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OnStar MyLink App Lands on Android Market

We have all seen the commercials for OnStar’s fancy new Android app by now and as of 20 hours ago, it went live in the market for your GM driving pleasure.  The app allows any vehicle equipped with OnStar (currently Cadillac, Chevy, Buick, GMC) to access a variety of real-time data such as fuel level and oil life, and perform remote commands like unlocking their doors.

For those of you already playing with the app, let us know how it is!

Download Link

Cheers Dale, Ray and Justin!

  • Jerzboy99

    Would be nice but unfortunately my wifes 2011 Buick regal is not supported we just got the car today!…. so it does not work on all 2011 and most older models…

  • Justin

    where is the scan for codes button?
    This app is useless if it won't help me steal cars.

  • Doc

    I have a 2010 Silverado and I can't see any reason why a 2010 can't be used, or older ones for that matter. I would keep OnStar if this would work, without it I'll just let my free year expire.

  • Adam

    This post needs to be updated to reflect the fact that the app only works for certain 2011 models – meaning the 95%+ of current OnStar users (those with 2010 and older) – are SOL with this app. It's a great idea, but pathetic that they can't support any vehicles other than the “select” 2011 models…

  • bob

    is it any vehicle with onstar cuz the app says 2011 cars…

    edit: yea just 2011 and not even all of them. what a weak app

  • golferfreddie

    Boo on 2011 models only

  • cnybob

    Well I have OnStar on my GMC Yukon Denali, but it seems the app does not support my vehicle. This is frustrating. Grrrrrr.

  • Brickjohnstone

    I have a 2011 Chevy Malibu and my car isnt covered but the 2011 Chevy Cruze and 2011 Impala are both covered which totally sucks.

  • Jag28co

    I have a 2009 Toyota camry without on-star. Can i use this app? Lolololol

  • I have a Chevrolet Silverado and says that it's not supported. I have OnStar!!!! 🙁 Going to call them and see what's going on.

  • EC8CH

    Where's the “Transform my yellow Camero into a robot and blow sh!t up” button?

  • richlizard24

    Reading comprehension is at an all time low in this country. Reading some of the comments on the market for this app is disheartening. So many one star reviews because the app doesn't work on 2010 Camaros, or any other vehicle model year 2010 or older, when the description clearly states the app only works on 2011 model year vehicles.

    • HEIF

      Honestly, people don't get it.

      It's like the phone thing, next year there will definetly be a better phone, just like every year there is a new model vehicle.

      I am not too much into the whole political thing, but it pisses me off that because GM is so big and has the potential to make a lot of money, they get a rediculous amount of money to help them out from the government.

      But all the Mom and Pop shops had to close and those people had to lose their homes, blah blah blah.

      Anyway, DROID RULEZ. If you can afford a 2010 Camero you can go get yourself a 2011, and besides, I bet 99% of the people complaining about that didn't even get the V8 — noobs.

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    ON STAR how can I help you? Yes I just totaled my car.
    Are you OK sir? YEAH Im Fine but I F*cked those stupid PIGS up!!

  • Cwa9801

    I installed the app. When I attempted to use it, I got a message stating that my vehicle is not currently supported. I have a 2004 Silverado with OnStar. Government Motors epic fail! The country is in the best of hands.

    • richlizard24

      The app description clearly states it only works with 2011 model year vehicles.

    • mhoe

      …..why on earth would you even think that this is the government's fault. Try reading instructions.

    • Mike

      Wow, you think GM means Government Motors?

      • Cwa9801

        Who owns it? Barry and the UAW.

  • Ortizchief

    I have a 2006 saturn I dont know if it works, any idea?

    • Let me repost the whole blog for you 😀
      “The app allows any vehicle equipped with OnStar (currently Cadillac, Chevy, Buick, GMC) to access a variety of real-time data such as fuel level and oil life, and perform remote commands like unlocking their doors.”

      • bravoleader2

        That statement is very contradictory, Tim-o-tato. First, it should say 2011 models only. Second, Cadillac, Chevy, Buick, GMC are not the only vehicles equipped with OnStar.

        Saturn and older Pontiac models have it as well.

        “The app allows any vehicle equipped with OnStar” is not correct.

        • Bored at work

          Bravo.. are you a female? This is tactics my girlfriend would pull in an argument, and it is especially lame that right above your comment is the one you stated was not correct… you took it out of context though!

          “The app allows any vehicle equipped with OnStar” is not correct. = True

          “The app allows any vehicle equipped with OnStar (currently Cadillac, Chevy, Buick, GMC) to access a variety of real-time data such as fuel level and oil life, and perform remote commands like unlocking their doors.”

