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AppBrain Adds Adobe AIR App Category

Adobe AIR launched on Android last week, but most users were a little confused as to what apps would work with it.  Well peeps, the crew at AppBrain has taken care of you once again and provided you with a category that lists out the most popular apps currently requiring AIR to run.  Thank you, thank you.

View the Adobe AIR apps list here.

Via:  AppBrain Twitter

  • really appbrain is doing great… i really love their site and it is very easy to browse their site… i also love http://fairandroid.com i also have great apps…

  • Tswagz

    kinda off-topic, but have u guys seen the new diminished reality app thats supposed to be coming to android??
    It looks pretty awesome! i seen it on getandroidstuff.com. it might be on the first or second page. id like to seen that on droid-life!! thanks

  • Gravity Lander is the best game I've DLed since I got Angry Birds!

    Hooray for AIR and the explosion of Android apps!

    • I 2nd that broski!!! pretty addictive!

    • boot879

      busted through the levels in one sitting. It was more of a game of lucky landings and quick clicking. Not a bad example of what Air can do right now… but I wasn't blown away.

  • the_omega_man

    I like meteorstorm!

  • villian1998


    • Mth2134

      Yeah. That was the first one I clicked on too! 😉

  • Mth2134

    Lol. Kellex, did u just want to get a post dated 10/10/10?

    • Maansova

      Lol, i know huh. He usually dont post anything on sundays lmao…… 2 sad we had only one post yesterday and today!

      • Mrpicolas

        lol you gotta give the guy some time to himself

  • Static_prone

    I cant wait to see all the cool air apps that are coming out!

    • CONGRATS!!! You've won a life time supply of eyelashes!!!