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Last Day to Purchase Swiftkey for $0.99

We’ve featured Swiftkey a number of times now as one of the great replacement keyboards for those out there that aren’t into those swiping types and also can’t stand the stock Android version.  Swiftkey uses a predictive text model that makes the device in your hand feel much more intelligent than you.  It’s pretty amazing actually, and a keyboard that I’ve been using alongside the Droid X multi-touch for quite some time.

You can pick up Swiftkey in the market today for  $0.99, but don’t hesitate as the price is slated to jump up to $3.99 tomorrow.  Better get on it!


Download Link

Cheers Picolas!

  • Kingtroll

    I totally forgot about the expiration date, I'm sorry if it was still $0.99 I'd buy it, no way I'm paying $4 for a keyboard.

  • Galactor

    I bought this app, but after trying the latest Swype for the Incredible (as posted in this website) I can't see me coming back to Swiftkey. Users who like text prediction will love it. Not sure if I didn't try it for long enough, but in my experience I ended up staring at the 3 prediction buttons all the time waiting for “my word” to come up. I can type/write a lot faster with Swype.

  • i got it…wish i could have swype on my Droid 1…but alas i can't…or at least i don't know how to get it…

  • DatterBoy

    I bought it. Always good to have options but I am much more attached to Swype. took to Swype like a fish to water. Speed tests I think I am faster on Swype but if I ever wanted to do touch input, this would definitely be the choice. The accuracy is far better than stock droid.

  • Flyinion

    Eh, I thought it was ok when I tried the beta. The text prediction was nice, but maybe I'm just vain or something. My favorite keyboard is still the HTC_IME keyboard since I can generate one in any color combo I want.

  • Jager07

    I've been using this app for a long time and love it. There were some bugs when it went to a paid app, but the developer is addressing those (according to his website: http://www.swiftkey.net/) and has already posted an update to the market. FWIW, I also just installed the swype beta from this page a few days ago. It's pretty slick as well. I thought swype sucked at first, but have gotten more used to it over the past few days. Swiftkey is definitely more intuitive, but swype, I think, has more features. I wish I could combine the two.

  • DannyJedi

    I have noticed that when using Fennic, when trying to type in my email adress as a login to websites everytime I click the “L” as in GmaiL it will automatically delete the L when when I hit the “.”

    for .com

    Anyone else haveing issues with this?

    Or is it just in fennic?


  • Smeckle

    I don't know, I have been using Swype for the last couple months and tried out Swiftkey last week and just couldn't roll with it. Felt like I was typing so much slower and found it more of a hassle to have to check the word boxes to see if it was predicting the right word (which it usually wasn't…). Just my experience, though.

  • Groid

    Does Swiftkey have the full set of cursor controls like Swype? I couldn't change unless it has the arrows, page up/dn, end, home, delete, backspace, coy/paste, etc. Get this screen in Swype by dragging from the Swype key to the SYM key.

    • Jager07

      No, but you can use the physical keyboard to accomplish some of those tasks if you have a D1 or D2. I also have a copy/paste app (forget what it's called) that allows for that feature using Swiftkey.

      • Groid

        Having to open the physical kb to make cursor movements kind of defeats the purpose of a virtual kb.

  • memnoch73

    Love me some swiftkey!!! Been using since the beta. Great word prediction…

  • Mahercs

    So now that I had the Beta and bought the paid version ($.98 after converting Pounds to USD), I show both apps on my phone. Should I delete the Beta now? Usually, the paid version of an app overrides the free one, but not in this case.

    • Jager07

      Yes, delete the beta.

    • Soap

      When you installed the paid version it should have prompted you to uninstall the Beta automatically, so yes, go ahead and uninstall it manually if you accidentally skipped that step.

  • leathernuts

    I bought and like a lot. I used swype and people were amazed at how fast I could swype as well, so it came down to preference to me. Occasionally I turn on the swype and use it, but I prefer Swiftkey my self. At .99, who cares, buy it and have 3 keyboard options!

  • Haneygregory

    Question: I bought this, but am not experiencing a problem. For email generation, and sms generation, when opening the app and typing in the first few letters of my contact's name to pull up the contact selections (wherein we just click on the person to load their email/phone number) when I click on his/her name it enters a “->” symbol instead. This is some kind of autocorrect by Swiftkey, and I cannot seem to disable it. I have turned off all available options in the Swiftkey settings, but the issue still remains.

    Currently the only way I am able to generate sms or emails is to go into My Contacts, and then scroll to the person I have in mind, and then select them and choose the appropriate option. This, obviously, is unacceptable.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue or found a workaround?

    (For testing purposes, you can easily recreate my above issue vis Google Voice and attempting to write a new sms)

    • Haneygregory

      #Correction: I *am* experiencing a problem.

  • Androidsapien

    Just buy it everyone. Always good karma to support developers. We're all in this together

  • How is this vs Better Keyboard?

  • How is this vs better keyboard?

  • Mrpicolas

    You all know I love me some swiftkey enjoy people

  • Computiprint

    I really liked Swiftkey when I was using it in beta form, but the speed on my Droid was unacceptable. Has the between-key speed got better with the full release?

    • Craig

      It's acceptably fast for me.

      (D1, 1.1Ghz, Simply Stunning 4.8)

  • pcguru30

    I wish they'd hurry up and release swype for the Droid 1.. i don't want to buy swiftkey only to find out that I like swype better

    • Nex

      Its available for download on this site

  • Anthony4286

    I just purchased the full version and so far i'm loving the text-prediction engine. Very intuitive!

  • RanballX

    Sorry, can't break the Swype dependency.

  • Michael_NM

    I love the warning about recording what I type. The warning should read, Swiftkey can read your mind, it knows what you're going to type before you do.

  • I love swiftkey but when using the google voice input it for some reason wants to predicts a bunch of possibilities unlike stock google input. Very frustrating to say the least. They should offer their version of voice input but allow just the google input too

    • Jager07

      The developer just released a new version today. I *believe* this new release fixes the issue with google voice.

  • tbaybe

    didnt i get this for free a while ago??

    • Jager07

      According to the developer, the beta version will continue to exist, but will no longer be supported.

    • kellex

      Well we leaked the beta. 😛

  • Gg101

    Swype is awesome for some quick onehanded text entry, but I like Swiftkey for anytime I need to actually write out some full sentences. The prediction really does work very well, it will often give you the next word you intended before you even type a letter.

  • Craig

    I've been using it since the Alpha and I have to say it's one slick app, the predictive text gets almost spooky at knowing what you are going to type after a good amount of usage.
    So worth it at $0.99

  • Jay P

    isn't swype way better any how preloaded on my DX

  • Jay P