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DROID Incredible Does 4G? Hidden Menu Says So

Well hello “4G Settings” menu on the Droid Incredible!  Those screenshots were nabbed from my Incredible through Google Gesture Search and clearly show a secret 4G menu that will force close on you if used.  Obviously I’m running a custom ROM, but don’t worry, this menu is available to stock non-rooted users as well.

So what does this mean?  Maybe just some built in Sense setting?  Probably.  The DI and EVO are running pretty similar versions and could be the reason it has a hidden menu like this.  Anyway, it’s interesting to say the least since we know the DI isn’t capable of running on 4G.  Gesture Search can find a bunch of hidden gems like this. Now go play with it!

Cheers KiriusKris!

  • this is stupid

  • cool

  • Incidentally, can anyone identify the custom ROM in these screencaps? Looks awesome and I'd love to try it out on my rooted DInc!

  • Zenonic

    I really like the Sprint legal information.

  • Theodor33e

    Unrooted. go to the 4g settings menu and select scan and 4g is enabled… dont ask any questions or comments.. thankx 😉

  • Ok i just did the gesture search and found the 4g settings on stock 2.2 and like everyone else i think the DI will not get 4g. This is just like a post that was on this website not to long ago about the DX getting 4g that just impossible. Verizon's LTE 4g will use sim cards to pick up the radio frequencies for there 4g neither the DI or DX have sim card slots to carry it. Not to mention the network that we are on is cdma, Think of Verizon's new network for 4g as gsm like t-mobile and at&t.

  • Frankly, this reminds me of the April Fools joke from years ago when Palm users were told there was a 'secret color mode' that would turn their monochrome handheld's displays to color.

  • 3262john

    Anyone else find it funny that our HTC phone running on Verizon has a Sprint legal document on it…

  • LukeDukem

    Double rainbow all the way, what does this mean?

  • Jjg723

    I to was told by a Verizon employee that my Incredible would be 4G compatable via an update. The difference is at the time I already owned my inc. and didn't buy anything from him. Was just asking questions and never mentioned 4G He brought it up. But I must say I had my doubts when he said it.

  • Seano

    looks like hes running the EVOlution theme or rom on his phone. maybe since that theme/rom was originally meant for the EVO which has 4g this was on there. i know for a fact that there are no LTE ready devices yet and there won't be an LTE phone until the beginning of next year.

    • Chris

      MetroPCS has one

  • Blah12543

    I posted this on incredibleforum a few days ago lol

  • Lloyd2398

    You dont have a 4g compatible phone only phones with a sim card compatible as lte compatible will be using the 4g network so sorry for your confusions thats probably why its in a secret drop menu


    • NKTizzle

      It really has nothing to do with having or not having a SIM card. The SIM card is only for authentication.

      The real reason it's not 4G compatible is the lack of the correct radio bands.

  • Lloyd2398

    From my understanding is that you might have the 4g menu but only way to get the 4g is to have the 4g sim card and a sim card compatible phone you can find here http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/19/verizons-4g-lte-sim-in-the-wild/

    there is other places to be able to see and learn more

  • Ian

    Found it on my (non-rooted) Froyo HTC Incredible also by searching via Google Gesture Search. Here's a link to the photo: http://twitpic.com/2riih1

    • Jrfojut

      what do u do to get that in google search wat do u type

      • Ian

        I first downloaded “Google Gesture Search” from the Android Market. I then went into its settings and checked “Settings” (or was it “System Settings”?) to enable their inclusion in the search. Then I drew “4G” and Google Gesture Search found it. I then clicked on the entry to go to the menu.

        • socalrailroader

          I tried that, and it still can't find it on mine, maybe it doesn't like my finger writing 😀

  • –Off topic, Kellex, what ROM gives u that batt icon set? (thanks)

    • EC8CH

      Looks like the REVOlution theme icon set to me

      • I was thinking that, the but the REVO set has a bolt thru the middle(when charging), i like that “plug” 😉

  • Dabruise

    I don't see how it would with no place for a sim card

    • no need for a sim card. verizon has 4G. 4G is a standard, and it consists of a specific protocol, coupled with the correct antenna and radio. it is not a super secret cult created for GSM users.

