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ADW Launcher Updated to V1.2.0, ADW Notifier Also Released

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about ADW Launcher and I guess that’s because it’s been a while since this bad boy was updated.  ADW, which many consider to be the only competitor to LauncherPro is now on V1.2.0 and includes some nice new features like dynamic widget resizing, custom launcher actions, and support for unlimited app catalogs.  (Full change log can be found here.)  

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AnderWeb has also released an app to sit alongside this new ADW called ADWNotifier which allows your device to retrieve GMAIL, SMS and Missed Calls notifications.  If that isn’t enough detail, check out this post.

  • blinkker

    Sheesh. Like all these launcher hacks (and they ALL ARE…), ADW sucks badly. If you want stability and performance, rather than forever trying to ‘adjust’ these clumsy nonworking hacks, stick with whatever stock interface you have.
    In the case of ADW, there is NO WAY (1.3.6) to simply stop the thing and go back to stock, other than a complete UNINSTALL. What absolute trash. Thank goodness I did not spring for the $$ version, as it took me 16 minutes to really discover what crap this is.
    Again, like all the other ‘launcher’ hacks.

  • B-Do

    I have a hard time downloading apps where the developer's comments are replete with spelling errors. What is “dinamically”? Did they mean, “dynamically”?

    Yes, I am a spelling snob.

  • why cant you customize the dock yet??? this launcher sucks!

  • The only way I would switch is if adw brings in widgets like LP does. but even then I probably will stick with LP

  • poeddroiduser

    I was hoping someone can help me re ADW. Somewhere I got a corrupted ADW.Launcher download and I can;t download updates I even tried uninstalling the app, but the downloads still crash every time. HELP! I was thinking if I could find where the file is downloaded, I might delete the bad file and clear things up.

  • Voodoo

    lol looks like ADW is trying to catch up to LP+

  • JTE

    i believe you mean “dinamic” widget resizing ;P

  • eak128

    Best launcher for my phone. And yes I've tried LauncherPro.

    • Chris.Go

      LPro is way better hands down.

      • eak128

        You can put up your hands now, ADW is better.

  • Porschephile2k3

    I really love this launcher. I started out with ADW when I first got my Droid, tried Launcher Pro, but kept going back to ADW. I like the screen transitions better than LPs, it's a lot more constant and stable for me.

  • Launcher Pro Plus is much better. ADW launcher sucks

    • droydhead


  • P-man

    local.prop hack = no redraws for me

    All of ADW's updates seem incredibly similar to features that have already been integrated into LauncherPro. Good luck playing catchup to Fede. LP all the way!

    • Benjr06

      What is the local.prop hack?

    • Jarrett

      wait whats fede?

  • saw just about all the news you posted today many hours before you reposted it on DL, anything new?

    • Michael_NM

      I have an idea for you Austin. Since you're getting all of this news so much earlier, why don't you start your own blog? 😛

  • cowboydroid

    Adw is so much better than launcher pro. I keep trying to give launcher pro a shot, but for free, toy can't beat adw.

    Do wish adw had some better themes though, they all pretty much suck.

    Droid X

    • droydhead

      I like ADW better too.. Both they're both awesome.

  • I use to love ADW launcher but left it awhile now for Launcher Pro which I think has a slight edge for me. I didn't really like the path ADW was going down which was the whole 'theming' thing. It just makes your app drawer into a mess/hodge podge of icons. Plus the notification widgets are built in for email/txt/phone plus the swipe features alone sold me on it.

  • Michael_NM

    I won't cheat on Fede! 🙂

  • reminds me of motoblur… and kellex, you need to start mentioning jamezelle around here

  • Drberezin

    I'm running Sapphire 1.1.0 on my Droid. I was using Launcher Pro Plus (the paid version), but I kept getting the screen redraw/load when exiting an application. I gave ADW a shot and it has been working great for the last couple of weeks. I have system persistent checked and have not had a single issue. Don't get me wrong – LP is a great launcher, but for me, I couldn't take the constant loading of the screen.

    • Mike

      I might have to switch to ADW after reading that. I hate dealing with that loading of the screen.

    • Paj

      Have you tried adding ro.HOME_APP_ADJ=1 to /data/local.prop? That insures the launcher stays in memory…

      • Drberezin

        I did try doing that and still had the same issues. Unless I did something wrong with the local.prop file. Like I said, I really did like LP. I had mine customized, paid for the Plus version, etc. So far this hasn’t happened with ADW. I’ll see what happens when there is another release for Sapphire or when LP has a rewrite as Fede has said he will be doing.

      • Drberezin

        Speaking of themes – I used Y0rks White Theme (http://goo.gl/F1lJ) with Beautiful Widgets:


  • LauncherPro Plus widgets are just too good to give up for ADW.

  • Kkl1993

    LauncherPro is so much better

  • Mrkylelovett

    First! !

  • sc4fpse

    Can it also make me a sandwich?

    • kellex

      Yes it can. Reuben.

      • sc4fpse

        Yuck. Do not want.

        • Tergiversator_Maximus

          STFU. Reubens iz teh best.