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Motorola Posts DROID X Froyo Issues List, No Timetable on Fixing

The Motorola Forums manager has posted a list of pretty well-known issues that people are running into after they have installed Android 2.2 on their Droid X.  The list isn’t huge, but some of the problems have frustrated many of you since day one on Froyo.  They won’t release a timeframe for when these will be fixed, so try your best to be patient.  Here they are…

Stuck on Moto logo after reboot – this was tough on a few owners. Very sorry about that. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release. If you are still experiencing this issue, click here.

Random rebooting – while there always seem to be new conditions that can cause an electronic device to panic, we do have improvements coming that address and eliminate identified panic states. They will be distributed in a future software release.

WiFi connection and stability – improvements in WiFi have been developed, to address several problem areas. They will be distributed in a future software release.

Battery Manager “force close” errors – under some circumstances, pressing the battery icon under Menu > Settings > Battery Manager results in a forced close error. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release.

Media won’t play – includes “sorry the player does not support this type of audio file,” custom ringtone stop working, video won’t play, etc., until after a reboot. We believe we have identified the cause of these errors. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release.

Music files cutting off the final four seconds or so – a solution has been developed. It will be distributed in a future software release.

Put me into the “random rebooting” category.  Anyone else experiencing any of these?

Via:  Motorola Forums

  • it was really very interesting article i enjoyed reading it thanks for posting

  • I asked if Verizon would extend the return time and was told “no” and that I basically take my chances that the Froyo update will fix it or I return my phone. I've never been much of a gambler.

  • Bsxee

    camera force closes,have to reboot phone to get to work. bluetooth issues-buzzing noises when in car and can only go 3feet away from phone with earpiece before it breaks up(should be 30feet maximum). some times battery drains really fast, some apps no longer work. force close. ipod headset doesn't work for phone conversations with droid x only.second phone, have identical problems on both.



  • has any one else ever had the problem where when you take a picture and then try to delete it, the picture will show up in your gallery as the same image you would see when you have no pictures taken. and then it will prevent the camera app from even starting until you go to gallery and delete it yourself. this happens to me constantly.

  • JoeW

    Mine seems to reboot a couple of times a day.

  • thedoctor2012

    had the moto issues of the M bein on after reboot, warrentyed it out(after only owing the X for 2 weeks, now the new refab fone is choppy scrolling and fights me =(

  • Motorola Posts DROID X Froyo Issues List,its good motorola is interested to resolve issue of their customer,but they have to maintain a timetable and resolve issue within a time period….

  • saywhatnow

    I have WiFi instability, unplayable media (once), and music files cutting off.

  • Modawg2k

    Mine just goes entirely too slow. I'll turn the display on and I can't perform any function (swiping to a different home screen, choosing an icon) for several seconds. The phone will ring but the display won't pop up for several seconds. Plus, there's that whole text messages out of order thing discussed before.

  • iPhoneBestPhone

    The media won't play one.

  • palmettogirl

    my random rebooting doesn't happen near as often as it did before 2.2. maybe once a week instead of 7 times a day.

    what about not reading the sd card when the card works perfectly fine in other devices? sometimes it reads it as blank, other times it has been “removed unexpectedly”

  • Charlesla25

    does anyone have a problem with their airplane mode?!?! theres a few contacts when i try to call them it automatically sets my phone to airplane mode n say u cant dial while in airplane mode. then when i call another number its fine…

  • NYbandit2000

    I have the media no play issues and I had the random reboot, which was more like 3 to 5 times a day, but I reset my phone and got rid of task killer Apps and it has only rebooted once since.

  • put me into the…

    -Random rebooting
    -Battery Manager “force close” errors
    -Media won’t play (a few times it has frozen up after the issue below only to need a battery pull to unfreeze)
    -Music files cutting off the final four seconds or so

    …categories!! 🙁

  • Metnix1

    I had the issue with being stuck on the M logo. The phone would be on, I can hear emails and texts rolling in, I could answer the phone, but the M logo would be stuck on the display until about 6 or 7 reboots would clear it. It took a week for me to give up trying to find a fix, and VZW replaced the phone on Sunday.

  • Nixinc

    Mine cuts off the last few seconds on all my media files

  • Perfectparadox3

    200 on contract 600 off says they should have fixed this last week…no time table? Glad to know moto really doesn't care about the customer…they strung us along for months with promises of froyo coming “soon” I bought the droid x (my first smart phone) after extensive research and decided that the droid brand was trusted and supported… maybe im nieve but when I expect a company to make good on their promises…when vzw annonced the droid x they said 2.2 in “the next few weeks” we all know how that turned out…when froyo was finally released it was full of bugs…I have experienced all bugs except hanging on the m logo…I want to use my droid for music but can't what's the point…I the bugs are killing what was supposed to be delicious froyo but moto has left a bad taste in my mouth ( lol I guess)… I just feel like after spending this kind of money I should have a reletively stress free android experience… i know they can't get to everything, but come on this is redic…

  • okay… odd thing is i have all the problems above… music player issue alot, RANDOM REBOOTIN ALL THE TIME…… weird thing is i was using the invertigo(all white) theme… i thought it was my theme… glad you released this…

  • Lakerzz

    I have the reboot issue, as well as the battery manager force closing (only when its plugged into the charger).

  • JagoX

    Man I've experienced all of those but the 3rd and 6th issues…in fact the random rebooting thing I get all the time if I'm actively using Google Navigation and decide to jump around to see what is coming up on our route.

  • Hjevetts

    I've experienced all of these except being stuck on Moto logo

  • I get the random reboots. Also, if I make a shortcut to a contact on one of my homescreens the contact picture is wrong. Oh yeah, the SMS timestamp issue too.

