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Another Android 2.2 FRG22D Rooting Method for the Motorola DROID

After posting rooting instructions for rooting your Motorola Droid running Froyo FRG22D this morning using adb and the Android SDK, we are getting the feeling that many of you would rather use an RSD Lite method instead and decided to bring you a guide for that as well.  This method will look familiar to those that went through our 2.1 rooting guide, but we’ve adapted it to work with some new files that have emerged.  Have fun!

This guide adapted from our 2.1 rooting guide which is a source for any issues you may run into.

All credit goes to MotoCache1 for the files and awesomeness!

*Warning* – The process we are about to layout is extremely risky.  If you choose to do this, we are not liable should you brick your phone or cause any sort of permanent damage.  If you do harm to your phone, please do not email us asking for help as you have already been warned and accept all risk involved. Cheers!

Full rooting instructions after the jump!  

*Note 1* – So we are clear, this is for Motorola Droid users running stock Android 2.2.

*Note 2* – This is for PC users only.

*Note 3* – This will not work on the Motorola Milestone.

Step 1:

Flashing SPRecovery onto your device: The first and most important step is to use a program called RSD Lite to flash/install the SPRecovery image onto  your phone.  This recovery will replace the stock Android recovery image and allow you to gain root access to your phone.  This step does not root your device, but it does take you to the next step which will.

*Note 4* – For a general video overview of flashing an SBF file in RSD Lite, check out this.

1.  Download the SPRecovery SBF file:  MC1_A855_1282081087_Recovery-Onl..sbf
2.  Place the file somewhere other than your desktop.


3.  Download the correct Motorola USB drivers and install to your PC.  (32-bit)  (64-bit)

32-bit for a 32-bit Windows OS and 64-bit for a 64-bit Windows OS.  To find out what your Windows OS is, go to Control Panel>System and it will tell you.

4.  Download and install RSD Lite 4.6.  (Download Link)
5.  Connect your phone to a USB and your PC and turn it off.
6.  Open RSD Lite (run as administrator).
7.  Slide open your keyboard, hold up on the d-pad, then the power button for 5 seconds and release.

Your phone should then boot to a black screen which is your bootloader.

8.  Click the … next to the filename box and browse to where you saved MC1_A855_1282081087_Recovery-Onl..sbf.
9.  Double click and open the file.
10.  Click “start” and allow the SPRecovery SBF to flash.  This should not take long.
11.  Watch for “rebooting your phone” and do d-pad up before the phone boots to “catch the boot” and come right back into the bootloader.
12.  Close RSD Lite and disconnect your phone.  You now have SPRecovery installed on your Droid.
13.  Proceed to STEP 2.

Step 2:

Rooting your device: You are now ready to flash a simple “update.zip” file in SPRecovery which will give you root access to your phone.  Remember that you now have SPRecovery as the recovery image on your device after flashing the SBF file in the last section.

*Note 5* – For an instructional video which shows a general overview of this process, head here.

1.  Download this file and place on the root of your SD card. (Meaning, do not put it in a folder.)
2.  Reboot into recovery mode (Turn off then hold the power and “x” button at the same time).
3.  Choose “Install.”
4.  Choose “Allow update.zip installation.”
5.  Choose “Install /sdcard/update.zip (deprecated).”
6.  The update.zip will now be installed.
7.  When it finishes, select reboot.
8.  When your phone boots up, you will be rooted!
9.  Enjoy!

Other Info:

Overclocking: If you are interested in overclocking your device, you can find some general information about it at this post.

Root-Only Apps: Here is a list of apps worth checking out that work once you have root access.  Trust me when I say that these will make your phone that much more amazing…

  • SetCPU: App used to overclock your device.
  • Root Explorer: File manager that lets you browse every file on your Droid.
  • ROM Manager: The easiest way to install new ROMs.
  • ShootMe and Drocap2:  Screen shot apps.
  • Barnacle Wifi Tether: App for wifi tethering your Droid.
  • LEDs Hack: Gives you control over your LED soft-keys.
  • MetaMorph: Allows you to install custom themes.
  • Titanium Backup: For making custom backups including your apps.

