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Google and Paypal Finally Agree to Android Market Deal?

Has the time finally come?  Will we be able to make app purchases in the Android Market using PayPal?  According to The Street, Google and PayPal have agreed on a deal to bring the payment option to the app market as early as late October.  Rumors suggest that during the PayPal Developers Conference on October 27th, the two will come together and make the announcement.

If there is a short list of Android annoyances, the checkout process for the market is developer on it.  How big of announcement would this be?

Via:  The Street

  • Fred

    I do not trust ANY internet service to _store_ my credit card info – with Google it mean that directly someone get access to my gmail password, that someone get access to my credit card. That goes for paypal as well, however I do use paypal to transfer cash to from my bank for purchases internationally. Needless to say given this, Google checkout current solution is totally out of question. The only way to use it is to arrange a seperate VISA card with NO credit and just amount needed for purchases available within account.
    But I am annoyed to be forced if so to pay another VISA annual fee because Google cannot arrange a good payment service. I think very many people think the same way as I do…and what about my children that also have android phones, do Google think I should store my credit card so it is indefinite available for my children. This definitly need rethinking from Google….

  • Jd

    Great. I would rather pay with paypal rather than billing it to my verizon account. But only because I am not the account owner. Other than my situation this is pretty much just ridiculous.

  • jeesung

    i don't understand the clamour for PP. what's the big issue folks have w/ Google checkout?

  • ericsorensen

    Paypal always tries to do a direct withdrawal from my checking account and makes me press tons of buttons to keep it on a credit card instead – which costs them more but gets me “reward” points. If they try that crap with the Android market, I'll stick with my Visa/Google setup.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I would use it

    but even better, how about paying with eBay Bucks! 🙂

  • Sarrants

    I would not use PayPal if every purchase came with a cure for cancer. I have been left in the lurch too many times by PayPal. It should be regulated as a bank is.

  • Tom


  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    This would be the worst thing that could happen. PayPal is a fraud-ridden service that is shady as hell. If Google Checkout is not there, I will simply never buy an app. Pretty easy solution.

  • JagoX

    I don't get why people act like using Google Checkout is such a bad thing. All the pay services on the web, Paypal is the LAST one I want to use because of how shady they are when it comes to eBay purchase problems (especially when they aren't your fault.)

    Hell using Google Checkout on Android is easier then compared to having to buy apps on my iphone before I switched.

  • Google is just gearing up for the flood that is about to happen on the Android Market. http://www.examiner.com/android-in-new-york/android-market-is-about-to-explode . Get ready.

    • AT

      Who needs 100,000 apps if 99,900 are crap. They put too much into the quantity and not the quality of the apps. I'll take 100 good quality apps over 100,000 crap ones any day!

      • PizzaGuyInErie

        Well said. I've been seeing apps that are simply test apps so the developer can see if they are able to post something to the market. It makes the Market and Android look like a joke.

  • EC8CH

    Google checkout works for me… but more choice is always a good thing (sorry Steve) 😛

  • This would be great. The fewer places my info is the better i feel 🙂

    • AT

      I agree, I don't like sending my credit card info. over seas. I've been burned once, it will not happen again. Using PayPal is the best way to go. I've been waiting to buy the full verison of a lot of apps, however, most are over seas. When we get PayPal or Amazon finaly happens, I'm all over the apps!

      • Magus Zeal

        So it's better to trust a service which can leave you in the cold when it comes to fraud completely without retribution (Paypal), rather than one that allows you to dispute every single instance of fraud at no cost to you, and you can change your card number in the event of fraud (credit card)?

        If I have to fight fraud on my card, I call my bank (assuming they haven't detected it already) and file a dispute on every charge, stop the card, have a new one issued, and go from there. Haven't paid a single penny on the fraud. Easy and I'm done.

        With Paypal, I have to file a dispute, provide evidence, wait and wait and wait. Quite possibly file an appeal if it's found in favor of the fraudster (which it can be), and if I'm told 'no', do nothing as Paypal have complete arbitrary right in this regard? And even if vindicated, have to wait to get my money back (and IIRC it's even after-fees, so I may not get it all back).

        Go read the story of the creator of Minecraft and his issues with Paypal before you start extolling them. He almost got locked out of $600k USD and would have had absolutely no retribution against Paypal should they decide to not let him have the money he rightfully earned developing the game.

        • AT

          I've been using PayPal since 2003 and never had an issue. If I do, yes I would call the card company and dispute the charge, even if it is a problem with PP you can still call the card company and dispute it and get your money back, even if PP is slow to help. PP doesn't dictate what the card company can do. The card company has the finnal say, not PP.

          I have one card that I use with PP and since 2003 I've never had the card number ripped off and used without my knowledge. I've used other cards over seas and next thing you know I have $1000 in phone calls to the middle east on it.

          I feel more secure with PP than giving my card number to someone in Russia I don't know.

          • Roberto Teixeira

            As a developer with many app copies sold on the Android Market, let me tell you my experience on “the other side” of the table:

            1- I DO NOT have access to credit card info, number of anything else related from customers.
            2- I DO NOT have access to e-mail address. I can, HOWEVER, send e-mail to the customers using some kind of proxy addresses system. It is in the form of “[email protected]”.
            3- I can ONLY see: a) name; b) city; and c) ZIP code.

            If you are afraid of Google having your CC number, then this is another matter. But seriously, you’re NOT giving your “card number to someone in Russia I don’t know.”

  • BKTee

    I don't have any problems with the current checkout process. I was unaware that people really wanted to use paypal that much. Hmm.