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Verizon 4G LTE vs. WiMAX Facts and Statistics Sheet

Wanting to know the dirty details on Verizon’s 4G LTE network which should launch in 38 cities nationwide by the end of the year?  We’ve got you covered again with this fact sheet that compares Big Red’s new supernetwork to Sprint’s 4G WiMAX.  As you can quickly see, the two networks aren’t really all that comparable as LTE speeds should be mindbogglingly fast.  5-12MB down and 2-5MB up?  Wow.

Additional info after the break.  

This is going to be one heck of a network once it goes live.  Now if only someone would announce a few 4G LTE Android devices (like the Incredible HD), life would be complete.  OK, not quite complete until we see that the Droid Tablet (Stingray) has been released as upgradeable to LTE.

Cheers money!

  • Adam Miller Am87

    i worked for verizon before you have no idea where they are taking all this technology phones that can sense when your having a heart attack and they call the hospital and an ambulance and give the doctors your info register you and give the doctor you vital signs and thats just one thing I can go on and on like refrigerators that send you a text message saying your out of eggs and let the grocer know and tells you where to buy the cheapest eggs and the closest eggs and they will have them ready for you. NO clue what is going to happen but im just a nobody you dont have to believe me lol just wait and see its gonna be cool

    • Nonyabizz

      Holy mutilated run-on batman!

  • what im seeing alot is that alot of reviews of lte vs wimax is that lts is faster, while excluding the fact that verizon just launched there lte & only have ONE PHONE! with only a couple of thousand lte users, while sprint has about 4 to 5 wimax phone’s out & being used by about 85% of there customers. so while the comparisons for now are unfair its more unfair not mentioning the fact that in a couple of months verizon will be down to an average of 8mps down just like sprint, but unlike sprint its capped at 5gb! while with sprint youll download at the average of 6 to 8 mps but you could hotspot it and watch divx movies that are about1 gig each once a day and not have to worry about any data cap. so even while theyre faster for the meantime its still not worth the price and like i said keep in mind when the verizon lte cup fills up itll slow down to an average of about the same as sprints but itll be capped. thats the truth that alot of these reviews dont say & i do wonder why not.

  • Android devices Exciting stuff. Shame 2.6 doesn't penetrate that well. Great for home use, sucks in This is going to be one heck of a network once it goes live provide a great challenge. (like the Incredible HD), life would be complete.

  • There is 8 bits in every bite of data. So if you have a 16 megabit down link then. You divide 16000 by 8 and you get 2000 so that will be a 2 megabytes per second download speed so every second you are downloading 2 mb worth of data ….and if your wondering there is roughly 16000 bytes in 16 megabytes…….had to dumb it down for the people who don't understand

  • Rousellbrandon

    So will they charge a fee like Sprint?

  • steve

    The speeds are Mbits not Mbytes.

    bits vs bytes.

  • ReebX

    The latency being that low will have more of an impact than the down/up speeds, in my opinion.

  • richie

    U guys got me all confused will the real 4G please stand up!

    • The real 4G is WiMax Plus and LTE Advanced, which will only be available in a couple of years from now. Source Engadget 🙂

  • Brandon Goodman

    I love how 1xRTT has retroactively become 2G. When it was first launched, they called it 3G (along with GPRS on the GSM side). Makes me wonder what EvDO will be demoted to when we eventually look back at it in 10 years.

  • hybrid06339

    I have to wait a few years before LTE gets to my neighborhood so I'm not so excited.

  • Eryk

    Im beginning to suspect that 4G will be one of those things that's available to us but the majority of people won't use it because of “big green”. 3G is plenty fast for most data at least for me and the people I know.

  • Well that settles it. I'm going to wait till a good 4G Android phone comes to Verizon before I upgrade from my Moto Droid.

    • TheMan876

      Same here!

  • Dave

    will vzw lte have multi voice and data? Can we talk and surf at the same time? Thanks. 🙂

    • El El Kool J


    • Yes, but only in LTE-capable areas. There are two separate radios, and both need to be usable to be able to talk-n'-surf. Same as AT&T, but with much smaller areas initially.

