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Bugless Beast V0.5 is Out!

Pete finally returns after a long layoff and just so happens to bring a new version of Bugless Beast, his incredibly popular Droid 1 ROM.  This comes packed with some feature that I’m not any of us have even dreamed of, and trust me when I say that that is a good thing.

Some of the highlights:

  • Automatic app install after wiping data and cache
  • Apps installed to data instead of system for easy uninstallation
  • Includes 3 of his paid market apps:  sound recorder, video camera, testing menu

Since I’m in San Francisco, I haven’t had a chance yet to flash this so I’m curious to know from all of you how it’s going.  Pete’s ROMs are always top notch and this version has had a ton of buzz surrounding it.  Go get it!

Read the full ROM write up at Pete’s blog.  Changelog here.

Download the ROM here.

Anyone running this yet?  Let me know what you think!

  • The only problem I had was it kept force closing setcpu. Does any one know why?

  • jonesboy6

    My Phone is also screwed up, no market apps and can't do sh*t because my superuser is forceclosing evrytime I try to install any other ROM, Kellex alot of people here are having the same issue will you please check into it?

  • Jallen23

    Love the rom but I'm having problems with the market and gmail. Can someone please help????

    • i'm having problems with my market too. it keeps saying “no matching content in Android Market”

      • ohh..i cleared the cache for the market app and it started working..yay

  • hmm am i the only one experiencing ROM manager disappearance on market?

  • Curtis

    How do I uninstall BB and go back to my rooted 2.2? I can't find out how to do this anywhere..

  • Parham

    Great Rom, Great speed. Only one problem, my youtube app is missing 🙁 any one have download link for it or any fix or …??

  • I'm confused. A stock feature of the Froyo Market is the recovery of apps (at least Market apps). I have installed several Froyo ROMs using a data/cache wipe, and within 15 minutes of the install, all of my apps are back and the Market gives me a status message saying “## apps restored successfully.” So why did BB add it to his ROM?

    (perhaps you only have the stock backup feature if you check the box in the privacy settings?)

  • Mark Slomski

    Love the rom have loved all the bb roms, and was the first rom I put on my droid from being a newbie with rooting. Now have some experience with rooting and I'm addicted to my droid. I've tried everything I know of to get the market back the way it was before changing to this rom and can't do it. anybody have any luck? And if not pete please fix I love the rom otherwise and dont want to go back to fr22d rooted stock rom.

  • Ken Long4

    Just added this ROM no problems and it is working great

  • Tituschow

    Market not working and I can't download rom manager. Screwed

  • Nlson69

    Very smooth.. love it

  • No bugs on me!

    Been running BB 0.5 for 24 hours now and completely happy with it. Coming from 3-4 weeks of Simply Stunning 4.7 which, for reasons unknown, was growing increasingly unstable and laggy. BB 0.5 has been swift and stable and almost completely “Bugless”. The only issue I had was with the “Update Security Settings” email exchange bug (which Simply Stunning 4.7 also suffered from but Cyanogen 6 had squashed. Anyway I was able to find a patch at droidforums.net that cures the “Update Security Settings” bug and now I am completely “Bugless”!

  • TeeJayy

    Flashed BB v0.5 last night, everything went accordingly exactly how Peter had instructed, my apps had backed up and everything. BUT when i went to the market to download an app, there was NOTHING. at all. so i checked on my “downloads” in the market, and there was still nothing. did a search for astro, angry birds and Flash, and NOTHING came up in the search. let my phone sit without touching it over night, just to see if maybe i was rushing into something. checked it again this morning, STILL the same problem. flashed back to V0.4 this morning and works perfectly fine. anyone else experience this?

  • David

    Hey is anyone else having a problem with their market not loading properly?

    Mine just shows one thing and that's it.

    Otherwise everything else works perfect Pete by far makes the best rom hands down!

    • TeeJayy

      see my comment right above yours. youre not the only one. i am having the EXACT same problem.


    Don't understand why I can't find any of my previous apps from the market after I downloaded this rom, even clockworkmod rom manager to get the v5.0 update patch. Any ideas?

