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Verizon Holding 4G LTE News Conference Tomorrow at CTIA

Tomorrow at 11:30AM PDT, Verizon will hold a press conference to drop details on its 4G LTE network launch which is expected to be spread across 30 NFL cities by the end of 2010.  The announcement will come at CTIA in San Francisco and will be delivered by VZW’s COO, Lowell McAdam.

Details of the conference after the break.  

Verizon Wireless, the 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network leader and builder of the world’s first large-scale 4G network

Verizon Wireless will hold a news conference during CTIA Enterprise & Applications™ 2010. Lowell McAdam, president and chief operating officer of Verizon, will detail the company’s major 4G LTE network launch.

CTIA Press Conference Room: Room 2A – Level 2
Moscone Center West
800 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Via webcast (view/listen-only):
U.S. toll free: 800-857-1380 / International: +1 773-799-3385
Passcode: 3243400

On Twitter: Follow the news conference and join in live tweeting from the conference by following @VerizonWireless #VZW4G at http://twitter.com/VerizonWireless

11:30 a.m. PDT / 2:30 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010

Verizon Wireless expects to commercially launch its LTE 4G network in up to 30 markets in 2010, covering 100 million people. To view a video about Verizon Wireless’ 4G network, visit http://bit.ly/vzw4g. For more information about 4G from Verizon Wireless, visit www.verizonwireless.com/lte.

Now if only someone would come out and announce the Desire HD for Verizon, we’d be some pretty happy bloggers.

Source:  Verizon

  • Balticzar

    I could care less until they announce handset release dates. I'm a loyal Verizon customer but this is starting to wear on my patience. How the heck are they allowing Sprint (which now has 4G lit up in NYC's 5 boroughs) to beat them to market? HANDSET models and release dates Big Red, please. FTLOG!!!!!!!!!

  • Joetodisco

    Spoke to a sales rep yesterday and the 4G will only be for laptops/netbooks; Sale Rep stated “Sorry no 4G phones for a while” – whatever a while means.

    I'm pretty sure this is common knowledge but thought I would re-throw it out there.


  • timarnette

    All Droids will have 4G

  • LTE and CDMA are totally different. Definitely only Broadband modems for the rest of this year. I will be surprised if all 30 cities get lit up this year. Definitely excited about the announcement tomorrow though.


  • Don't expect phones. Expect mobile broadband. No phones till next year.

  • Bleezy

    Will the arrival of 4G and LTE have an affect on 3g speeds once it goes live? Or is it seperated so one doesnt benefit the other?

    • InvaderDJ

      It will probably have no effect on 3G since they are completely different technologies with different frequencies. Verizon could pair the announcement with an increase in 3G speeds but I doubt it.

      • that would be silly from a business perspective, increasing 3g speeds would make 4g less enticing.

  • Stephen D

    Ah well, still glad I got a Fascinate. My Droid feels so slow when I use it. I couldn't take it anymore.

  • Patwww

    Is 4g worth it? How much faster?

    • Andrew

      like 10x faster.

      • Patwww

        crap. my phone will be outdated lol

  • Who's returning their Fascinate?

  • Blackx24

    do want info on droid t2

  • Dmota25

    I will com with te 1rds to make u DX DI 4G.. cost$ 5.00..

  • CIFchamp24

    Any word on what NFL cities? I wonder if San Diego is getting some 4G love….

    • Nemesis099

      I believe Verizon said this will roll out to 30 NFL markets and there are 32 NFL teams and 2 share the same market (New York City). I'm guessing it will be Green Bay or Buffalo that doesn't get included if I had to guess. I can't imagine that they would skip San Diego.

  • Michael_NM

    While I'm excited about 4G, I'm am afraid that for New Mexico LTE means: Long Time Evolving. I've been told by local VZ folks that late 2012 is even questionable. 🙁

  • Patwww

    I dont get whats great about the Desire HD. It has the same specs as a Droid Incredible, with a bigger screen. is this the upgrade you would want? it doesnt have a FFC

  • droiddoes


  • Rain_king46

    Hopefully Verizon's new network will actually be 4G and not a hybrid like Sprint rolled out

  • houston LTE baby!!

  • nblufire12

    Which phones will work on this? I want 4G on my Moto Droid 1

    • Rob_P

      You'll have to buy a new phone. The hardware isn't compatible with LTE.

      • How about the Droid X?

      • nblufire12

        I'm rooted running BB 0.5

        I bought a Moto Droid 1 in March, when can I get an upgrade?

        after a year or a year and a half?


        • Kraymanbauer

          With a fam share the second line gets new every 2. The main line I think gets an upgrade every year…but not for the same price. I am the shared line on my wifes plan. Vzw tells us that if the main line doesn't want the upgrade, I can use it after the first year. Sorry for the long answer man.

        • Easy way to find out, log into your VZW account online. There's a meter telling you when you're eligible for upgrades.

    • droiddoes

      not going to happen dude, i am in the same boat as you, just root your phone

  • LobbyDizzle

    Oh man. I knew not upgrading yet was well worth it 🙂

    • Kraymanbauer

      Couldn't agree more! Good things (and plenty of roms to flash=) ) for those to wait

      • 😀 yup the Droid (D1) is the way to go.. Flash with a new ROM and your good to go.

  • Ilhe1s

    Hopefully they show off or tell of some 4G devices as well! COME ON DENVER!!

  • durangojim

    I want my Incredible HD. PLEASE!!!!

  • larry

    Will the Droid incredible get 4g ?

    • Only as a new phone. Current phones do not have the hardware for 4G (other than Epic/Evo/G2).

  • mathees

    first. LTE ftw

  • Legacy23

    Sweet can't wait for some 4G