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Slick UI Announced as Aesthetically Pleasing Home Replacement Option

It seems these days as if LauncherPro and ADW Launcher are the only two home replacements options that anyone talks about and while we’re not complaining, we’re just wondering when the next big thing will drop.  Could it be Slick UI, a recently announced and “aesthetically” pleasing option with a “wonderwheel”?  XDA member Caemgen is leading this project that we are hoping actually makes it to some sort of release stage.  They are still in design mode right now, so don’t expect this to hit your device within the next week or two, but we’ll keep an eye on it though, as it has potential to be amazing.

App drawer and video after the break.  

And video…

For more information and to sign up to possibly test out alpha and beta releases of Slick UI, head over to the dedicated XDA Forums thread.

Cheers Picolas!

  • Marquell1

    I like this UI once I get my photoshop, and illustrator skills together this year. I want to start a small little company that addresses the UI for Android phones next year. I think HTC so far is the only heavy hitter as far as producing a nice looking android phone interface. I wont take anything from LaucherPro, because its a cool application. Beautiful design is a must. It should also be a standard. Apple, and Palm all got nice looking interfaces.

  • yes please.

  • realigion

    Well damn, if only I could find some developers I might be able to get my project out there…

    Regardless, it looks nice.

  • okland272012

    What I want is that “wonderwheel” thing as a seperate widget you could apply on any ui. That would be sweet!


    reminds me of Simon. i'd try it. but i wouldnt keep it unless all the buttons esp on the wheel are customizable.

  • Asus73

    When will it be available for download.

  • i'm just happy to see the continued love for android

  • skltr21

    what ever happened to tat home??? http://www.tat.se/home/ that was amazing….. and a long freaking time ago. should have been out by now. cuz i want that!

  • tsd

    Looks cool so far. one thing tho why no one talk about sweeterhome? I think its one of the big dogs out there and it's more customizable! I have try adw and lp each for one month but I go back to sh.

  • Great I'm sure this just pissed of Frederico now wait his gonna 'drop the bomb' on a 'Fly like G6' Home Screen Replacement.

  • kev7n_g

    Nice; need an alternative to LauncherPro. It's been crashing my Droid X for the past week or so virtually nonstop.

    • skltr21

      i had that happening a lot for a while too. are you rooted??? if so you may need to change your kernel. i changed mine and i've been good since.

  • I love the creativity. More choices is always better! I like the wheel idea,just add a few more home screens so we can still personalize and I'm sold.

  • Launcherpro will always be my favorite

  • jparness

    Definitely pretty, and a departure from LauncherPro and ADW. Depending how they implement it, I think it looks like it would be a heavier home replacement for older devices to run. I can't wait to test it out!

  • looks really nice, can't wait to see a release of it. but i love my LauncherPro

  • This is exactly why I think windows phone 7 is going to fail. Microsoft is spending millions of dollars to promote their get in and get out benefit to WP7, when all it takes is one developer to code a beautiful home screen replacement for android to fill that get in and get out feature. Do you want to be able to customize and download thousands of your favorite apps? Get an android phone. Want to replace your homescreen with an easy, and simple ui to get in and get out when you have a lot going on in your life? Get an android phone. I still don't see a place for WP7..

  • This is what the next step should be. I even think it should be more to push the boundaries. Although I'm not a huge fan of the grey background and would prefer black or something darker. I really like the concept. Send a beta test my way. I'll jump on it. 😉

  • jonny6pak

    I love that Android developers are exploring UI innovations. I'm excited to try it. Even if I don't end up enjoying this thing, the ability to innovate is key to the Android platform and its overall growth.

    • maaax

      I agree with you in spirit, but really, get some damn designers. Programmers are the worst designers, I swear. Come on!

      • Chris.Go

        Looks good to me and I am a programmer 🙂

      • jonny6pak

        I don't know, I think this one looks better than a lot of other things out there. Hopefully, as these ideas take off, more designers will get in the mix.

      • MrTissues

        Like the guy in the $3,000 suit is going to use a UI designed by a guy in a $15 t-shirt. C'mon!!!

  • mhoe

    That's the only thing lacking with LP, is its looks. The widgets, while useful, are pretty boring looking.

  • tehckotek

    very nice…. wondering… what happened with TAT Home?, well still waiting around here!….

    …. can someone do anything with those users when they comment they're first, second, third morons?, its good to be productive, don't be ñame!

    • kellex

      TAT released their software to a limited number of testers and had them sign NDAs so that they wouldn't share. THey are a business and wanted to sell to phone manufacturers. Too bad too, cuz it looked nice.

      • jxcgunrunna

        Yea if they were smart they would have sold it on the market for a few bucks and if it was as good as it looked, they would have a much bigger market and be rolling in cash right now.

  • TheMan876

    Reminds me of WinMo 5/6 shell replacements…

  • Nex

    Love Launcher Pro but gotta admit this looks amazing

  • J. Allan

    Do want.

  • Stephen D

    Whoa. That looks awesome. Customization like this is how Android crushes iOS IMO.

  • Eh…. naaah. Not appealing enough to make me leave LauncherPro.

  • blu3bird

    eh, looks neat. Just not for me. I'm waiting for Launcher Pro to release another “something awesome update”

  • Teagadinho

    i like itt(:

  • Kit


  • JustSomeGuy


  • Michael_NM

    Wheels are for i*ods…

    • Bill


  • Rick Lopez1


    • CONGRATS!!! Your computer is now a giant squid!!!