Let us know if you run into any issues! Our IRC support channel is also live!

  • Wagz86

    its not flashing the recovery file. just keeps saying failed flashing process. can anyone help me with this cause i could get the other method to work either. nor the one touch method

  • Kisame

    i did all the steps and my phone is messed up, it doesnt charge or have a signal, turns off every 30 secs then boots up again and it says process system failed. HELP!!!!!

  • Joegayman

    does everything then at the end unmounts everything

  • Fsemmons

    what do I do if everything works but Ithe phone mic and speaker do not work when I call someone?

  • Anonymous

    You have to find which one you have, 32 or 64 bit.  It’s under system tools in control panel..

    • Rderoxtro

      I know which one I have (64). However the link does not take you straight to the driver.
      Did you click on my link? That is as far as I got, the 64-bit link above does not go to the driver page, only to the Motorola website.

      • Rderoxtro

        I found a different website that did a direct download of the driver, Phone is now rooted.

  • Rderoxtro

    Ok, call me stupid if you must, is there something I am missing in 3 of Step 1?
    I get to this page and then what? What do I choose?

  • Shadownet

    Did not work with 2.2.2 FRG83G in which gave me the white triangle with a yellow exclamation mark with a phone next to it. Also when I did the SPRecovery step when you have bootloader open and start flashing, it didn’t say “hacking your phone” (important or not, did the files change?).

  • Hcblackwell3

    trying to root my phone and get a message stating I need “se flash omap3430 mi driver”. Been looking all over, where do I find this driver?

  • Leoii827

    does this work for verizon’s droid running android 2.2.2, build# FRG83G???

  • Thank you 🙂

  • PezHead

    Wow, finally got around to doing this. I’m (was) running stock 2.2.2 and it worked like a charm. No issues at all! Thanks so much for the info!!

  • Wizz88

    does this work for the 2.2.1 software

  • Xgrinder911

    Search for super one click on Google! Roots your phone in 30 seconds and u don’t even have to turn off your phone! I did it for FRG83G!

  • amilgax

    I tried to root my D1 by following this method without success. I have frg83g installed. Do you know another way to do it of it is possible at this time?

  • Xgrinder911

    sooooo this doesn’t work for 2.2.2?

  • Mmarino2379

    when running through the steps for CYANOGEN MOD and it tries to boot up phone gives me a picture of a triangle and an exclamation point in it with a picture of a phone laying next to it. what do I have to do ? I have droid 2.2.1 frg83d any help would be appreciated.

  • Luckyr1981

    is there something wrong with the SBF file?? RDS lite 4.6 says theres an error?

    • Carnivalfreedom874

      Apparently so :-/ I downloaded everything and they files just come up blank

  • Carnivalfreedom874

    I attempted to download RSD Lite 4.6 and it ket giving me an error window

  • LLaves

    can you show one for the Atrix?? PLEAZZZZZ

  • KO

    of all the current ways to root after FRG22D and beyond this is by far the easiest for a novice to do. Ive done it a few times via adb, but unless your very confident and detail oriented its just easier for someone to mess up.

  • Burningpoopprod

    For Step 1 part 11, RSD doesn’t display “rebooting your phone” exactly, basically right after the flash is over another thing loads up then it says something under the lines of “phone is rebooting”
    Then on Step 2 part 7, you need to press the power button to go back, you do this until you see reboot.

    Not really a big deal, but I got stuck on the whole “rebooting your phone”, but another thing that contributed to that was the YouTube tutorial, since you don’t do that part.

  • Here’s the issue I’m having. When I select the sbf file, it doesn’t populate the File Details section. However, Start does become clickable. I haven’t tried hitting Start because there was nothing in the File Details. Suggestions?

    • I figured it out. For me, I needed to move the sbf file to the root C: drive. After that it populated File Details and worked like a charm. I am running Win7 32bit FYI.

