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Swype Beta Invitation Winners, Read This!

If you were one of our 50 Swype beta invitation winners, then you must read this post to figure out exactly how you can get your account activated and Swype downloaded to your phone!  We had some users win that had previously signed up to the beta but were late and didn’t actually make the cut and then we had others who had never signed up before and were added to the system as new users.  Each group has a different way of getting this whole thing going.

So here is the deal:

1.  If you had previously signed up to the beta, this means that you WILL NOT be receiving an email from Swype with activation info. Instead, your account has been manually activated by the Swype team.  All you need to do now is visit http://beta.swype.com, login and click “Resend Activation Email” or go straight to http://beta.swype.com/android/get to download the installer.

2.  If you had NOT previously signed up to the beta, this means you WILL receive an email from Swype with activation instructions. In fact, you should have already received it.  The key piece here is that you have 24 HOURS to activate your account, so make sure to check your email immediately!

Let us know if you run into any issues!

  • Cyberdemon

    Cool, worked like a charm!! Thanks Kellex!!

  • Ultcody

    I have tried to install swype but everytime I do it fails and I signed up way back when. Idk kinda pissed that its failed and I know I should be able to install it. I'm not dumb either I fell into the second group because when the beta first came out I forgot to sign up but did so almost days after it was close. The only email I have recived has been a sry beta closed and thanks for reg

  • iTpHo3NiX

    Well I'm part of the beta team before, logged in downloaded the installer, and then they told me that I already have it installed. As far as I can remember I never installed it. It seems that it was already installed with the system. Thought Swype only came on D2? I have a DX with the official 2.2 but rooted. Does Android 2.2 come with swype?

  • kervation

    Quick question, is anyone having a problem installing a “working version” of Swype using the invite for the Moto Droid 1? The version I download says that I will have limited functionality. The Swype beta forums do not seem to have any answers as to why this is happening.

  • briderx

    Done and Done! Gave my winnings to a friend. Swype was very fast/efficient and I got a very nice letter from them with instructions to activate it.. Thank you Droid-Life & Swype!

  • kervation

    I fit into group 1 and i downloaded the installer for my official Swype beta.

  • where can you get the .apk for the ally?

  • Jakewoodblues

    Worked like a charm. I am Swype legit W00T!

    • Jakewoodblues

      And BTW (how could I forget my manners) THANKS DROID LIFE!

  • briderx

    I was one of the 50 wieners. I have been an official beta tester for quite some time now.. So, I emailed them asking them to forward my prize to a friend… I hope that's cool.

    • kellex

      Should be fine. 🙂

      • briderx

        Yeah, i kind of felt like a loser after winning, since I already was a member.. BUT, I decided since it was free game.. And since I never win anything.. I didn't think it'd hurt to enter! 🙂

  • Jdstell

    @Swype. Get rid of the “Swype Info” button and replace with a voice input button!!

  • hmmm, i got the red swype for free whats the big deal with having this beta and what not? oh and first ?) haha

    • EC8CH

      The version you have is not an “official” Beta and will stop working eventually. This allows you to be signed up for the official Beta and upgrade to the newest working Beta versions once they are released. If you are not on the list you need to wait and find the working apk's as they are posted.

  • EC8CH

    I fit into group 2… I'm all activated and running an official Swype Beta thanks to Droid-Life.

    (of course I needed to uninstall my unofficial Swype Beta first… once again thanks to Droid-Life)