactivate the Incredible for weekend use! Now I'll have the best of both worlds!

  • DoubleE

    The Droid Pro is my dream come true! As most of my friends and even my son tell me I need to get with the times and ditch my BB for an Android it's all about the keyboard for me! Can't wait!

  • PalmLuvr

    I still miss my Palm Treo 700p because of how easy it was to use with one hand. I love my Moto Droid but it's much harder to operate a phone with a virtual qwerty keyboard with one hand. I am seriously thinking of buying the Droid Pro. It looks like it has everything I love about the Treo and the Droid, plus KA security.

  • Rome

    I'm at wits end with the OS on my 9650 and have been chomping at the bit for this exact platform to come out. I cannot stand the larger keyboard that comes equipped on the 2, I passed that phase when I dumped the LG Voyager years ago.

    Instant buy as soon as I can get my hands on one!!!

    • Rome

      I'm just hoping the Pro gives me the internet capabilities I want and need, as well as keeping up with constant emails and texts.

      Every review I've seen so far has been praising the Pro, and is the perfect fit for stubborn keyboard lovers such as myself!!

  • Noe

    I love everything about the Droid except that Google tracks my activity vs. Blackberry which is always secure. Plus, I have to have a keyboard. I bought an iPad and that touch screen drives me nuts.

  • Attorneyben

    I just ordered the Droid Pro! I love my blackberry, but I am sick of not being able to read attached documents. Reading stuff online is also a hassle. The zoom function in the bb is useless! I am not a fan of large screen phones, and gave my iphone to my kid. I hope the droid pro will solve the problem

  • 001OHIO

    if i could get it somewhere other than verizon. I'm pissed at BB for selling their latest effort to AT&T so i was looking to switch. Just saw the cost vs. online purchase. wow. no reason to use the V guys

  • death by RIM

    I have a blackberry tour and its my everyday phone.If this new droid works like my bb but does it faster, with the same battery life and call quality i will be sold..had a droid before but it really is just a cool TOY. BUT while rim is still sending out phones with ram and a processor from a tandy 1000, they will keep losing a market they once owned and another customer. Also..wtf. torch only to att..bs rim.. you bastards

  • 320 x 480 display resolution?? Oh ick. No thanks. Keep the keyboard.

  • Sumit379

    Plan on switching from bold to droid pro

    • Knr0828


  • Boooger

    I have been a blackberry user for years and I am switching. Rim waited way too long on getting a decent web browser, I will miss blackberry messenger though.

  • Cncramer

    Until you can get real push email with anything other than a Blackberry all other devices are just toys for people that don't use their devices for business.

  • AL

    Stupid numeric keyboard layout

    • Ron H

      Initially, I thought the same thing….then I realized it makes sense because, since it has a touchscreen that you use for dialing, you don't need to have the physical numbers in that same configuration to dial. Instead, it's set up like a real desktop keyboard with the numbers across the top. Someone was actually THINKING when they designed this keyboard to work with a touchscreen.

  • Todd

    I have been a BB user for 6 years… and this looks to be the answer to EVERYTHING! I've already pre-ordered the Droid Pro to replace my BB Tour… it will be shipping on 11/18… I can't wait!

    • Knr0828

      have you been happy? i did the same thing and cant stand my droid pro so far

  • Unlisted

    Looking to move to the Droid Pro from my Blackberry Tour. Not because of the keyboard, but because it is the only world phone offering. I would rather switch to the Droid X if it had the world phone capability.

  • ScoobySnack

    Wish the Droid Pro had 4 hard buttons like the BB's… it looks like the capacitive buttons would be too easy to hit while typing on the top row of keys.

  • Tomr

    No Droid can handle email properly. It won't save them and erasing important attachments. I spoke with Sprint and HTC and they said this flaw was how the system works. Google set it up that way to force you to rely on t-mail.
    The EVO is great for my 3 year old. Horrible for email. If email and voice quality is important to you don't waste your time stay with BB. If you like games and toys and want to impress a child or students get the Android. BB has all the same navigation features and super reliable. Not to mention faster and more accurate text features. Android has a long way to go. People are easily fooled by shiny things, bells and whistles with no real value.

    • Tomr

      I apologise for the spelling errors it was my Evo/Android trying to put other words on the message.

      • MC

        Couldn’t disagree with Tomr more. I’ve been a hardcore berry user for close to 9 years, and I’ve seen their phones get progressively worse. I’ve had 2 7 series BB’s, 2 8 series bbs and 1 9 series. I’ve seen the software become less reliable, the battery life wane, and the call quality on my tour is by FAR the worst of the 5 bb’s I’ve owned. Every call sounds like someone is underwater.

