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Google Search Updated, Fixes DROID X 2.2 Freezing Issue?

There is a Google Search update available in the market and we’re hoping it fixes the freezing issue that many have experienced with their Droid X after receiving Android 2.2.  And actually, if you check out the comments for the Search app, you’ll see that the freezing issue may include other devices and might be much more widespread.  Apparently when using the Google Search widget, after typing the first word, users are experiencing freezing and you need to exit search and then re-open it before it will work. Frustrating for sure.

I can’t say that I’ve experienced the freezing, so I’m going to have to ask all of you if this took care of the problem.  Google Search widget working properly now?

Cheers DL app tipster!

  • pizzicato66

    didn’t do any good for mine. In fact, I never had the lag with Gingerbread until the motorola “soak” upgrade. Since then it’s a mess!!!

  • Izzybusy

    We bought the Droidx and Google for an extra $30 a month. If or when you use the internet is there an extra charge?

  • well nice posting, This is a Moto Droid, stock 2.2, (now) latest version of Google Search, with both the stock keyboard and Swiftkey.Thanks for sharing with us..

  • Does not fix the problem on my Droid 2.

  • ..I was having this problem.. I never thought about reporting… glad someone did

  • The problem I hoped was fixed is, if I do a Google Search and select either the arrow to the right of the text input box or one of the search suggestions, the browser comes up with the keyboard still in teh foreground. The only way I can get the keyboard to leave is to hit the 'Go' button on the keyboard. This is a Moto Droid, stock 2.2, (now) latest version of Google Search, with both the stock keyboard and Swiftkey.

  • nwdean

    Is that a past picture? If not and that is a Droid X running 2.2, how did you get the black keys on the Swype keyboard back? I think this is a huge issue with the upgrade and I was wondering if it is possible to get it back?

    • JTE

      You can apply themes to swype if you are rooted/deodexed. Search for swype themes in the box on the upper right side of the webpage.

  • jiggaman508

    my d2 freezes all the time after the first word I hope this fixes it…

  • Stevo

    Did not solve my freezing issue on my x. I never had a fc problem but I can confirm no fc with this update but still a long freeze.

  • Michael_NM

    This is great, it definitely sped up my search, but I don't get “droid life rule the air” as result #2. Your Google search seems smarter than mine. 🙂

    • El El Kool J

      Strange!! I'm not getting that as my secon
      d choice either..? 🙂

  • Jdstell

    Does anyone else have problems trying to create a text message using the new Google Search app? Mine doesn't work anymore. If I long hold on the Search button on my Droid, it brings up the “Speak Now” microphone. In the Help menu, it says you can say different commands to create text messages and emails. When I say, “Send Text. To (Contact Name). I'll be home soon.” It pulls up the text message compose box and fills in the message with, “To (Contact Name). I'll be home soon.” It no longer inputs the contact name into the proper contact area. I tried email and it does the same thing. It's almost as if this new version does not recognize the “To” command. Btw, I'm using this stock mms app, not Handcent or anything. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • Jdstell

      Wow this update definitely messed my phone up. It doesn't search contacts properly anymore. I'm on a Droid1 using LithiumMod. Time to restore from backup…

      • just change the settings, under menu>settings>search> and check/uncheck see if that helps.

        • Jdstell

          Did that, made sure it was checked for contacts, web, apps, music, etc. Then unchecked all and rebooted the phone, and rechecked all. Also went to the Settings>Applications>All>Google Search and Cleared settings and set everything back to default. Still didn't work.

    • Jdstell

      Wonder why Google doesn't integrate Gesture Search into this app. Gesture Search is just kind of a bastard-child search app they cam out with and never really improved upon.

  • wolverinefan

    With the Rumors of Iphone coming to VZW; whats going to be the future of the Android, and What are the rumors that are flying out for Droid X any upgrades??? Any new Droid Phones with a front Camera like Evo 4G?

  • Ortizchief

    I have droid 2 and there are no issues with this works faster thant droid X , I think so

  • hobomom

    It fixed it for me.

    Now I want a fix for using it to search contacts on my X. When it finds a contact and I click on it, it then brings me to the full contact list. Something is going wrong in the way it invokes the contacts after finding one.

  • I feel Blur is the problem. I have yet to expierence this problem on Blurless roms(RubiX & ApeX). Haven't been on Tranquility since 2.2 OTA.

    Sorry if this is hijacking the thread. But I did have that problem with X freezing, very frustrating. But not once on the these roms.

  • Calumnium

    So far so good

  • I have that problem intermittently after the first word or two – had the same issue on my D2. the update hasn't solved it, though now it seems to be a delay instead of a delay and FC/Wait dialog popup.

  • Tuna

    I had that problem but didn't know if it was just me or not.

    This is great.

  • Soundplay08

    Mine did not completely freeze, but it would stutter…I'd swype a word and it would take 15 seconds for it to show in the search bar….sadly the update has not fixed that for me.

  • I just tried it and yes, it still freezes. DX, stock 2.2.

    • kellex

      Yikes. Even after updating your app?

    • r0landct

      Still happens to me too, even after updating. However it doesn't seem to happen as often.
      Mine never FC'ed, if I waited about 10 (excruciating) seconds it would resume.

      • That’s exactly what happens to me. Looooooooong delay, or I can hit Home, go
        back in and try again.

        Sometimes that works, sometimes not.

  • I actually had the freezing problem, but now on ApeX rom(image) so, no issues on there. But the bigger question should be, does this help Fascinate users?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    first.. BOO YAAA

    (btw, it causes freezing on my D1)

    • nope. lol

      • FortitudineVincimus

        you sure about that?

        • yea, look at the “minutes ago”. i was 1 minute faster then you.

          • FortitudineVincimus

            as of this second, I am “1 hour ago” and yours was “58 minutes ago”… I was first 🙂

            bwa ha ha ha