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DROID Incredible OTA Update Available via ROM, VCAST App Store Included?

It looks like the OTA update that’s headed to the Droid Incredible next week has already been outed by rmk40, the creator of Virtuous, one of our favorite DI ROMs.  This was actually posted back on the 14th of October and you can see from the file list given that “system/app/VCast.apk” is included which we have to assume is the actual VCAST app store.

We’re diving in now to see what we can find!

To download the ROM and install it on your Incredible, head over to XDA Forums.

Cheers @IncredibleDoes!

  • As an iPhone user it sure is hard to understand these ROM update.

  • Pretty neat update

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Any reviews as to how this worked out for those who updated?

  • Ohboyitsw00tsy

    Does this update only add vast or are their other updates included? Since I have the basic rooted incredible, done with unrevoked with s-off, should I not apply the OTA update?

  • Eatmode4life

    This is making me seriously consider rooting my dinc. I want to stay away from this vcast and cityid crap.

    • Dsg03gt

      That is the main reason i rooted my DInc to get rid of all the bloatware. Now that i'm rooted i want to start testing and playing with some custom ROMs.

  • NorCalGuy

    Kellex your pretty clever using the reflection off your dinc for a Verizon V. I like the creativity

  • jw

    Works fine on a Droid 1. (also receiving the error message though)

  • VCast? Noooooooo…..

  • Branshaw09

    Would this be considered the closest stock ROM for a rooted Dinc?

  • Romma1

    Even though I have a slick and rooted Dinc running Uncommon Sense v1.1, I can't help but feeling a little bit left behind. However, as I have already stated on another forum (cough), not on my Dinc!

  • Ryan

    I installed the vcast.apk on my d2 (fission rom) and says it is unable to verify account info so I can't play with it ;
    The app name is 'V Cast Apps' though in the launcher.

  • Evileclipse420

    Why can't I find any info on this newly leaked rom? I've heard speculations of kernel improvement, and battery life. Anyone know if there is any merit to this?

  • Xisilversurferlx


  • Denniswrly

    What is update for?

  • Gabe


  • Mikecole20