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Motorola Olympus and Everest, are they 2 Separate Android Tablets?

We’ve been talking all week about the Motorola Tegra 2 phone which we were initially thinking was called the Olympus, but now that the codename Everest has surfaced (via Android and Me), we’re starting to think that there is a chance these could be a pair of Android tablets instead.  What would you all think about 7-inch and 10-inch tablets launching together running Tegra 2s and Gingerbread/Honeycomb?

Before you laugh at this thought, let’s look back at a quote from Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha in May (via PCWorld)…

“I think that a companion 7- to 10-inch device in a home will become very important, [both] as an augmentation to your TV experience [and] also as a way of walking around the house and streaming TV to that device,” Jha said. “I think we’re very focused in participating in this convergence that’s coming between mobility and home, and I think you will actually see some products from us in a very short period of time.”

Makes sense right?

And in doing this, Motorola would be covering not only the tablet crowd that wants a smaller and more pocketable device like the Galaxy Tab, but would be hitting up the 10-inch iPad audience.  We also shouldn’t forget that Motorola seems primed to take down RIM with the launch of the Droid Pro, but adding a 7-inch tablet to the mix would allow them to compete directly with the new Blackberry Playbook.

But what about the name Stingray that we’ve seen a couple of  times?  Your guess is as good as ours, but our thought is that Motorola is changing codenames like crazy to keep these devices hidden.  We can’t say enough how locked up this new wave of Moto devices is.  And for argument’s sake, the Droid X had a model number of MB810 and the Olympus has been spotted as MB860 which looks like a natural progression for a phone.

With all that said, just remember that we’re simply speculating and bouncing ideas off of all of you.  Until we see some shots of any of these devices, it’ll all be a bunch of rumors that we thoroughly enjoy talking about.  Plus, the names Olympus and Everest just roll off the tongue nicely together, don’t they?


  • Bartspeed

    My tablet is way more convienient than my Macbook Pro….the battery life is twice that and surfing is a much better experience. Tablets will not be going away.

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  • MB860 just looks like a slight upgrade to the X. A955 and A855? blackberry does the same thing… Just my opinion…

  • hmmm sounds cool but 4 now its all rumors

  • Target Employee

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    You'd be surprised at all the bullshit that goes on behind the scenes!!!

  • Chris Nimon

    They keep changing the names because Droid-Life has an uncanny ability to get the scoop months before they want us to. 🙂

  • Paul

    I'll take one, so long as there is no blur, no encrypted boot loader, and no read only image restore circuit (ala G2).

  • Michael_NM

    Dear Moto,

    Please, please hurry! I almost bought an iPlaytex last weekend.

  • aminiche

    Tablets are the future of computing. Remember when people thought it was absurd to have a cellphone without a keyboard… then the iphone showed everyone the flexibility of a touchscreen. The same thing is going to happen with Tablets.

    Its just unfortunate that because of the movement towards netbooks and tablets computers seem to be getting less intelligent and feature filled.

  • EC8CH

    Mountains… not cameras 😛

    I'll wait for the Krakatoa (boom goes the dynamite)

    • kellex

      And you went there. +1

  • Mth2134

    Big statement here. Both codenames are mountains. These could be the biggest items (literally and in codename) that moto has ever launched. I'm suspecting a bold move by moto.

    • kellex

      Indeed, these will be monumental. 🙂

  • Tablets are nothing more than an expensive fad. Someone needs to just make a touchscreen HD laptop with retina display and Gorilla Glass. If Windows and Apple won't get the message, this should be Google's big shot. {{-_-}}

  • I'm not creative, No body is going to LIKE me! But It's OK, I don't mind, I don't mind? Well, I mind! I mind big time! And you know what the worst part is? I NEVER LEARNED TO READ!

  • Bigrob60

    “I think that a companion 7- to 10-inch device in a home will become very important, [both] as an augmentation to your TV experience [and] also as a way of walking around the house and streaming TV to that device,”

    From the above quotation I think these will be very compatable w/ google tv.

    • kellex

      Which I just ordered last night! Yay!

      • Bigrob60

        +2 for awesomeness

      • EC8CH

        Did you preorder a Logitech Revue?

  • Damn it…I know I'll buy one and never use it!!

  • mtkregs

    Maybe I'm too old school, but I still don't get the whole tablet concept…for personal use, I mean.

    At work, we have been using Fujitsu and Motion tablets for years, but they serve that purpose and are of more rugged construction than iPads or the new Android tablets will be.

    However, for personal use….I don't get it. I use my D1 when I'm mobile and my lappy when I'm not. Maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't see the need for an intermediate device.

    • Livin2Bfree

      I'm with you I see no reasonable sense to own or have a Tablet what so ever. IMO they are just oversized & over priced piles of junk that have no point.

    • i'd agree with you. been an iPad owner since launch, and tbh, i barely use the device since getting the X. When I'm mobile, I use the X, when I'm at home, I use the computer. The tablet just sits there. I don't see an urgent need for it as its just consuming media, and typing on it is a PITA. As Bill Gates said, its not a productive device yet. Pen input a la Courier would have been more productive, but that we all know by now is vaporware.

      • KillaPenguin

        Let me know if you want to unload that unused iPad for some usable cash.

  • NewsWorthy1

    Usually, once the rumors start flowing, so do the pictures. Bring them on please…

    I need a companion to my DX.

  • Jsyc28

    i just hope the battery life is good…

  • Mrpicolas

    I just want me some moto goodness 🙂

  • Mark

    I can confirm that Everest is a10 inch Moto tablet.

    • kellex

      That's what we like to see in the comments! 🙂

      Feel free to elaborate.

  • bravoleader2

    I'm starting to warm on the idea of a tablet more and more as these things get closer to launch. Although it seems like something you could do without, it just seems too cool to pass up.

  • The350zWolf

    Of course it makes perfect sense! I read somewhere about froyo not being suitable for tablets so google was going to develop gingerbread to run on tablets and keep developing froyo as a branch for smartphones. I read this when people were complaining how froyo did not look right on the samsung tab

  • The big companies are known to change names a lot, Moto being one of them. In my field of work there set tops, emtas and even modems had two to three names. Either way this is all good news for us the users. I wouldn't go out and get a tab right away cause i don't see the need for one just yet. Then again angry birds on a 7 inch would be fun once that hits.

  • slackerjoe

    I think that'd be great! Maybe that way everyone would be able to afford one, depending on contract prices, of course.

  • NebulaOcton