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Another Android 2.2 FRG22D Rooting Method for the Motorola DROID

After posting rooting instructions for rooting your Motorola Droid running Froyo FRG22D this morning using adb and the Android SDK, we are getting the feeling that many of you would rather use an RSD Lite method instead and decided to bring you a guide for that as well.  This method will look familiar to those that went through our 2.1 rooting guide, but we’ve adapted it to work with some new files that have emerged.  Have fun!

This guide adapted from our 2.1 rooting guide which is a source for any issues you may run into.

All credit goes to MotoCache1 for the files and awesomeness!

*Warning* – The process we are about to layout is extremely risky.  If you choose to do this, we are not liable should you brick your phone or cause any sort of permanent damage.  If you do harm to your phone, please do not email us asking for help as you have already been warned and accept all risk involved. Cheers!

Full rooting instructions after the jump!  

*Note 1* – So we are clear, this is for Motorola Droid users running stock Android 2.2.

*Note 2* – This is for PC users only.

*Note 3* – This will not work on the Motorola Milestone.

Step 1:

Flashing SPRecovery onto your device: The first and most important step is to use a program called RSD Lite to flash/install the SPRecovery image onto  your phone.  This recovery will replace the stock Android recovery image and allow you to gain root access to your phone.  This step does not root your device, but it does take you to the next step which will.

*Note 4* – For a general video overview of flashing an SBF file in RSD Lite, check out this.

1.  Download the SPRecovery SBF file:  MC1_A855_1282081087_Recovery-Onl..sbf
2.  Place the file somewhere other than your desktop.


3.  Download the correct Motorola USB drivers and install to your PC.  (32-bit)  (64-bit)

32-bit for a 32-bit Windows OS and 64-bit for a 64-bit Windows OS.  To find out what your Windows OS is, go to Control Panel>System and it will tell you.

4.  Download and install RSD Lite 4.6.  (Download Link)
5.  Connect your phone to a USB and your PC and turn it off.
6.  Open RSD Lite (run as administrator).
7.  Slide open your keyboard, hold up on the d-pad, then the power button for 5 seconds and release.

Your phone should then boot to a black screen which is your bootloader.

8.  Click the … next to the filename box and browse to where you saved MC1_A855_1282081087_Recovery-Onl..sbf.
9.  Double click and open the file.
10.  Click “start” and allow the SPRecovery SBF to flash.  This should not take long.
11.  Watch for “rebooting your phone” and do d-pad up before the phone boots to “catch the boot” and come right back into the bootloader.
12.  Close RSD Lite and disconnect your phone.  You now have SPRecovery installed on your Droid.
13.  Proceed to STEP 2.

Step 2:

Rooting your device: You are now ready to flash a simple “update.zip” file in SPRecovery which will give you root access to your phone.  Remember that you now have SPRecovery as the recovery image on your device after flashing the SBF file in the last section.

*Note 5* – For an instructional video which shows a general overview of this process, head here.

1.  Download this file and place on the root of your SD card. (Meaning, do not put it in a folder.)
2.  Reboot into recovery mode (Turn off then hold the power and “x” button at the same time).
3.  Choose “Install.”
4.  Choose “Allow update.zip installation.”
5.  Choose “Install /sdcard/update.zip (deprecated).”
6.  The update.zip will now be installed.
7.  When it finishes, select reboot.
8.  When your phone boots up, you will be rooted!
9.  Enjoy!

Other Info:

Overclocking: If you are interested in overclocking your device, you can find some general information about it at this post.

Root-Only Apps: Here is a list of apps worth checking out that work once you have root access.  Trust me when I say that these will make your phone that much more amazing…

  • SetCPU: App used to overclock your device.
  • Root Explorer: File manager that lets you browse every file on your Droid.
  • ROM Manager: The easiest way to install new ROMs.
  • ShootMe and Drocap2:  Screen shot apps.
  • Barnacle Wifi Tether: App for wifi tethering your Droid.
  • LEDs Hack: Gives you control over your LED soft-keys.
  • MetaMorph: Allows you to install custom themes.
  • Titanium Backup: For making custom backups including your apps.

Let us know if you run into any issues! Our IRC support channel is also live!

  • Wagz86

    its not flashing the recovery file. just keeps saying failed flashing process. can anyone help me with this cause i could get the other method to work either. nor the one touch method

  • Kisame

    i did all the steps and my phone is messed up, it doesnt charge or have a signal, turns off every 30 secs then boots up again and it says process system failed. HELP!!!!!

  • Joegayman

    does everything then at the end unmounts everything

  • Fsemmons

    what do I do if everything works but Ithe phone mic and speaker do not work when I call someone?

  • Anonymous

    You have to find which one you have, 32 or 64 bit.  It’s under system tools in control panel..