        BB has been trying to satisfy consumers with their abysmal media features, and laughable sluggish app lineup. Their performance on things like google maps is garbage, so for any consumer features, BB is clearly bottom of the barrel.

        But the only reason I stayed with the keyboard. I could type pages and paged of important work email, which is something I just wasn’t able to do on the touchscreen devices.

        I will be trying my hand at a droid pro. If the keyboard allows me to actually message, I will be switching.

        I have been a blackberry apologist my entire life, but the continual regression of Blackberry os, and absolutely pitiful call quality of my tour have made me finally give up.

        • Dablueeyesguy

          MC the phone call quality is the network your on. ATT sucks and everyone knows that, Verizon is great. My Tour’s phone call quality is superb can not be any better. but the browser of course sucks.

        • Kafer 8

          So could not agree more.  I am a BB fanatic.  I love the instant messanger, email and text.  The keyboard is instant!!!  However the call quality is GARBAGE.  I am going to try the new Thunderboldt.  Ill get back to you and let you know if its much fast and better…

    • Blackheart

      Maybe having a Evo/Android was too much for you, because everyone that I've seen with a Blackberry, now has an Android phone. Maybe you just don't like them, Android phones are probably the most universal phones that I've come across.

  • caNYC

    RIM lost my business when they released the BB Torch w/ AT&T – awful service here in NYC and if I wanted to switch from Verizon just for a cool phone, I'd have an iPhone. I adore the feel of a BB keyboard but am obsessed with the Droid functions and speed. I'll be upgrading to the Droid Pro the day it's released. Welcome back, Motorola!

  • Ted

    Yes! Had the Droid 2 for 3 1/2 weeks and couldn't stand the keyboard…..have been using Treo 650, then Blackberry Curve 8330, and when I found the new Droid Pro is coming out, I returned my Droid 2 and will get the Droid Pro when it arrives. There were other shortcomings in the email department of the Droid 2 that will also be enhanced the with Droid Pro; check Mototola spec sheets for each device and you'll see the improvements!

  • Drjeffbauman

    Have Bold 9700 and want to switch from ATT. I will be first in line for the Pro!

  • I have a Moto Droid, before that I came from Blackberry. I really, really, really want to try the Droid Pro in store. It may be my next phone!

    I really do miss how crazy fast I was on the blackberry keyboards. Never been able to be that fast since. So this phone is very appealing to me even though screen size is a bit smaller.

  • Txredkim867

    I was a BB Curve user on Sprint for years, now a BB Curve user on Verizon. I ordered the Incredible the day it went on sale. Took me almost a month to get it. I really do LUV the Incredible, EXCEPT and I know you know this is coming…the VIRTUAL Keyboard…I don't have an issue with it for others, and think there are devices for all tastes, my preference being the QWERTY BB Keyboard. I LOVE IT..And I MISS it terribly…I cannot type worth a crap on the virtual keyboards. Call me old school, tell me to get over it, say what you will I don't care..The BB keyboard and I are a perfect match..However BB browsers SUCK. RIM is behind the times and should get with the program. I didn't even know that Verizon was getting this device and ran across it a couple days ago. O.M.G. when I saw it and the keyboard initially I thought it was another BB, NOT! An Android? Yeah baby!! I have read every single piece of information I can find to research it. I'm not due for an upgrade till March 11, however I WILL be getting this device!! It is the perfect blend, BB Keyboard and Android. This is the device I've been waiting for. If it only had the Up and coming LTE 4G. O well, I live in a rural area in Texas and barely get 3g so it's not that big a deal for me and 4G wont be complete for a few years anyway and I'll be do for an upgrade by then when the network is up and running and all the bugs have been exterminated, Lol. I cant wait to get my hands on the Moto Droid Pro..I am Hooked on Android and this device was on my wish list…Way to go Verizon..
    I'll be giving my DI to my son and Curve to my niece.
    PLS HURRY Verizon…I want it…SOLD

    • Aviatormotivator

      I have 7,235 contacts on my Blackberry and can tell you I didn’t get to that number by just writing short sweet something to someone 🙂 I use my device for heavy duty typing and my EVO is fun by the virtual keyboard will not cut it for someone seriously on the go. I carry a Blackberry Tour with me for that specific purpose….the Droid Pro…I’m hoping, can cut my phone and expenses by half come next year.

  • I just hope the Exchange e-mail services on the phone is good from the start. I would like to have a droid phone come out of the box Exchange ready. TouchDown is hands down the best thing out there right now. Android has a great gmail app make it work for Exchange!

  • TheDrizzle

    I really hope some people switch to the Pro. My Blackberry experience was awful (Storm). Luckily, I've seen the light, the little green light.

