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Thursday Poll: Anyone Receive the DROID 2 Update?

The Droid 2 update that snuck into the news last night seems to be available for only a select number of devices.  Now, I know that Motorola has limited the number, but with Blur we are all supposed to be able to “pull” updates once they hit Blur servers.  That doesn’t appear to be the case today as my D2 along with many others, have yet to receive the update.

How many of our Droid 2 owners have been able to update?

To check for updates go to:  Menu>Settings>About phone>System updates.

Receive the DROID 2 update?

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  • Johnfperrone

    4-15-11 I’ve been trying to receive the update for 2 months and all I receive is “Check for updates is not available at this time. Try again later.

    I spoke with Motorola Live chat and all they did was open an incident and tell me they would repush the update.
    Nothing changed, so I emailed Motorola non-support and they offered nothing but the suggestion that I return the phone for evaluation which would take about 2 weeks. I have no issues with the phone other than the update. I tried turning wifi on and off. Powered off-removed battery and card. Shut off sync over wifi only.

    Can’t think of anything else and I’m resisting doing a full reset. I think Motorola’s philisophy is to ask the customer to do dumb things (like returning the phone) so as to get them out of their hair and go away. They never offered anything for me to try.

  • luna

    I recieved the update and now it keeps poping up with blur service username and password incorrect, I didn’t even know I had a User ID/ password…and now my phone is constantly shutting off and my sd card is hardly ever found since that update…can someone help me

  • Tina

    I received the update about 2 weeks ago. WiFi Tether nor Barnacle work anymore say then need root access. I'm assuming this means that I've lost root. So off to research and find the instructions to do it again.

  • Robprather

    My gf got it Friday, installed and it never finished installing, was stuck on boot logger black screen. Called vzw tech support, everything they suggested didn't work, they wanted to send refurbished phone cuz it was 1 month and 3 days old, said hells to the no! Went to vzw store, mgr approved new phone, showed us on the comp their store inv was zero for new droid 2, so he having shipped Monday…says will be new phone not refurbished…he better be right…


    mine keeps telling me “check for update was not available at this time. Try again later” WTF is that crap

  • MaQ2

    what is the update supposed to do.

  • Dawrenn85

    I finally got it like 10 minutes ago.

  • DanielAllen11

    I still haven't gotten it :/

  • Droid2Mommy

    I still haven't gotten the update…i keep checking like crazy but no luck! but its just driving me crazy!!!

  • Platopato2000

    What a joke 522,000,000 Droid 2s out there and only 1,000 got the update????????

    • TOYA


  • Glad I am in the majority I guess. I keep checking updates like mad. Haven't received it but looking forward to it, I'll take anything that helps to improve battery life 🙂

  • I got it at around 2:20 AM Eastcoast time

  • Got the Moto-Screen-Of-Death and had to take it to the Verizon store to wipe my phone and install Froyo.

  • Satyricburzum

    when are they gonna fix the quiet speaker?!

  • Lpfingstag

    i hope i get the update soon..all the upgrade sound awesome..has anyone played with the new stuff enough to comment?

    • DansD

      You are misinformed…it is a minor update, and most users will not even notice the difference.

  • Thomas

    Will i need to unroot to get this installed on my Droid 2?

  • Tkampka

    got the update really early this am. It broke my root, man, I hate that!

    • Jason

      I take it you mean you can't re-root? Or do you mean you lost root?

      • DansD

        I lost root with the update and have not been able to regain root by the previous method(s).

        • JasonU

          Oof. Good to know.

        • kellex

          Oh really? Hmm…

          • Thomas

            Do I have to unroot to install the update like i used to with my D1..

    • Bakabreath

      I lost root privileges too. Here's what worked for me: Using the superoneclick rooting method that Kellex posted on the 14th, I clicked unroot, let the program cycle through, then clicked root.

  • Hey does this update resolve the facebook contact sync issues?

    • DBK

      It looks like it does, but I haven't noticed any changes in that regard. Check the link in the article above to see a list of the improvements and enhancements that this update brings.

  • Pandemic187

    Wow, look at those results on the poll. Personally I'm going to wait until these updates are implemented in a custom ROM. Otherwise it'd be quite a bit of effort for a few changes…

    • Bet you $100 the results are skewed by people that don't have D2s voting, Kellex should have thrown in an “I don't have a D2 my ________ phone is the best phone everrrrr” option to prevent contamination

  • Ebecktaz

    I was able to pull the update at 11:30 last night.

  • thelolotov

    Got mine early this morning.

  • Loverboidn231

    I check for updates at 12:30 am n I got it. So I hit up my buddy wit the d2 n he checked and updated too. Denver, CO

  • Why doesn't this roll out to dx users too? is there really that big of a difference between the dx and d2?

  • Ketto

    it doesnt even tell me that my device is up to date… i get” Check for update was not available at this time. Check again later.” even with wifi on i get that. 🙁

  • Dave Diamond

    I got it early this morning

  • ieatapples

    Will D1 get the update?

    • ur kidding right? no

      • ieatapples

        Obviously I wasn't kidding. Douchebag.

        • Atavanhalen23

          Whoa guy! I’m a douchebag? I answered your question. I thought you were kidding because you can clearly see in the title it says “DROID 2 update”.

          (And I’m the douchebag)

          • btw that↑↑↑↑ was from my droid, thats why is says atavanhalen23.

        • Did you read the post? It clearly states it's specifically for the D2. why would you believe it was coming to the OG Droid as well in the first place?

  • rals

    I'm glad I'm not the only one getting. Droid forums are blowing up with amount of people getting them.

  • sucks i didnt.

  • SLOflatlander


    • CONGRATS!!! You've won a light bulb!!!

    • Pandemic187

      I love how Devin comments on everyone of these with a prize that's in line with how little being the first person to comment really matters.