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App Review: *Spark (Beta)

Screenshot of *Spark (Beta) Screenshot of *Spark (Beta)

Spark you say? What’s that? Spark is a new player in the home replacement game. This is currently in beta and definitely needs some work, but for the social user it may be right up your alley. Spark has a simple premise, your info in one place and easy to access.

Spark uses a simple scrollable environment that is controlled by modules with each module representing information on your screen. Currently there are limited modules and no way to add more at the present time, but with the ability to pick and choose your modules you could tailor your screen to better suit your needs. A nice feature that I have not seen anywhere else yet is a looping app drawer. The headlines module is also something I liked that features scrollable headlines within the module. Once these are pressed it opens up to show you the rest of the post in a full screen format that is also scrollable.

There is only one screen at present for you to use meaning they are aiming at form and function. The one screen features 3 selectable shortcuts that you can customize to your liking. The weather based on your area is automatically pulled in for you. And last but not least it has an app drawer with shortcuts for the phone and web.

Well here comes the answer to the real question. Should I ditch LauncherPro or ADW for Spark? I would say not just yet. Yes it’s simple and gives you your info right in front of you, but it almost feels like an alpha release rather than a beta. With some refinement and a smoothing over of the UI as well as a library of modules that you could pick and choose from, it may be the perfect home replacement for the busy on the go person who needs to access their info quickly. If you can’t resist trying out new stuff I have provided a market link and qr code for you all. Also if you decide to try this out stop back by and let us know what you think.


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  • Dsolinap
  • The thing is when Beta(alpha) apps come out and they're slow, I don't forsee it getting significantly faster even by the time the release rolls around.

    You'll see some tweaks here and there, but the overall the foundation has been laid down, it aint getting faster

  • The thing is when Beta(alpha) apps come out and they're slow, I don't forsee it getting significantly faster even by the time the release rolls around.

    You'll see some tweaks here and there, but the overall the foundation has been laid down, it aint getting faster

  • Carlsonnm

    Looks like an excellent concept. A couple of high points; you can choose to run It as an app or as your launcher; while there isn't much to configure you do ha e the ability to turn modules on and off which means I don't have to sit and let it remind me what a social outcast I am since I still don't have a twitter acct. A couple of low points; limits homescreen to just the one – it would be better executed as a widget that can occupy one of your homescreens, additionally in order to get the most out of it it appears as though it requires you to sit and watch, somewhat like what life was like before smartphones when you were required stare at the ticker at the bottom of the screen for fifteen minutes to catch the score of the one game you cared about, and then you blinked and missed a piece so you stare for fifteen more mins. Entirely unrelated though pertinent bottom line – it seems mostly valuable for ultra connected housewifes.

    • Bdmsgaiters

      im sorry but im not gonna take my time 2 read this

  • Very sluggish.. not compatible to swype keypad and the physical keyboard of my Milestone… uninstalled in 3 minutes…

  • BigrobbCirc

    Gonna try it out now!
    I'm sure I'll go back to sense but it looks like a fresh idea that needs some support!

  • Installed, tried, uninstalled. This thing is definitely still Alpha more than Beta… Sluggish on my DiNC.

  • chooph

    It's slow and I think it stole money from me

  • gwilson93

    launcher pro has an option for scrolling dock, its in the setting

  • Whiteyjason

    There is a similar app, called Slidescreen, that has been out a while. People should check it out as well as this.

    It can be run as your home replacement, or as just an app, and was pretty smooth when I tried it. Also has free and paid versions.

  • Mauro

    I'm really loving this app. I don't think I'll be using it to replace LauncherPro anytime soon, but when they smooth out the bugs and fix up the app, this'll really have potential.

  • Ricco

    It's pretty laggy. It does have potential.

    Although, I think anyone who has purchased LP+ has no intention of abandoning it now. I like my facebook widget way too much.

  • t3lancer2007

    Way too slow.

  • Timoh

    Doesn't look like my type of interface but more options is always better. I bet there are quite a few people who will love this when it's more refined.

  • Teek

    Really laggy for me. It looks like it has potential. Looking forward to future releases…

  • Has potential for the intended market, but definitely still needs some work.

  • It isn't very good. Overall its slow. Scrolling is slow, tapping any twitter/fb link takes you to twitter/fb but not directly to the link that you clicked, only news source is cbsnews, etc.

  • Jinxedpirate

    Just tried it out it looks promising but needs some more polish and it's just too slow.

  • I can haz more than 1 screen? No? No thanks.

    Although this would make stalking Kellex and Timotato much more convenient.

  • Braydenboschhh

    and this looks REALLLLY promising!