  • Apsmojo

    i just rooted my OG with superoneclick. Is that method ok or should i go back and use this method?

  • Nickkellogg93

    i cant get my moto droid to show up in rsd

    help plz

  • When I’m trying to install update.zip i keep getting an error it says:
    –Install for sdcard…
    Finding Update package…
    Opening Update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    what is going on? I got all of step one down and I followed directions but this is the message I keep getting.

  • Landau93

    mine does not give me the option to install. the video said to wipe factory data and i did that. then upon returning to the main menu it never gave me an option to install it only gave me the option (2 one from the top) to apply so i tried that and it failed. the update.zip was the one that you told me to install and i made 100% sure that i did not put it in a folder or anything and now i have a reset phone thats still not rooted… wtf!?

  • Ana

    I'm not to computer savey so I'm having a hard time understanding this, I have the RSD lite on my computer but it takes me to a website asking me which program I would like to use to open the RSD file. Could someone please help me out.
    I have another question though…. How will rooting my phone effect it if I go out of the country and try to use WiFi?

  • bigwes

    i did need an alternate update.zip file… but all is good…

  • espiwe1

    after messing with two different root methods… this was the only way i could get rooted. yey root!

  • Jimmyakaspanky

    When I flash Sprecovery and then try to install the update.zip it says it can't mount the SD card.

  • TechHead

    Which Motorola USB drivers!?? This is very confusing. When it says “click on” anything is it talking about our PC or our phone? These (and other) instructions claim it's “easy”. No it's confusing.

  • Bilbo Baggiepants

    Verified – This process works for 2.2.1 as well. It took me 2 tries, but it's now rooted again 🙂

  • Gyeagley

    Just used this method, so simple it was amazing! Downloaded CyanogenMod and love it! Thanks Droid-Life, you guys ROCK!!!

  • Simianinfernus

    It says I need a SE Flash OMAP3430 MI driver but I have no idea where to get it. Anybody know where?

  • linux user

    You say this method is for PC only, but what you mean is “Windows” only. PC and windows are not the same thing… I have four PC's at home, all running flavours of linux.

  • Samwise Gamgee

    RSD Lite is stuck at “Executed: 0%”. I'm scared.

  • Ronaldflory

    Thanks for your help. I just rooted my moto droid from stock froyo to rooted froyo running BB. It took me several attemps (catching the boot sequence in rsd lite was what i kept missing) to get it right. I think some folks are due some christmas gifts.

  • Godsvenndetta

    when i get try to reboot into recovery i dont see the SP thing all i see is a triangle with a exclamation point in it with a phone sitting underneath it :/ can someone please help me?

  • Dchi436

    When I try to install the sbf file using RSD Lite it tells me it fails. please help

  • Baseballmz11

    When I'm trying to install update.zip i keep getting an error it says:
    –Install for sdcard…
    Finding Update package…
    Opening Update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    any advice on how I can fix this so i can finish rooting my Droid

    • Faqbch99

      I am having the exact same issue.. Signature Verification Failed.

    • Dustin

      You probably skipped a step. Before hitting install you have to hit the option above (Allow update.zip install) it’s step 4.

  • Nowetdio45

    where am I suppose to open thee sbf file?

  • In Step two…. between parts two and three… i missed a step that wasnt listed, and my cyanogen mod was cycling trying to boot, so i went back and the part between step two and three, and “CLEARED or used the WIPE DATA option” to clear out factory files and settings ect, and it worked perfect thanks


    Works perfectly no need to return to factory default easy and by far explained thoroughly thank u for an amazing guide

  • Jakepetre231

    This worked great! a few of the links were broken or the servers were down, luckily i got my root on! thanks for all of the help 😀

  • Mdsinger2

    help i followed directions and now it boots with no battery symbol and it wants to force close the process…

  • josh

    does this work for droid 2

  • Stonecoldxlh

    Ok, I should have asked this question before I rooted my phone, but I'd better ask it now before it's too late..

    1) What happens now, if Verizon releases a new version (updates v2.2D to 2.2X), and my phone is setup for auto updating… will it brick my phone?