  • It'd be great if you could post an article listing all the known hidden gems found with gesture search. 🙂

  • Joeschmoe

    I don't like being told when to play with it….I like doing it when I'm ready…jeeez 🙂

  • What the whaaaaat!

  • backbone

    This is legit. I was told when o purchased my DInc that it was LTE ready. A future software update is suppose to put it on the 4G network. Only time will tell if i was lied to by that VZW rep.

    • well, when you think about it, verizon makes money from selling cell phone plans, not from selling hardware (they actually lose money from hardware). it is more beneficial to them to sell you something that has the capability of supporting future phone plans, so that you simply turn on a new feature (and pay more money) when the time comes, rather than having to buy a new phone (which most people won't do until it is time for a new phone). and we know verizon is all about the money.

      it wouldn't surprise me if the original droid can also run 4G.

      • Nathanbull33

        Well I can certainly say that if I am gonna have to pay more than i am currently on my plan for 4g, which would also likely mean siging a new 2 yr contract becasue you are changing your plan, then you bet your a$$ that i am gonna want a new phone with better specs and not my droid “OG” that had the “hidden” functionality.. Anyways I think there is a better chance the world will end in 2012 then I think the phones that are out on Verizon now can handle 4g with a simple software upgrade.

      • Gil

        You bring up a good point but I would have to argue the contrary similarly like Nathanbull33. Although Verizon might lose some money on selling hardware, it makes much more by signing you to another two year contract with new hardware. A long-term two year contract outweighs the lose in cheaper (price) hardware.

        This is why I argue that a “hidden feature” that could be used on a new upcoming phone could actually result in a lose of money for Verizon. A new subsidized phone with new features could generate more money with a new two year contract.

      • NKTizzle

        It would be a surprise to me considering the OD doesn't have the right radios…

        • not officially anyway

          • NKTizzle

            Quite officially actually 😉 I don’t think the FCC would take too kindly of Moto/VZW trying to sneak a 700mHz radio in without getting approval…

      • Well it would surprise everyone else if the og Droid was secretly LTE capable… friendly FYI for anybody who doesn’t know this but LTE (4g for Verizon) is sim card based for 4g use. So your statement about the d1 makes about as much sense as saying “I wouldn’t be surprised if the iphone4 had a secret ability to run on verizon”.. or “wouldn’t be surprised if my car could fly but Honda just wants me to pay for the wings that they prob hid in my door panels.” … its just not possible, hardware is missing.

        Don’t worry though were all gonna be the first kids on our respective blocks to hear about VZW’s first lte device when its a.release candidate. Kellex will have faa frequency approvals and barcode pics up within milliseconds after the first 4g VZW phone passes testing. It’s gonna be a crazy day!

    • No need to wait, I can tell you right now. You were lied to.

      • Frosted Butts

        Correct. Verizon's 4G will be using LTE, which is SIM card based, and the Inc has no SIM, hidden or otherwise…

  • digsoreos

    What gestures are people using to find these hidden things?

    • Joedirt2217

      I'm wondering the same thing. Anyone…..?

      • how about the number 4 and the letter g

        • Joedirt2217

          I'm not getting anything that would point me there, that's why I asked.

          • Blah12543

            Turn on “settings” in gesture searches settings. Then let it do its loading bar thing when you exit, then try it.

          • Roger Zoul

            You must type the “G” correctly.

          • Raven

            open your web browser and type in “google gesture search” in the search bar, or go here http://gesturesearch.googlelabs.com/

    • Zenonic

      In gesture search, hit your menu button, then settings
      Make sure you have Settings checked as a searchable item.
      Then “finger” in 4g.