    • Rderoxtro

      I know which one I have (64). However the link does not take you straight to the driver.
      Did you click on my link? That is as far as I got, the 64-bit link above does not go to the driver page, only to the Motorola website.

      • Rderoxtro

        I found a different website that did a direct download of the driver, Phone is now rooted.

  • Rderoxtro

    Ok, call me stupid if you must, is there something I am missing in 3 of Step 1?
    I get to this page and then what? What do I choose?

  • Shadownet

    Did not work with 2.2.2 FRG83G in which gave me the white triangle with a yellow exclamation mark with a phone next to it. Also when I did the SPRecovery step when you have bootloader open and start flashing, it didn’t say “hacking your phone” (important or not, did the files change?).

  • Hcblackwell3

    trying to root my phone and get a message stating I need “se flash omap3430 mi driver”. Been looking all over, where do I find this driver?

  • Leoii827

    does this work for verizon’s droid running android 2.2.2, build# FRG83G???

  • Thank you 🙂

  • PezHead

    Wow, finally got around to doing this. I’m (was) running stock 2.2.2 and it worked like a charm. No issues at all! Thanks so much for the info!!

  • Wizz88

    does this work for the 2.2.1 software

  • Xgrinder911

    Search for super one click on Google! Roots your phone in 30 seconds and u don’t even have to turn off your phone! I did it for FRG83G!

  • amilgax

    I tried to root my D1 by following this method without success. I have frg83g installed. Do you know another way to do it of it is possible at this time?

  • Xgrinder911

    sooooo this doesn’t work for 2.2.2?

  • Mmarino2379

    when running through the steps for CYANOGEN MOD and it tries to boot up phone gives me a picture of a triangle and an exclamation point in it with a picture of a phone laying next to it. what do I have to do ? I have droid 2.2.1 frg83d any help would be appreciated.

  • Luckyr1981

    is there something wrong with the SBF file?? RDS lite 4.6 says theres an error?

    • Carnivalfreedom874

      Apparently so :-/ I downloaded everything and they files just come up blank

  • Carnivalfreedom874

    I attempted to download RSD Lite 4.6 and it ket giving me an error window

  • LLaves

    can you show one for the Atrix?? PLEAZZZZZ

  • KO

    of all the current ways to root after FRG22D and beyond this is by far the easiest for a novice to do. Ive done it a few times via adb, but unless your very confident and detail oriented its just easier for someone to mess up.

  • Burningpoopprod

    For Step 1 part 11, RSD doesn’t display “rebooting your phone” exactly, basically right after the flash is over another thing loads up then it says something under the lines of “phone is rebooting”
    Then on Step 2 part 7, you need to press the power button to go back, you do this until you see reboot.

    Not really a big deal, but I got stuck on the whole “rebooting your phone”, but another thing that contributed to that was the YouTube tutorial, since you don’t do that part.

  • Here’s the issue I’m having. When I select the sbf file, it doesn’t populate the File Details section. However, Start does become clickable. I haven’t tried hitting Start because there was nothing in the File Details. Suggestions?

    • I figured it out. For me, I needed to move the sbf file to the root C: drive. After that it populated File Details and worked like a charm. I am running Win7 32bit FYI.

  • Apsmojo

    i just rooted my OG with superoneclick. Is that method ok or should i go back and use this method?

  • Nickkellogg93

    i cant get my moto droid to show up in rsd

    help plz

  • When I’m trying to install update.zip i keep getting an error it says:
    –Install for sdcard…
    Finding Update package…
    Opening Update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    what is going on? I got all of step one down and I followed directions but this is the message I keep getting.

  • Landau93

    mine does not give me the option to install. the video said to wipe factory data and i did that. then upon returning to the main menu it never gave me an option to install it only gave me the option (2 one from the top) to apply so i tried that and it failed. the update.zip was the one that you told me to install and i made 100% sure that i did not put it in a folder or anything and now i have a reset phone thats still not rooted… wtf!?

  • Ana

    I'm not to computer savey so I'm having a hard time understanding this, I have the RSD lite on my computer but it takes me to a website asking me which program I would like to use to open the RSD file. Could someone please help me out.
    I have another question though…. How will rooting my phone effect it if I go out of the country and try to use WiFi?

  • bigwes

    i did need an alternate update.zip file… but all is good…

  • espiwe1

    after messing with two different root methods… this was the only way i could get rooted. yey root!

  • Jimmyakaspanky

    When I flash Sprecovery and then try to install the update.zip it says it can't mount the SD card.

  • TechHead

    Which Motorola USB drivers!?? This is very confusing. When it says “click on” anything is it talking about our PC or our phone? These (and other) instructions claim it's “easy”. No it's confusing.