    2) Is there a documented way to restore my phone back to non-rooted 2.2D if I need to?


  • Kyle Tavu

    it says “failed flashing process

  • ryan

    Um good guide except your update.zip didnt work for me…after I downloaded it from elsewhere everything else went smoothly.

  • Hyduke

    can't boot into recovery mode

  • Moe1199

    every time I try this it says “E:Can't open /sdcard/update.zip
    (no such file or directory)
    Installation aborted. any ideas what is wrong on moto dorid 1 wish 2.2

  • Drewbowski

    Worked like a charm. Good tutorial. Don't forget you can take a backup of the current state before you install the update.zip file inside of the recovery mode. This way there is little fear of “bricking” the device. Thanks again.

  • Rocketsalad

    Says the signature verification failed and won't install update.zip. What's up with that?

  • Smokecrops

    ok help im freaking out, I followed all the steps and I get to the screen with the gold droid and go to install, then allow update.zip installation, then install/sdcard/update.zip(deprecated) and it keeps saying

    can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 (or /dev/block/mmblk0) no such file or directory E: can't mount SDCARD:update.zip installation aborted

    please please help me

    • Smokecrops

      ok so i got it fixed, maybe this should be included in the directions, If, when you are in the menu with “install” “allow update” and “install update.zip”, you fail to use the volume up/down and camera buttons and instead just use the d-pad and the center d-pad button it gives that error, but if you use the volume and camera buttons it works perfect…weird huh?

  • Ok guys, what about us Mac users wheres the love? I am not a programmer so I would love a simple way to root my Droid 1 version FRG22D. I mean I could learn how to do this the hard way but I really am to lazy (no I really do not have time to sit down and work on a phone for three hours). Anyone know if Easy Root has been updated to work on FRG22D yet?

    • Rocketsalad

      I used Parallels Desktop to emulate Windows XP in order to root my A855 Droid. I used the other method linked above, the Android SDK and adb method. Worked like a charm.

  • fearful

    What's the chance of getting your phone damaged in any way?

  • Jgregory83

    I am dumb as hell and I just rooted mine. Great Guide! Thanks to all who made this possable.

  • Grenadier89

    question for anyone who is willing to answer…
    does the data on the phone have to be wiped to do this? or can you leave all your stuff on when installing the update.zip?
    if you do have to wipe your phone, how do you get all your data and apps back on more simply than installing everything again 1 by 1?

    • Chris Nimon

      I use the AppBrain app with the Fast Web Installer app. When you load the app you sync it with your phone. Mine autosyncs like once every day. Then you can pull up appbrain on your computer and it has a list of all apps youve had on your phone. once you enable the fast web installer you can just click install (from your computer) and it auto loads on your phone. http://www.droid-life.com/2010/07/07/appbrain-allows-pc-to-phone-app-installs/

    • Joemyrick77

      I didnt wipe mine

  • Michaelfong8888

    i keep getting “installation aborted', what do i do

  • Alex M Keech

    the link for sprecovery is down is there another?

  • Angel

    This TOTALLY WORKED. Easiest instructions around. Thanks so much!! I did screw up and not press the up on the d pad quickly enough after installing the sbf file but went back and re-installed it pressing up on the dpad almost immediately and it worked perfectly. Ohh and THANKS SO MUCH:D Super excited to see what cool things my droid is capable of now:) –APL

  • FotoLyfe

    Doesn't seem like anyone has answered this question yet. RSD Lite is not seeing my phone for some reason. When I go into the Bootloader it says my usb driver has a problem and I don't know why.

    I'm running windows 7 32-bit

  • Tyler Cunning

    I would just like to say thank you ALOT.. I rooted my phone and it is good to go, I would also like to know if their is any type of website that I could donate to show my appreciation.

  • betor

    the update.zip file does not open in sprecovery?!?!

  • El wapo

    just rooted droid and really like the end product. very easy to do

  • KCase06

    mine keeps saying Failed Flashing process. Any Ideas?

