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Hot in Android: Motorola Citrus for $30 and Android on Half of Smartphones

Today was a pretty big day for us with the launch of our new Android site, but I’ve got to admit that the news in general was just as hot.  We saw a bunch of slip-ups on Verizon’s site leading us into a bunch of goodies for the Droid franchise and some other Android devices like the Continuum and Citrus.  We also got some good news on the growth of Android and found a way to have multiple profiles on Angry Birds.

Today’s Top Stories from Android Life:

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  • Curious if my wife would like the Moto Citrus… hmmmm

  • Go Giants!!!!!

  • Andrewmchristiansen

    why the new site?

  • lmbo, 1 month of a good data package is just as much as a NEW Citrus. lol

  • Ben

    Strange… I thought the Droid Incredible's price was lowered to $149.99 with new 2 year activation… but the document above shows it as $199.99 with new 2 year activation, $99.99 after $100 mail-in-rebate…

    • Essaj415

      It is 249.99 with 100 mail in rebate on the verizon site now.

  • Michael_NM

    +100 for the late day/evening posts! And congrats to Android Life for an awesome first day in the wild. Now, I've just got to try to remember which life I'm living… 🙂

    • Mrpicolas

      You can have mine for a week II'm willing to bet you'll be weeping like a little schoolgirl by the end of it…

  • incredible hd is coming

  • first

    • Lakerzz

      CONGRATS!!!!! you won a congratulations from someone else for a change. 😛 (sorry so late)