  • why do we think that these phones cannot run 4G?

    it's very likely that they can, and the functionality is just hidden from us, since Verizon does not currently have a 4G network. it wouldn't be the first time.

    (and yes, I know that they realistically have a fully functional 4G network already, but it is not available to the general public.)

    • Hogasswildmc

      Type your comment here.The reason people say it isn't possible is because 4G/LTE requires a separate chip in the phone, and none of the teardowns have revealed such an animal. Additionally, these phones were probably designed and built before final specs for 4G/LTE were out.

      • do most people actually know what they are looking at in a tear down? not to bring up the hated rival, but no one thought that the iPod touch had bluetooth (which also requires a separate chip), but nevertheless, a simple software update revealed it.

        and it is highly unlikely that these phones were built before LTE, which has been around since 2006, with specs available even earlier than that. i'm hoping my phone wasn't built before that.

        • Hogasswildmc

          I actually owned an ipod touch 2gen, and they indeed find BT in it….no one was able to enable it via software though.

        • MikeCRock

          Would the FTC not have outed different radio capability upon its inspection/certification of the device? They might slip things past end users, unlikely they get a cert w/out laying all the cards on the table.

          • Freedomsearcher2442

            4g will use SIM cards even on verizon, no SIM card no 4g that simple. I worked for verizon there is no verizon hand set currently on the market that can run 4g. if you were told yours could with a future sw update then you were lied to in order to be sold a phone do your research next time.

          • Anonymous

            “Do your research next time”

            Normally I’d agree but on something as simple as a phone that doesn’t apply IMO. If you were lied to to sell a phone that means false claims. I believe the store that sold you the phone now owes you the money for your phone and the ability to break your contract without penalty.

  • balthuszar

    i wouldnt think HTC would come out with a different version of sense for each phone…they would make one version, and that one version would be able to work on all the phones, they would just have to unlock certain features for each phone. kinda like my old pontiac grand am, had buttons for the cd player, but didnt have the cd player…but there are versions of the grand am that had the cd player so they made the stock stereo have the cd player buttons so they wouldnt have to have 5 different versions of the same stereo.

  • Me

    what is

    • It is the USB Debugging symbol.

  • Me

    what wwwasdasdAs

  • garbagedick

    Gesture search also brings up the hidden Proxy settings menu

  • Michael_NM

    That would be incredibly cool! For what it's worth, when I ordered my Droid X, the VZ employee I ordered from told me the X would be 4G capable… He also told me Droid-Life was the best place for Droid news. I agree with him about Droid-Life, but I doubt he was right about 4G…

  • DroidGalaxyS

    The Droid Incredible and EVO 4G run very similar software versions, which explains why the 4G settings are in place. Unfortunately, the Droid Incredible does not have 4G (Sprint uses WiMAX, Verizon uses LTE which uses GSM and a SIM card, and the Droid Incredible does not have the hardware for either.).

    • Bthomasltd

      You are correct. I work in Network Implementation for Big Blue and use VZW for my service provider.(go figure) but the Droid Incredible, which I own one, doesn't have a 4G radio installed so it would be impossible to use 4G even when LTE comes available in certain markets last quarter this year.

    • Mdn5024

      Gsm and lte are two completely different technologies

  • TheRPN

    Ha! I wish, but it's most likely an EVO/DInc Sense screwup as you stated… Similar to secret i*hone menus that used to appear on the i*od touch.

  • Bigsike

    I saw something like this on the droid x too

    • Yeah, I noticed it said 4G when I got the 2.2 update from Verizon. I wish I took note of where exactly it was, it might have even been in the name of the update.

  • tbaybe

    wow… thats amazing

  • i tried it on my stock inc..and sure enough, it's there

    • Ainokea073

      so what did you do to find it…thanks

  • Chrish414

    No Way…

    • Jdstell

      It doesn't mean it has 4g lol

      • Chrish414

        I know that. i was kidding