  • anon

    Rooted with this method and then something screwed up when I tried to install Bugless Beast ROM. Can I do this again to gain my original root? What is the best thing to go about doing this?

  • Coreyhyatt

    I finished Step 1, but when i choose the apply update, it finds the packge opens it, but fails verification and aborts installation, any help here?

  • Hi there,

    Since i updated with udate.zip downloaded here I have root access! Nice! Since we did a factory reset in the process my wifi setting got lost! I don't get wifi to work again. I am my own network admin and never had problems. I got the right password. I am useing static IP and it still doesn't want to work. 3G works fine!

    Is this rooted stock FRG22D know for causing problems with WIFI?


  • Corkeylt91

    i just have a question or two before i decide i really want to do this….what does “running stock ANDROID 2.2 mean and in step 1, do you have to do #11 and “catch the boot”??? thanks!!

    • Art

      Stock Android 2.2 is the FRG22D update push you received over the air (OTA) by Verizon Wireless. As for question 2, yes, you have to hold “up” on the directional pad when the phone reboots after RSD flashes SPRecovery.

  • Okay, I keep getting the exclamation point every time I try to reboot… what should I do?? I've tried at LEAST 8 times and it just doesn't want to go to the next screen… I'm pressing X and then pressing the power button until the screen lights up a little and then continuing to hold x and it always goes to the exclamation screen… three presses on the power button later and it turns my phone back on…

    And ideas?

    • anon

      When RSD Lite is done you have to catch it before your phone boots back up. If you don't catch and let the phone boot up normally and then turn off and try to then go into the recovery mode you will get that exclamation point. It's so quick you could totally miss it. But you have to catch the reboot so that you stay in the bootloader. Then do the x power button reboot to get into SP Recovery.

  • Jdredsoxdude

    Ok I open RSD and I select my file and it doesn't show my device whats wrong?

  • Lizardkeno

    I'm having problems downloading RSD lite File. I save it to my desk top, and it's there just as a blank white icon. Anyone one have any suggestions, thoughts or ideas? I'm open.

    • Shaunypat

      you might need to download a .rar opener program. Find a free one with no viruses or permissions to your system. I used Winrar to open it, then immediately uninstalled and wiped it from my system memory.

  • Dougbloch

    This worked perfectly and so easy. Thanks!

  • Dray654

    i just tried this method and cannot get the rsd lite to install on my computer, it just says windows does not recognize it. am i opening it wrong? im new to this lol

  • TheVitalVice420

    this is why i dont like macs :[

  • Aigooalex

    I just rooted my phone by using this instruction and worked great. i changed my rom as well and everything was going swell until i go into market place… i don't see any apps nor can i find the apps i need. can someone help me?

  • Knecht47

    Help. All the steps worked until the end. When installing the update.zip I get an error: “E:Cant mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1” and it aborts.

    Any ideas?

  • SofaKingKonFused

    I installed the update.zip and for some reason it said installation aborted

    • SofaKingKonFused

      Nevermind, I'm an idiot. I forgot to click allow 😛

  • Hayley Boren

    everytime i press start nothing happens. it doesnt say my phone is connected. HELP :[

  • Jaszdrummer

    Your instructions are quite complex. After reaching the blank page on my droid I go to: Step 1, #8: “Click the … next to the filename box and browse to where you saved MC1_A855_1282081087_Recovery-Onl..sbf.” Where do I “click the … next to the filename box and browse…” Where are the “…” you refer to?

    I guess I will wait for an app that will do the rooting for me.

  • Mhanda45

    I have heard great things about rooting. I'm excited about extending my battery life and speed increase which is why I want to root. However I'm worried about some of my programs like NFL Mobile. I watch football on it every Sunday. I hear people have to pay $10 a month to watch live football now but since I'm grandfathers claused in I dont. I do not want to upgrade if I lose such grandfathers clauses. I think Shazaam is another program that people have to pay for now. Any suggestions?

  • Serum186

    Is there a post for returning to stock 2.2 from rooted?