  • Patwww

    droid pro is a shitty droid it shouldn't have the name droid pro

  • Brandon J.

    actually, i have a droid 2 and have been forced back to my blackbery 8330. both phones are crap.. with my 8330 being a better choice. im actually gonna try contacting VZW to see if a new BB can be sent to me.. android has screwed me over one too many times -__-

  • mark

    where is my escape key?can any one help (bold)

  • cpa

    Long-term BB user because of the keyboard and global capabilities. Looking forward to buying either the pro or the D2 Global so I can have a phone with a decent browser.

  • JD Rudd

    I've had the X since July and have also had a BB Tour since it launched. I still use both phones daily (one for work, one for work/personal). I would gladly give both of them back to have the Pro…but *only* if it lives up to the hype. If that keyboard is just like the BB, I'm sold!!

  • Apnudi

    Currently using a Storm, but my contract is ending soon. I picked that up after the original Envy got old. After switching to the Storm, I regretted losing the keyboard.

    I plan to switch to Sprint in January, and the use of a physical keyboard will play very importantly in my decision. Here's hoping they get an updated Epic 4g by then (fingers crossed)

    • TheDrizzle

      I switched from the Storm to the Droid 1 about a year ago. Literally the best gadget decision I've ever made. The Storm was so slow, especially the browser. I don't know if all BB browsers are like that but when I moved to the Droid I felt like I was flying through the web. I strongly encourage you to drop the Storm.

  • Mike S.

    had the old 8330 BB curve, and planning on switching as soon as they arrive!

  • I am definitely giving it a look. I a bit disappointed that our friends north of the border haven't put the torch on verizon. Also, I have heard that you can use it as a 3g hotspot. Thinking of an android pad to keep in touch with the office.

  • shanklin07

    I have to say, the Droid Pro is growing on me. Before I got my OG Droid I used a blackberry, and while I am all for Android now, I did miss the form factor of a Blackberry. This was a great job by Motorola. imo

  • soon2BeExBBAddict

    I'll be trading in my BB Curve 8900 and moving from AT&T to “the red devil” (verizon) as soon as this puppy comes out. Actually, probably waiting for the Droid 2 Global to also debut, then choosing between the two.

    I love me some Google so Droid is up my alley, just been waiting for global, and keyboard. Alllllmooost there.


    Yeah! I have a blackberry tour which has the identical keyboard as the DROID Pro and when that phone comes out I would like to be the first on the list! I love my keyboard and i always thought that the top of the phone should be a touch screen. When my friends grab my phone they always try and touch the screen! haha =] just shows that motorola read our minds! and i can't wait till it comes out! =]

  • Sean

    I had a blackberry storm 1 , thought I'd never part with BlackBerry. And here I am typing this on a Droid x! Lol android destroys BlackBerry!

  • shr1k3r

    Does that resolution seem really small?
    I mean I know its a small screen but still

    I guess its a good way to keep text size large for the older folk

  • Risenequinox

    Switched to a Droid X in August, BIS, BES, and push notifications are what i miss most about my BB Tour :

  • Jcastle482

    Of course you would lean towards the Droid Pro, who really wants a Blackberry?

    • Not me! maybe BB fanboys.

    • I would take the blackberry still and only because of instant notifications. I have a Droid, Droid X and Blackberry 9650.. I swap back and forth between the 3.. While droid and droid X are leaving the blackberry in the dust with their wonderful multimedia and browsing capabilities.. The blackberry is still my fav due to instant notifications.

      • hmmm? I get everything instant. I’m using Gmail. Do you know that you can setup Gmail as an intermediate for your exchange or POP emails? That way you get instant emails to your phone.

        Gmail now easily lets you import just about any email from any other source. Google it.

      • jason6g

        switch to gmail or something that pushes. blackberries still lag up to 15 minutes when dealing with older pop setups where the server controls email refreshing

        • Jfreyberg

          I use my BB curve for business and receive Outlook features from our business server including email, calendar and contacts. The interface is seamless and almost instant; most of the time email and calendar update arrive at my BB before they arrive at my computer. However, my BB keyboard broke and so I’m considering the Droid 2. Will the Droid 2 interface with my business server a quickly and seamlessly as the BB?

        • That’s easily remedied. You forward your POP email to your BlackBerry address. Instant mail.

      • The email settings allow for “push” to be enabled and you will receive instant notifications

      • Hey Edgar, I also have a BB and a Droid and I sometimes wish to turn on my old Curve just for business and then turn the Droid back on for weekends. I can just use the hardware easier, quicker and better.
        How do you change back and fort?. I am on Verizon and I know from rooting my phone that #228 will get me back on the network. So do you just deactivate one, use it for awhile then reverse? Is there a charge? Thanks in advance.

