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New Google Voice With Widgets Made Official

The new Google Voice with widgets has gone official.  And actually everyone needs to update to this new version, including those that installed the leaked version from the G2 system dump that we posted last week.  For those not familiar, this update gives you 2 widgets which you can see in the screenie above.  A nice addition to one of the greatest apps ever invented.

Available in the market now.  Download Link

Source:  Google Voice Blog

  • Astroprojector

    I was upset about not being able to use F & F with Verizon, but then installed the GVMyNumber and now have no issues. Still get free calls with Verizon.

  • Droided

    So I guess we need to uninstall the leaked version before installing this one right?

  • Thumbs up.

  • Duhwitt

    why can't I find the widgets? i updated?? whine whine whine…

  • Sl8743

    It keeps telling me it cannot verify my phone #…it did that with the leaked version I tried also…any thoughts?

  • PapaWiskas

    Those of you worried about your Friends and Family plan, why don't you just use GVMyNumber, this app lets you decide when to use Google voice or not.

    What it does is takes care of all the dialing prefixes for you…it dials your Google Voice Number, which then takes you to the VR system, it then initiates a series of pauses and numbers, then it dials the number you want to call. All in all it adds a few more seconds to dialing the call, but it keeps the Friends and Family intact.

    I.E. here is what happens…I pick a number in my contacts…a prompt asks me if I want to use Google Voice to make this call or not (this is the way I have it set up), when I choose Google Voice it dials…

    555-555-5555 the sexy Google Lady welcomes me to Google Voice menu…phone then initiates pauses, picks option 2 to make a Google Voice call, then informs me this is a free call, then dials the number. Sequence is below:


    This works on old Google Voice and New Google Voice, in my Friends and Family List of numbers I just have my Google Voice number.

    It's not hard people…here is a link to it…


    • FortitudineVincimus

      GV has a widget already that allows you to decide, by pressing it, what phone to use to place calls – your actual cell # or GV #.

    • Astroprojector

      I was upset about not being able to use F & F with Verizon, but then installed the GVMyNumber and now have no issues. Still get free calls with Verizon.

  • Peterrrr

    Doesn't work on verizon?

  • M1ghtysauc3

    Considering it won't verify my phone number, this app is completely worthless.

    • Tattooedwhtguy77

      I had to get on my PC and set mine up through Google.com/voice.

      • M1ghtysauc3


  • The350zWolf

    Hey, the download link is broken! WTF?!?!?!

  • Patch89esch

    am i the only one who is having problems with google voice. I know i set it up properly and everytime someone calls and gets my voicemail they get asked to enter the number they are trying to reach or it says number unavailable. Its driving me crazy

  • Kubbe117

    my number could be verified. WTF

  • Kerrynowlan

    I don't understand the advantage of Google Voice calling or texting from a cell phone, so I don't understand the value of these widgets. GV works awesome for ringing all my phones for incoming calls and collecting all VM in one spot, but I don't see the value in placing calls from my cell phone with GV. Am I missing something?

    • Coaster36

      Im with you on this one. I see no point in GV. I definitely wouldn't even come close to considering it the best app ever made.

      I must be missing something too.

    • I can name at least one, though it is situational – completely free calls to Canada, and not at that crappy skype quality.

    • Well, using it for texting from a cell phone makes tons of sense… you can drop your text plan completely because GV texts are free. I do all of my texting through GV and get unlimited texting with no text plan.

  • Dannyjedi

    Still can't 'verify phone number' wtf?

  • Rob

    If I don't like google voice is it easy to

  • I'm glad they finally added widgets, but I wish they would get some user input on this sort of thing. A 3×1 widget? That's almost worthless! A text message barely fits in there.

    How about some other sizes, and options on what to load (just SMS, just VM, whole inbox, etc)?
    How about also some shortcuts to different labels (SMS, Voicemail)?

    Or how about just fixing the bugs? Like how you can't listen to a voicemail message that is longer than the screen timeout time…

  • BKTee

    Bring back the dedicated number so we can use it with Friends and Family!

    • The_Other_Ray

      Look for version 0.3.4 on the web. That's what I use so I can still make unlimited calls. I'll sacrifice not having widgets for unlimited calls.

  • droidrt

    Still not updating, Don't want to lose my free calls with Verizon F & F.

  • I wish the settings widget also came broken up into separate widgets. The toggle part of the setting widget is already on the phone as a single widget. I would love to just have the DND widget instead of the whole set of settings.

  • Bill

    mostly use GV for craigslist purposes =/

    • FortitudineVincimus

      EXACTLY what I use it for pretty exclusively 🙂

  • Dhuff44

    Does it cost to call anyone in the u.s.a. from the u.s.a. or is it free?

    • It's free.

    • It's the same as a normal phone call to a US number, no additional charges from Google Voice, just the normal per-minute charges from your carrier.

      It's worth noting that if you are calling mobile-to-mobile and normally get free mobile to mobile minutes, you will NOT get those when using Google Voice.

  • DexDroid

    Google Voice is a great app for chicks. They dont have to give you their real number so they give u the Google Voice number.

    • That is what I do.

      • kellex

        Same thing I do too hah.

      • Steve H


      • The_Other_Ray

        And then spam block them. Lol

    • What's the difference between your real number and GV number? The GV number is only more versatile..