          Maybe they did not mention 2011, but they certainly did NOT say “Saturn and older Pontiac models…”

          • Anonymous

            Read slower? “The app allows any vehicle equipped with OnStar (currently Cadillac, Chevy, Buick, GMC)” implies that those are the only vehicles equipped with OnStar. It also says directly that any vehicle equipped with OnStar can access the data using the app. I was simply stating this is incorrect on two accounts.Despite the fact that the market app says 2011 and newer, the blog post doesn’t address this.

          • BoredSQUARED

            Either your a female, or you are the bigger person and did not respond to my ass remark.

            Sorry, I don’t know what came over me in my previous post — genuine

            After reading it slower I can sort of see what you mean, but I for sure only thought the App would work for the vehicle makes listed above.

            Scratch that, after reading again I have decided that, in fact, “The app allows any vehicle equipped with OnStar (currently limited to the following vehicles

            Maybe in a few months the vehicles will get OnStar updates and the App will also update allowing for truly ANY OnStar equipped vehicle.

            We now have entered symantecs land.

            I apologize for being rude.

          • Anonymous

            Surely you meant “Either you’re a female”. Now we are even for being rude. (and I’m a dude.)

            Secondly, I agree with your revised statement. I only pointed it out to Tim-o-Tato because I bet a ton of people come to DroidLife for their Droid information and wouldn’t take the time to read the app description. Plus, the guys here are usually super accurate with their details and disclaimers.

  • qmartman711

    I wishfully dream that this would come to Ford vehicles..but I'm sure MS is making all stops to prevent any android integration. American car companies have finally stepped up their game recently in the past couple of years (and toyota has helped that).

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      I believe Lexus white-labels OnStar for their in-car Lexus Link system… maybe some day Ford will do the same 😉 … and maybe this works for Lexus Link too… ?

  • Would if it worked on my 2010 camaro but they f'ed us on that deal.

  • Task Killer……wtf….

  • The350zWolf

    It would be a much cooler app if you could drive your car via your phone sort of like playing need for speed shift :^)

  • Chasemanhattan

    They should include a graph of Obama's popularity rating in this app, seeing as how he owns GM;)

    • Didnt they paid that bail out off on April 20th.

      • mhoe

        yes they did. plus they seem to be making plenty of money now; seems to me this was the better outcome than having to go into bankruptcy.

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        They paid off the loan portion, yes. But the Citizens of the US and Canada and Ontario (a province, I know, but they did a separate bailout in addition to what Canada did as a whole) still own a controlling share in it til they have their IPO tho, and will likely hold preferred shares even beyond that… as the rest of the money was invested in shares as opposed to gifting them cash. It won't be long tho, they filed for their IPO back in August – for both the NYSE and Toronto Stock Exchange.

  • Timoh

    Still never buying a GM product. I'd rather walk…

    • PyroHoltz

      How do I 'unlike' someone's comment?

      • Risenequinox

        agreed pyro…

      • Anonymous


    • Josh

      I would have bought a GM product a few years ago, enough I'm strongly opposed to the UAW and their strong arming GM. Since the govt bailed them out, I will not consider a GM product. I would buy a Ford though now. Plus M$ SYNC is pretty awesome.

      • Anonymous

        They paid back their bailout loans in full back in April…

        • Anonymous

          No, they didn’t. They paid back the “Bailout Loan” with the Bailout money they received that didn’t have to be paid back. It was merely a shifting of taxpayer money.

          • Whitl103

            That’s true. I’m not anti-GM because every single car company has peaks and valleys and cuts corners (Toyota makes it to the top and all of a sudden they start falling apart. Hmm…) and I like me a good Cadillac, but they didn’t pay back the bailout in full, it was just a bending of the truth for good press.

          • Anonymous

            I agree, they have some great cars now and in the works. I just wont support them. CTS-V and CTS-V coupe are pretty sweet Caddys. Corvette is a huge bang for the buck sports car.

    • guest

      so why are you wasting your time? Just to tell everyone you won’t buy a GM?

  • Bill

    very cool..excited to see it in our market now

    oh ya “first”

    • principalskinner

      I think this only works with 2011 vehicles

      • Shane

        it is only with 2011 i called onstart i have a 2010 and this app will not work. That Sucks

        • derric

          I have a 2011 and it tells me my vehicle isnt recognized and closes…booooo

        • it wont work on my 09 malibu either

      • Anonymous

        You know, with our 2008 model Saturn Outlook, Onstar emails us a monthly diagnostic, and can also remote unlock us, so I can’t see why they couldn’t tweek their app so that we can work it from the Android app…. rats!

      • Jon

        I think you are right, this app, although it would be great ‘if’ it worked, said it was not compatible with my wife’s 2006 Hummer H3 with On Star. What? 2006 is ‘too old’?