  • EC8CH

    In know BB is not source built and lacks some of the higher end tweaks, but in my experience it is the fastest most stable ROM I've tried… Pete's doing something right. Plus the REVOlution port for BB is top notch.

    • Boob

      It's stable cuz its an OTA leak….I can put out a stable ROM based on an OTA and edit build.prop too. Not exactly rocket science.

  • str8havoc

    Any chance we will see it for the Fascinate?

  • Ken Long4

    One question after download do you need to change the file name to “update.zip”

    • With SPrecovery, yes. With Clockwork you can install as is

  • The_Other_Ray

    So far working flawlessly. No screen redraws with adw. Can't wait for the watermark'd theme for this. Kudos Pete!

  • Augh! I just switched to LiQuID when I got my replacement D1. The lockscreen audio widget they use is so awesome. I may switch back to BB. We'll see..

  • ChevyNo1 v4.8 released today too. not sure if its already been mentioned but I didnt see it anywhere.

    • Loopy

      Dang, and I just switched to BB 0.5 – when it rains it pours!

  • izzo

    my droid 1 is not booting into recovery. any Ideas why?

  • Greg

    I can't seem to install Angry Birds after flashing to this. Did I do something wrong?

  • Justsayitanyway

    so is there a black theme I can install over this? I like black notification bar

  • Loopy

    First time I tried installing this Launcher Pro immediately went into an endless Force Close loop. Battery Pull and reboot. Same thing. Finally had to Nandroid back to Simply Stunning 4.7. I'm willing to try it again if somebody can tell me what I did wrong.

    • D1Fan

      If you're running Launcher Pro try disabling the Doc Notifications. I had the exact same problem when switching to a black bar theme.

  • Ebbressi

    Is there a way to get this on Droid x?

  • can anyone help me install this rom i just rooted my phone and im kinda new at this

  • mathewdev

    Kellex you should review this one and compare it to Cyanogen. I switched back to Cyanogen after BB.04 before that I was on Cyanogen 5.0. I'm hesitating to go back to BB because I'm Cyanogen has been solid for me so far. It would be interesting to see if there which one you would recommend…

  • Thornfullessrose

    darn it!!!!! got my droid 2 today!!!!

  • nicksdroid

    You all need to try project elite over at droidforumns.net its under a dev by name of actngrezy and for his first version its incredible. Alot of people were saying they flash bb v 5 and went back to project elite so that must stand for something.

  • Dkuhlman

    I'm having trouble deciding on which ROM to use on my D1. I've tried BB, Cyanogen, Liquid, Sapphire, etc. They all seem to get REALLY slow after a few days of use. Any thoughts on why that may be happening? I think I remember one of the ROM's having some enhanced Exchange support (ability to accept calendar invites etc.) Which ROM had that. Is there a nice “Compare ROM” chart somewhere?

    • Stephen D

      Have you tried wiping data and cache?

  • Xgrinder911

    I find it funny that running BB v .05 runs u signifigantly faster than even the GalaS series of phones. And I'm not even over clocked yet. That just tells u the true potential of the droid 1 and that motorola didn't put the full effort into making this the best it could be.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I just finshed installing BBv05 and it runs flawless, the bench mark with a 1.1GHz P3 medium voltage kernel is 1468. So far so good. I'm looking for the watermark theme to go with BBv05. I have one for BBv04 but not sure if it will work. ANYBODY KNOW!!!!

  • machinegun68

    I dowloaded this as soon as I saw it last night. Frieked me out too cuz it rebooted again before I expected it to. Then I read his blog and it was all made clear. Been waiting for the 22D version for a while. Thanks Pete. And oh yeah…..this works. Seems like all the other ROMS have 1 or 2 things missing or broken that made me unhappy.

  • droiddidit

    All I now need is the REVOLUTION theme for this!

  • Installed this last night. I have to say out of all the roms ive tried out, this rom suits me the best. For some reason I dont have as good of results with the other roms Ive tried. +1 to you Pete! Loyal fan fo life ya digg! hagh

  • SiNep

    Hey Kellex. There is a port of the new Desire HD sense for the incredible, and the EVO i believe. Dont know if you want to report on that.


    I'm currently downloading the latest version.