  • Patriotvirus

    Don't forget to Choose “Allow update.zip installation.” when boot up in recovery then Choose “Install /sdcard/update.zip (deprecated).” I had the same prob and forgot to allow update.zip installtion

  • Patriotvirus

    Don't forget to Choose “Allow update.zip installation.” when boot up in recovery then Choose “Install /sdcard/update.zip (deprecated).” I had the same prob and forgot to allow update.zip installtion

  • Patriotvirus

    Don't forget to Choose “Allow update.zip installation.” when boot up in recovery then Choose “Install /sdcard/update.zip (deprecated).” I had the same prob and forgot to allow update.zip installtion.

  • YAYYY… Thought it ruined my sd card at first but did it second time NO PROB. Was awesome! WANNA DO IT AGAINNN lolol THANK U!!

  • Ashin220

    i get up to instruction 7 in step 1. For some reason my phone does not show up in the device properties. Please help

    • Ashin220

      nevermind. I forgot about the drivers, duh. Sorry

  • Dustinwillard83

    hey when im rebooting into the recovery menu to install the update im getting a picture with a trianle with a “!” in it next to a droid??? any ideas

  • Shazam Itttt

    so i installed the sbf file but when i go to try to get to recovery mode i just get a triangle with an exclamation point and a picture of the phone. why wont it go into recovery?

  • Mapleshosho

    I installed the SPRecovery onto my phone. Then on Step 2, after I put the “Update.zip” file onto my SD card, then I rebooted and when I clicked on apply:sdcard:update.zip it like aborted it. Help?!

  • TM20

    I cannot install RSD lite. When i download RSD light and open it, it asks me to specify which program i want to use to open it. Which program should i use?

  • EWOK0

    i have booted into recovery mode and have the update.zip file on my phone and clicked apply update and i get an error and says cannot find file, but its on the root of my sd card

  • Patriotvirus

    I didn't do #11 on Step 1. Does this mean I have to do Step 1 again?

    • Patriotvirus

      I rooted my droid1

  • Bflores05

    I can't seem to load RSD lite. Do I need a specific program to open it?

  • DrClaw


    I am stuck on Step 2.2. I installed SPRecovery successfully according to RSD Lite. However when I try to boot into recovery mode I get a picture of my phone and a ! inside of a triangle. The phone no longer responds and I have to pull out the battery to turn it off. However it can still boot normally.

    I have done manual updates before using an update.zip so this worries me that I am no longer able to boot into this mode.

    • DrClaw

      I was able to boot into recovery. I had 'caught' the post SPRecovery boot before and gotten a 'PASS' from RSD Lite but had to do it twice more to get it to take. My advice is to hold the up button on the keyboard immediately after hitting 'start' on RSD Lite.

      Now… time for some fun.

  • nick

    I couldn't get it to work. The start button was grayed out, then i moved the spr recovery file to my c:drive and renamed it something shorter, but the flash failed. What is going on?

  • Dale

    I like this meathod a lot better but i was reading through the instructions and i noticed STOCK 2.2 my phone has updated to 2.2 FRG22D it came out of the box with 2.0.1 update will this work with this phone

  • BS

    when i update this phone to 2.2 does this become the new stock or what do you mean by stock

  • afrank_86

    So i have been having problems with my phone. i have been rooted since day one of getting my phone. I got the bright idea to put one of the stock images on and when it booted up it downloaded the over the air update. now it sitting at a stock phone but it has superuser on there and wont let me do anything. I have been trying to reroot it but it keeps telling me “E: signature verification failed. Installation aborted”. I have been trying to get the superuser off of there but i cant get into my root explorer.

  • LuisAngel714

    does this method give u new recovery breaker giving you life long access to actually enjoying so many of the hidden secrets on your Droid device????

  • Tonee187

    if i root will i be able to unroot my d1?

