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Verizon Launching LTE to 30 “NFL Cities” in 2010, For What Devices?

Verizon announced today that it will be launching its 4G (LTE) service in 30 different National Football League cities by the end of 2010 with rollout to the rest of the country ending by 2013.  (No Portland?)  This falls in line with November rumors, but what has me concerned is that zero devices have been announced or leaked that can actually utilize the 4G power.  So business travelers with netbooks and 4g broadband cards will be the only ones with access?  Give us some devices!  (And we’re breathing again.)

Or maybe this HTC device (rumored as the Incredible HD) could be first?

Via: eWeek

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  • kevw

    Buffalo , New York???? the bills

  • rals

    Good deal, I expect Chicago and Detroit to hit that list.

  • Salamander

    You guys are idiots. When Verizon says NFL cities…do you really think they mean Oakland and not LA? People… dont act like morons…. They mean LA… but they aren't going to say hey 31 NFL cities including LA!

  • BigODroid

    New York doesnt have 2 football teams, New Jersey does. Sorry NYC. GO SKINS!!

  • BigODroid

    New York doesnt have 2 football teams, New Jersey does. Sorry NYC. GO SKINS!!

  • East Coast baby. Sure our weather usually sucks and traffic is horrible but we get all the cool stuff. It pays to live in a days drive of half the U.S. population.

  • Mdn5024

    That phone is the new htc desire hd. They just announced it a few days ago. Didn't say anything about being 4g though.

  • 11knives

    I'm a verizon field tech, and this is what we've been told about the product. LTE has been mainly developed for rural areas where verizon can not provide high speed internet to homes due to distance issues. Yes verizon wireless will be utilizing this technology, but from what we've been told… that's not the main focus.

  • Tom

    Considering that I live in nyc… And we have two nfl teams…i think we're set..

    • NJ

      considering that you live in new york city, and New Jersey has 2 NFL teams…I don't think you're set.

  • stupid, bring it to the richmond spotsy area

  • Abbie Rosario

    If you think about it, every NFL team's city will get LTE since VZW will likely do San Fran and not also Oakland and also both NY teams play in the same city.

    • The350zWolf

      The greater SF bay area will get it as a whole I'll bet!

  • RoadsterHD1

    A while back I talked to a Best Buy rep and got this:

    10:46 AM Susan:
    Thank You for contacting Best Buy Mobile.
    How can i help you today.
    10:47 AM Mark vasquez:
    Hi Susan, I have a question about the droid X. Is it 4G compatible?
    10:49 AM Susan:
    I will be more then happy to help you with that,
    10:51 AM Susan:
    The droid is X is only 3g compatible.
    10:52 AM Mark vasquez:
    Will it ever be 4G when verizon goes 4G?
    10:53 AM Susan:
    yes,it will bee.
    10:54 AM Mark vasquez:
    so it is hardware capable, but Verizon just does not offer it yet, right
    10:55 AM Mark vasquez:
    LTE capable
    10:57 AM Susan:
    that right,the hardware is capable.
    10:58 AM Mark vasquez:
    thank you very much!!!

    • Mavcable

      …and you believed something a big-box chat representative told you why, exactly? *shrug*

    • Racketier

      “LTE Advanced is backwards compatible with LTE and uses the same frequency bands, while LTE is not backwards compatible with 3G systems.”

      So unless it's a multibanded phone it will NOT work with LTE


  • Well if its only going to NFL cities then I won't see it in Buffalo

  • Socalrailroader

    Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon? 😉

  • Houston? Please?

  • Strange_creation3000

    Lte will be out before droid x gets 2.2 ota i bet hahaha

  • LobbyDizzle

    Hurry Kellex, buy an NFL team for Portland!

  • Freedomsearcher2442

    4g is just a fourth genration cell phone technology, sprint uses wimax and from what I heard Lte allows more bandwith then wimax, when I worked for bse the word was that they would roll out lte this fall with a broadband card then have first device early 2011, sprint has already announced they may drop s
    Wimax in favour of Lee making sprint Actually behind

    • Freedomsearcher2442

      Substitute bse and Lee with lte sorry slide it isn't perfect

  • Bigsike


  • Country Trash

    At least this is one bright spot for the Panthers this year.