        • Aviatormotivator

          @Levy…Many who are casual Blackberry users don’t understand how irreplaceable the device is, especially, like me, who carried the device and made lots of money with it. It’s reliable and fast, not pretty, but boy…it gets the job done. I’m hoping the pro will do the same thing.

          Also, since I carry an EVO, guess what the time difference is between the emails (Average)…about 11 minutes. I get 200+ emails a day…get the picture?

  • BB Sucks

    After 10 years of loyal Blackberry use, last week I shelved my Verizon BB Tour(9630) and bought the Droid 2 and I'm never going back. Death to Blackberry!

  • Bigsike

    I switched from the BB 9700 to the Droid X. I was a “button” person and still couldn't be happier even paid the 250 dollar early termination fee from Tmobile. It was a no-brainer best move I ever made.

    • i think u mean 200 dollar termination fee

      • Bigsike

        No I literally had the phone one week and just signed a new 2 year contract so they dropped the hammer. :/

        • Wait, one week? I could have sworn there was a 15 or 30 day contract cancellation policy :/

          • Anonymous

            I believe that’s only for new customers not extension customers as for the 250 cancellation fee it’s like the same as the fee for the verizon high end phone cancellation fee

          • P60

            I have been a Verizon customer for several years. When I changed from a regular cell to my current BB, I had a 30 day period to change my mind with no termination fee.

            Right now I am past time for a new phone and am seriously thinking about changing to the Driod Pro. None of the other Droids work for me as we use the global feature rather frequently.

            I haven’t decided though, since I have been on the BB system for a while now and tend not to like changing things that work for me. I’m planning on doing the change some time in December. Waiting to see if a bunch of new phones come on the market by then.

  • Tried Them Both

    I have a Droid 1 (for personal use) and a BB Curve 9330 (for work). The BB interface is just terrible. RIM is in serious trouble if they think they can compete.

    • Cgmartin33

      I also have a BB (Storm) for business and had the original Droid that I dropped and cracked the screen on. Now I've been on the Droid X as a daily driver for a few months and Im loving it. I have rooted and overclocked both Droids…now I use the cracked Droid as an mp3 player for my downstairs surround sound. I have to agree with you when you say that RIM is in trouble. The build quality has gone to crap …the slow processors are brutal compaired to my 1+ ghz droids, and the OS is just boring. I have always stood up for the device as corporate “work horse” because of its only strong point (email)…but even that has been failing as of late. I have a feeling that the old BB is going to be traded in for another Droid…probably the first LTE device that Moto releases.

  • i have a blackberry storm and plan to switch to the HTC merge when it comes out later this month. i need a keyboard.

    • RANT→That “Sure-Press” touch screen technology wasn't all it was cracked up to be. BB had me hook line sinker with that one. I was totally fooled. Glad I switched. The DROID2 is what a smartphone should be. A juggernaut of work and play with pc-like power. Not just work (BB) or not just play (iphone), but BOTH while still being an awesome phone.

      • I tried the droid 2 and I couldn’t seem to easily press keys in the top row with my thumb. Have you had any issues with that? I want a world phone but that’s being addressed this month with the droid 2 pro…

  • Fapple Blows

    droid pro ftw!

  • Higher_Ground

    dude I love the “Get your smokey on” ad to the right! Makes me want to go home and start a few controlled burns myself ;P

  • bobo

    I/T can't control Android like they can a BB through Outlook Server. And, no BBM…

    It will take a while for Android to steal that market…

    • Ysergei

      Our corporate use Good for Enterprise and allow to use Droid,BB or *Phone

  • Wow, it really does seem to stand out (in a good way) when it's advertised like that. I can definitely see this taking some people away from BlackBerry.

    • Knr0828

      ya it did just that but now i want my blackberry back, so many simple things i miss about my blackberry, i may switch back to it.

  • John

    already did. moved form a POS wanabe smartphone to a real man's phone, DroidX (couple weeks ago). WILL NEVER LOOK BACK.

    • Droid_Dude

      I got a friend who bought the Fascinate a couple of weeks ago and she had a Blackberry. She loves it and said it was way better than her Blackberry. She would probably really be in heaven if she had the Droid Pro with that keyboard.

      • DJBoxBaba

        I can't wait to ditch my blackberry….

      • Gcsj


    • kellex

      Hah awesome, welcome!

  • First!

    • Droid_Dude

      This is my closest ever to first! 🙂

    • I guess I'll give myself a prize… CONGRATS!!! You win a DROID2 Game Gripper!!! (yay)

  • i am sorry, as much as i love android [have x of my own], other than appeal there is no way droid pro can take over BBs when it comes to just corporate emails/cals etc. the infrastructure investment put in by companies and BB is just too big and tood for it steal any of that market..yet!
    sad bcoz i have now 2 phones droidx and bb..