  • K2nice02

    What about the volume issue?

  • My phone has an awful problem…the camera app keeps opening by itself at all times, sometimes even taking pictures. It does it when I'm browsing the web, does it when it's sitting untouched in the hdmi dock, does it in my pocket, when I'm writing a text, sitting on my desk at work….it's ridiculous. Made the guy from Verizon tech support hold it for 5 minutes until it started doing it because he kept asking, “You sure you're not accidentally pressing the button?” Getting a new one tonight.

  • N0vhpab

    My D2 has the random media issue too. Just finished calling verizon to get a replacement.

  • ive always had issues with the 4 sec clipping at the end of each song…i just deleted all 12gb of music thinking they were encoded wrong or with some stupid setting in windows media that i may not have been aware of,,,so now i have to re-encode all the music i just deleted again…what a bunch of horse shit…ive scoured the dozen or so message boards about the issue and no one ever seemed to have that problem, otherwise i wouldnt have wasted several hours of syncing….sorry about the rant…

  • Scotty89

    is it just the X that is random rebooting? My Droid Incredible (4th refurb, btw) has been doing this for the past 3 weeks now….it'll just out of the blue restart. Is this a Froyo issue or maybe just this one device?

  • Xeneize480

    I haven't had any issues with DX 2.2 Rooted, oh wait I don't install every single app from the market that's why =)

  • Xeneize480


  • Xeneize480

    I haven't had any of those issues on my DX 2.2 Rooted…. oh wait, I am not like those ***** =) installing apps left and right. It's phone guys come on don't install every single app from the market.

  • Jeremy

    I have the random reboot and media issues on my D2

  • Jawshua

    No but I hope I'm not the only experiencing this problem, which is, screen orientation problems. My screen will switch to landscape all the time for reason whatsoever. I don't have the phone tilted and it just randomly goes landscape and it's so frustrating because it happens a lot.

    And I know it's because of something relating to my recent installation of Froyo 2.2. Because I never had the problem until I installed Froyo on my DROIDX. At first I thought it may be Launcher Pro Plus that was causing the problem, so I uninstalled it and rebooted. And I gave it some time on the stock launcher, but it didn't help and it kept flipping to landscape all the time! This is unbelievably frustrating and I hope Motorola and Verizon can please address this issue. If it's something else that is causing this problem I have no idea what it is. I've even considered doing a factory reset, which I hate, but I hate this orientation problem more. So could you please add this to your list of problems to fix on the Froyo DROIDX.

  • ReebX

    I have the battery manager and media file issues, but not the rebooting issue. I don't think mine had done the auto reboot thing since 2.1, when it would reboot a minimum of once a day whether it needed it or not. Lots more forced closes with 2.2 though.

  • zepfloyd

    How the hell did the timestamp/SMS issue not get on here…its easily the biggest bug thats VERY BROKEN. C'mon MOTO.

  • they forgot the “if you play music in your default media player, and you go from landscape to regular, it bugs out the whole phone and forced to take your battery out” but

  • Ishmogeekus

    How about the beeping every 10 seconds during calls.

  • Stillmaticb33

    File me under the Random Rebooting, ESPECIALLY before froyo release, only a couple random reboots since the new OS upgrade. Also I have issues with the “sorry the player does not support this type of audio file”. If this means anything, I got the DX the day it release, first one in my city. My friends who got their X a couple weeks after debut, never have these issues…

  • BoogieNYC

    I've noticed the random reboot but very rarely. I've noticed a few major hangs that required a battery pull, but those much moreso than the random reboot.

    My main problem with X Froyo is the accelerometer is much less responsive than it was under 2.1. Takes a good five-ten seconds before it shifts itself to the proper orientation. Almost entertaining, except it's not at all. Waiting ten seconds for a relatively brand-new phone to adjust kind of blows, in a pretty significant way. Let's hope Moto gets an update out soon. I won't hold my breath, but I am still hoping :-/

  • Tergiversator_Maximus

    I have the media problem with Froyo on my OG Droid. Ever since I updated, most of my music collection isn't recognized by the music player. Curiously, some albums are still recognized, but I haven't been able to figure out why. I used iTunes to re-encode my files as mp3, even though most of them already were. No luck. I tried putting them in a folder labeled “music” but no luck and changing the capitalization of “music” didn't change things either. This is incredibly frustrating. Thank God for Pandora.

  • weird.. have none of these problems at all

  • Hater McHaterson

    Im still on the 2.2 Leak and i only have the battery issue. i no longer have the random reboots. im pretty sure my ringer volume issue is the same though.

  • burpootus

    Now that the 2.2 SBF file is out, the new update that gets pushed out will probably also change the bootloader keys again. Shame on MOTO!

  • Lol, I have all of these problems, except the auto-rebooting. I had to get my phone replaced for the “stuck on Moto logo after rebooting” part. Thanks for this update, I was starting to think that I messed something up when rooting and customizing my phone.

  • Barlog

    I have all of these problems and I hope they come out with a fix soon. I also have a problem with my browser every time I scroll through my bookmarks in landscape the browser force closes has anyone else had this or herd of it or a fix?

  • Nescio1988

    'Random' reboots for me. They litterally happen every day and it's possibly the most annoying thing in the world when you're just trying to quickly check something on your phone.

  • Diplomatik

    Where's the text message time stamp on this list?!

  • Theowb4

    Other then the dreaded M and the media not playing, I've hadd them all

  • RoadsterHD1

    Does anyone know where to get a 32Gb SD card for cheap?


    All of the above have had my phone replaced 6 times in 2 months bout time they admitted it is an issue and not just me