  • timarnette

    Miami I hope!!!!!

  • Timoh

    Whenever Verizon has been asked about LTE in the past they always had the plan of it being broadband only at first then rolling phones out when they start to build more infrastructure. They were supposed to be testing it this summer but looks like it was pushed back to the fall.

    I'm betting that there will be a phone released at the end of the year that will have LTE access. Related, wasn't the Droid 2 pro(or whatever it's called now) supposed to be a world phone, released at the end of the year?

  • bravoleader2

    Maybe you can steal the Jaguars and therefore steal the 4G?

  • bravoleader2

    I'd pony up for that HTC phone if it is 4G. Bye Bye Incredible! Makes me a little sad…

  • cv

    how did sprint get 4g so damn fast? so the last of the rollout will be 2013? by that time theyll probably have 5g

    • bravoleader2

      Probably G-Squared by then. I just blew my own mind….

    • Timoh

      I believe some Asian countries already have a 5g network. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere.

    • Mobrienjr85

      How many markets have 4g for sprint. Sprint says that they have 45 markets, but does Providence RI count as a market, or even Salt Lake City. Personally I am happy with the 3g that Verizon has.

      • t3lancer2007

        Sprint is supposed to be rolling out in LA soon. I might forgo the droid and get an Evo

    • Mavcable

      They purchased a large stake in Clearwire, that's how. Where have you been? 🙂

  • n8

    So I have the same question I thought that my dx had 4g capabilities!

  • mtkregs

    It also has me curious how much coin these LTE compatible devices will cost and how much Big Red will jack up the cost of data plans for them.

  • villian1998

    Seattle FTW!!

    • Rain_king46

      Verizon is based in Seattle, so of course they will get it.

      • briderx

        What about surrounding areas? Like.. Tacoma or Gig Harbor?

      • Mk299

        We never got FIOS within the city. So who knows, really.

      • Mavcable

        FWIW: Verizon Wireless is based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

  • Mrpicolas

    Hopefully. Cleveland they never win anything. Lol…

    • T3lancer2007

      Los Angeles isn't a NFL City 🙁

      • Andrew Valladolid y Zaragoza

        um i think LA Will no matter what even if they dont have an NFL team its the second largest city in the USA i dont see why not

        • t3lancer2007

          We don't have Sprint 4G yet

          • Salamnder

            Its a general statement by Verizon. Do you really think Verizon would give 4G to Oakland and not LA? Come on.

      • The350zWolf

        Yeah, went from 2 teams to zero! Hah. That's what happens we trying to take away the Oaktown Raiders!
        Anyway, hope we get the LTE before the Chargers bail SD :^(

  • when i talked to a verizon rep the other day they said that LTE is rolling out this fall only for broadband access to test out the network. no phones would be available until next summer ish…

    • And you actually trust what VZW reps say? 😛

      • Mavcable

        Why not? They guy above trusted what a Best Buy chat rep told him about his Droid X and 4G! 🙂

  • RanballX

    Whatever happened to the rumor that the DX would be capable of utilizing the 4G network? Is that still a possibility?

    • Picodroid

      Never heard that rumor… but no, it would never be possible. The Droid X doesn’t have the hardware capable of it. 4G LTE will utilize GSM networks, so it would need a SIM card.

  • mtkregs

    I think it's a small island in the North Pacific…w/only AT&T service.

  • what's Portland?

    • mtkregs

      I think it's a small island in the North Pacific…w/only AT&T service.

      • The350zWolf

        No, I think is some type of concrete cement…


    • Mavcable

      You didn’t pay very much attention in school…at all…did you?

  • No Portland….. Oh yeah one of the biggest markets won't have it either. Los Angeles!!! Boooooo!

    • bravoleader2

      Maybe you can steal the Jaguars and therefore steal the 4G?

      • t3lancer2007

        Or we can take back the 2 football teams that left.

        If only it was going out to NBA Championship winning cities, or crappy Baseball team cities.

        • The350zWolf

          You guys can keep the Clippers ;^)

          • Anonymous

            We don’t have sprint 4g yet

  • +1!!!!!

    • i'll get you next time!

    • tbaybe


    • Tim can't you just edit yourself first? Don't u have admin rights?