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Motorola and Adobe Hosting “DROID Does Flash” Meetup Tomorrow 9/16

Motorola and Adobe are putting together a quick hour-long get together tomorrow which appears to be directly aimed at “DROID” devices running Flash 10.1.  The quick excerpt about the meetup doesn’t give a ton of details, but it definitely mentions “DROID” and not just “Android” which you can see in the topic titled “Creating Flash Platform experiences for DROID Devices.”  What could Moto and Adobe be cooking up?  I can’t wait to find out.

If you’d like to attend either in person or via live stream, hit up the source link at the bottom.  

And the details of the event:

We’ll be live streaming the DROID Does Flash Meetup for all those Flash designers & developers plus Android developers from all around the world. Make sure to register below for all the details including the Adobe Connect url. If you are in SF and can attend in-person we would love to see you plus there are a few giveaways so a little extra benefit to be at the Adobe offices starting at 6pm.

Here is the live stream agenda:

Welcome & Motorola Android & Adobe partnership Overview
Lori Fraleigh, Motorola, Director, Developer Platforms, Tools, and Technical Services

Creating Flash Platform experiences for DROID Devices
Ryan Stewart, Adobe, Platform Evangelist

Mobile optimization tips and Flash site demo
Mochi Media, VP of Engineering

7:30-7:45: Q&A

Our boy Ryan from Adobe at 6:45!  At least tune in just to listen to him dominate the podium.

Anyone else in?

Via:  MOTODEV Blog, AndroidSpin

  • JTE

    battery is facing the other direction, “AM” after the time. Not sure if that's “vanilla” but it's different than my DX. Maybe it's b/c of froyo?

  • JTE

    battery is facing the other direction, “AM” after the time. Not sure if that's “vanilla” but it's different than my DX. Maybe it's b/c of froyo?

  • Buckgrad

    Don't know where you're finding this…not there that I can see.

    • Bigsike

      Don't worry it's a bad failure …:(

  • Juan

    DX got kicked in the balls 2.2 in the near future. Way to go Moto !

  • Bigsike

    Well they just answered the question on the DX 2.2 OTA update it will be coming sometime in the near future …..that's great!! but don't worry if you want it just downgrade to a D1,D2 or DI……..unreal :/

  • Bigsike

    Awesome the meeting doesn't even exist o well….

    • Bigsike

      O wait there it is

  • Hepperoni

    Does any one know how to view vimeo.com with flash? My browser always takes me to the mobile site by default. Can't watch most videos because of this.

  • Blarg

    both Droid Does and VZW are now linking to the previously “hidden” update page with 2 PDF's. One with instructions on updating your phone and one with the benefits of the upgrade.

  • would it be too much to think gingerbread?

    • Dkprnce

      apparently it has been too much to think FROYO

  • Nunzio

    It looks like some tasty Froyo on Droid X is about to be served

  • Aperture_Disaster

    Whats up with the vanilla status bar? thats got my hope up. :

    • JT

      Good eye!

    • What do you mean? That's what mine looks like on my DX.

  • jeesung

    darn, i'm meeting up with folks @ 6. and i was going to be in the Adobe SF office too (my company manages Adobe's marketing DB)

  • Jake

    Is that picture in this article of the DX running 2.2 from Moto or Adobe? If so, then there is a very good chance that 2.2 will be released or announced at tomorrow's event. That explains the “leak” of the 2.2 VZW Support document that says 2.2 is out now. That plus the recent “news” that Motoblur allows users to force download updates gives me hope that 2.2 is coming to the DX tomorrow or in the next few days.

    Actually, Moto recently re-tweeted the 2.2 update timeline chart for their phones. It still says “by late summer” for the DX. Since 9/21/10 is technically the last day of summer, 2.2 has to be out within the next seven days.

  • I agree that we will at least get a date for Froyo on the DX tomorrow.

    Could actually start tomorow as well, Verizon loves Thursday…

  • bizarospeak

    Oh my god I hope this is Froyo for DX! and I hope mine shows up soon after!

  • One_ina_milli

    I have a good feeling about this.froyo!tommorow!

  • ylexot

    Love the title for Ryan Stewart…”Platform Evangelist” Adobe Flash…Hallelujah! CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!

  • timarnette

    I received a email from verizon this morning about how to install Froyo. But I have no update on my Droid X. So I hope I will be getting it today or tomorrow. I feel like it is very close.

  • They better give us the droid x usurers 2.2. if not ill being rooting by Friday…….

  • antintyty


  • Juan

    Way to go Motorala kicking a guy while he is down. Of course the picture shown is a DX running flash.

  • Bigsike

    Love how they are showing the Droid X in the picture running flash and us DX owners are nowhere near getting 2.2 even.

  • Rob Stemen

    Here's my guess… “In collaboration with Adobe, Motorola is pleased to announce that the 2.2 Froyo update with Flash pre-installed will be rolling out to Droid X devices beginning tomorrow.”

  • Hdu

    Droid X froyo date maybe?

    • mphunter995

      Thats what I'm hoping

    • JT

      Certainly looks like a DX in his hand!

  • I'm going! SF FTW!

    • Chris Nimon

      yeah tato, you should go and grab some video. ( just make sure to erase that other stuff first lol)

  • phoxus


    • Holy crap I actually got first.

      • kellex

        Hah the response to your own is priceless. You were so quick you didnt even login either haha.