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Angry Birds Still Scheduled for “End of Week” Release

We reached out to Angry Birds maker Rovio last night to see if the full version of their increasingly popular game would hit the market this week as their Twitter account mentioned and so far it looks like they are on schedule…

We try to have it out by the end of the week, and itโ€™s looking good at the moment!

Itโ€™s going to be attractively priced, and we try to make it available for as many devices as possible. QVGA displays arenโ€™t supported for the first release, but weโ€™re working to include them in a future update.

Keep an eye on the market, unless you have a QVGA device that is.

  • Jawshua

    I've been waiting forever and constantly updating my review to rant and rave about getting them to release the full version and now it's finally flung to arrive! Yay!

    I beat and almost three starred every level on my iPod Touch and can't wait to do it on my DROIDX!

  • Justin

    Do i hear $.99?

  • Jeff

    Anyone help on getting 3 stars on 1-7?

  • timarnette

    I can't get passed level 12. Very hard level!!!

    • Chris Nimon

      Im sure there are many ways but I lob the first one where the arrow is. Just before it hits i tap the screen to get 3 birds. 1st one cracks it then 2nd one goes thru and cracks the next one and 3rd ends up blowing up the dynamite at the bottom. then I lob 1 at the right side to get the remaining bird. a few times that has got it with only 1 bird. usually get 63000-67000 and 3 stars. http://i596.photobucket.com/albums/tt50/chrisnimon/Droid%20Life%20screenies/angrybirds.png

  • According to their twitter Friday is the release date!!!

  • poeddroiduser

    My experience in Marketing tells me that FREE is usually an attractive price!

    • Michael_NM

      Free = promotion. Marketing = sales. Sales = gimme some cash.

  • Michael

    Already got mine on my iPod touch! what's taking so long?

    • Jaymonster

      They need to account for assorted devices, resolutions, memory configs w/ android, not just one… choice for consumers means more work for the developers.

  • JTE

    no need to rush, get it down right ๐Ÿ™‚

    I'm getting restless waiting for other developers to step it up though. I'm not willing to spend a lot on open feint games until I see some decent reviews (i got fruit ninja, and it's alright, but I would probably give it 3/5 if not for the fact there just aren't any other really nice looking games out). I tried a few adobe air games, but they were buggy and had little depth to them. I'm still hoping on getting a peggle and bejewled game on android, i don't know why they are i*hone exlcusive…

  • let them price it for 6 bucks while on the iphony is 1 dollar .ill P it and share it to the world

  • I hope you die.

  • Target Employee

    Wanna know how to get Flat screen tv's for 50% off or more? Want to learn how to steal from Target and get away with it? Wanna know where employees are having sex in the store? Wanna know how to get secret major discounts on products we sell? Wanna know what we do to the food you buy? Wanna know how to get everything you need on Black Friday? Wanna know how to upgrade your contract phones without paying full retail price or using your actual upgrade? Wanna know the truth about what we do when you ask us to find something for you in the store?


    You'd be surprised at all the bullshit that goes on behind the scenes!!!

  • jeff

    I was super excited for this and then they delayed the launch while they updated the hell out of their i*hone version. Plus I originally heard it would be the same price as the i*phone at 99 cents, now they say it'll be “attractively priced”. I'd like to see what that means and I'll be surprised if it's released by the end of the week.

  • ooo I can't wait, the game is so much fun and works flawless on my Droid. I don't usually like to pay for games but I will be buying this one. and kids get a kick out of the game too. Hopefully it's not to expensive

  • Hurry! I already three-starred all the beta levels!

  • Raven

    If you can't wait for more, I just found Crush the Castle which is very similar game play in a free flash app, although it is more medieval and less twittery.

  • cizzlen

    This and Madden 11' are the only games on Android I'm genuinely excited about being released. Come on EA!!

    • bravoleader2

      The eamobile Twitter account previously said Madden 11 would be out on Android by the end of August. At this rate the season will be over before it's out.

      • sylent101

        They probably got intimidated by all the Eris and g1 owners complaining that new games don't work on their 3 yr old device.

        Those guys kill me.

    • Josh

      You need to go get Guns'N'Glory. That game is awesome!

      (Although the premise of the game is pretty evil when you think about)

  • meh, I like that Android is getting better and better games but Angry Birds lite while it was decent fun, I still dont get the hype. shrug

    • droydhead

      It's a quick and easy to learn type of game… U can play it for 2 minutes and go on with your day.. Its perfect for a touch screen phone. But I agree, it is a little over hyped.

  • Michael_NM

    Note to self, don't make any plans this weekend, it's for the birds. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kostonkiddo9


  • Ha…I just checked the market today to see if it was released yet!

  • TheRPN

    Good to know! I can't believe I'm this excited for a mobile phone game…

  • Dmota25

    Do any body hear something about netflix?

    • Michael_NM

      I heard myself saying I don't like it. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Jeff

    I can't wait!

  • Jubmasterflex

    Thanks I was thinking of dropping them a line; glad someone reached out.

  • Mustardhomie


  • YO