  • dellbx

    Kellex, Do you know when Verizon/Motorola will be sending the patch to clean up the botched Froyo mess on the Droid X?

  • Mth2134

    Wow… that's fast. This is becoming SkyNet scary. 😛
    Did anyone read that article awhile back in Newsweek about android invasion? I can totally see what the guy meant by using android as an exobrain. Everything we could possibly want to know, we can, in seconds. Amazing.

  • Daddy West

    verizon is so funny like they just like making people look bad im on sprint with a htc evo … and live in san bernardino a city that isnt even live with 4g yet but i get it some how and i get 10mbps down and 2 up and just 2 bars of service … so verizon old fact sheet or not u fail horribly … and everyone on verizon step ur game up …

    • Xeneize480

      Post a picture with your speed =)

    • Skina

      10 mbps down? LOL lets see the pic with your 2 bars and 4g network daddy-o!

  • Timoh

    Depending on the tiered pricing I may be telling comcast to f-off in the near future. I hate Comcast passionately.

    • Michael_NM

      “I hate Comcast passionately.” My vote for the comment of the week!

      I'd rather have dinner with Steve Jobs than ever give Comcrapst another dollar. Unfortunately, that means I have to use Qwest DSL (digital slow line)… 🙁

      • Timoh

        I live in a north facing apartment in Redmond WA. There are no other options for me. Comcast knows it. I pay twice as much for the same package as my co workers who live in houses. They wont even consider working on the price with me because they know its them or nothing.

    • Dirk

      I despise Comcast home division. They cannot pay me to use their stupid tv, internet and or telephone service. The service is satan-damned horrible.

      However I found Comcast business to be excellent value and competent for internet only. Weird right? “Left hand, take a look at how right hand is doing it. Yeah thats right, don’t be punching the customer in the coco-nuts”

  • sc4fpse

    These are all old documents. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen them on Droid-Life before. If not then, then on Engadget. Either way, these documents have been available since late August. I specifically remember shopping for a bedset for my apartment and reading some of the information from the speed evolution part of the second sheet to my mom, and her looking thoroughly confused.

    • sdubb

      I got an e-mail from Verizon when they first had a press conference that included these stats.

  • tanknspank

    Lol, that Incredible HD comment kills me 🙁

  • eh? its not 5-12MB down, its 5-12Mbps. theres a difference 😛

    • Mmm

      Huuge difference.. Where's the edit button?

    • Isn't that basically implied? Lol

      • its not implied if he put 5-12Mbps to 5-12MB. MB and Mbps are NOT the same. Mbps = megaBITS/sec

        MB/s = 1 megaBYTE/sec

        • PyroHoltz

          I'm glad someone pointed this out. Total pet peeve of mine…MB != Mb

        • Word…just divide by 8 and you have an accurate number!

  • John

    Well they ITU said today that LTE and WiMAX aren't even 4G.. they are 3G. WiMAX 2 and LTE Advanced are categoriezed as 4G.. so no one will have 4G according to them for many many years 😀

    On another note, t-mobile's HSPA+ is capable of 14.4MBPS down, and users are seeing 4-6mbps down depending on their location. Sounds pretty good to me for being available right now.

    • Bigrob60

      I just skimmed over that report. Apparently the UN has some say in the rules. How/Why the “F” does the UN have say in that. I'd figure the IEEE would have more say in that then the UN. Oh well.

  • slackerjoe

    ok, so is 4G going to cost us any more to use or will it just be upgraded from what we already have?

    • Michael_NM

      Big Red wants Big Green. We'll certainly have to ante up for the faster geebees.

      • slackerjoe

        That's what I was afraid of, lol.

    • Well, you'll need both a new phone and a new contract to use it

      • slackerjoe

        oh that's right! I forgot about that. =(

  • Flip5621


  • bld

    Waiting for the “First” post. =D

    • Mmm


      That was you silly! 😉