  • ConfusedDroidLover

    Okay, so I still have not rooted and want to know, who has rooted their Droid 1 FRG22D using the instructions above? Once you did it, and the phone boots up, is everything the same except that there is a new “Superuser” app, or does the system appear fresh and all apps have to be redownloaded and the phone reactivated using *228? Basically, if I root, will my phone boot up the same way and load my 5 home screens, live wallpaper, gmail account, and Verizon service the same way prior to root??

    Thank you in advance!

    • afrank_86

      everything will be the same. the superuser app lets you change your phone and use other programs. download ROM manager to get custom ROMs, setCPU will let you overclock and you can use Rootexplorer to change boot loaders and delete apps you dont want. Its not hard just mess around with it

  • Andrew Per3

    I can't run as admin on vista 64, even going to options and advanced the check box is grayed out, when I hit start RSD says failed. I am running Froyo 2.2 FRG22D on my phone. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this?

    • Andrew Per3

      I found the answer in another forum. Open the install folder (for me it was: C:Program Files (86)MotorolaRSDliteSDL right clicking on SDL gives me the run as admin option) worked perfectly and am now rooted!

  • Padawan

    Just take your time and it works thanks again guys for the freedom of root once again.

  • what if i rooted my phone back when it had 2.1 and then flashed back to stock 2.2. Can I use the rsl that i already have to root 2.2?

  • Millerjsn1

    worked great

  • spiral_out

    I rooted about 6 months ago and was enjoying the rooted life… then bam got frg22d somehow and lost root.

    I just used this method to get my beloved root back and it appeared to work as usual but when my phone reboots, it asks me to activate my phone. Once I do, I am greeted by a bunch of force closes of android processes and the black screen of death. I think I am gonna start all over but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

  • Ken Long4

    I have run the SPRecovery SBF file: MC1_A855_1282081087_Recovery-Onl..sbf file, now how do I know if it took, I did the x and power and came up with the triangle.

    • Andrew Per3

      that means it didn't take. You have to “catch” the reboot (when in RSD it says rebooting phone) basically hold the up key right after you press start on RSD and you will catch the reboot. then wait for RSD to say it is finished. Then you can do x and power and a custom boot loader will come up with a gold droid in the middle of the screen.

  • Signature verification failed when trying to apply the update. What gives?

  • Sgtguthrie

    So would this remove all my apps? Also, if you flash back to factory defaults later is SPRecovery removed from your device?

    • Sgtguthrie

      Sorry, I'm a newbie to rooting, I figured it out on my own. Thanks for the instructions!!! Between these instructions and “Root droid 1 regardless of OS” over on droidforums.net I had no problem rooting! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

  • Aarong

    I have done the steps you listed and all was going good until I tried to install the update.zip I downloaded from your link. The Verification failed so the update was aborted. Was there something I may have missed?

  • Aarong

    I have done the steps you listed and all was going good until I tried to install the update.zip I downloaded from your link. The Verification failed so the update was aborted. Was there something I may have missed?

  • ok i really need help ive done everythign right.. ive done this many times befor. but for some reason when i wanna unroot for certin reasons to reroot (phone back to normal for a while) i do everythign have all the right drivers and rsd lite and the sbf file in adn everythign ready… i go to click start except its grayed out (its liek the button isint even there)

    in the botom part it says

    model port no. port type imei/esn/meid status
    se flash omap 3430 MI 1 usb N/A connected

    please help me i need to unroot then re root.. for somereason on accidently downloaded a rom that was stock adn forgot to put super user with it.. adnnwo i cant do anythign adn i still ahve super user and i wanna reroot so i can have everthign back to root normal

    please someone help me please

    comment me back on here ( will check as often as possible.. or email me (the faster way to help me) [email protected]

  • Xzadfor

    how about rooting for Droid 2?

  • I did a manual update to 2.2 so i already have an update.zip in my sd card and of corse i cant replace it. Can i still root my phone and if so how?

  • Ffhpark

    I'm at step 2, #5.

    after i choose “Install /sdcard/update/zip (deprecated), it quickly lists a bunch of stuff, and at the end, it says:

    “Installation aborted.”

    but the yellow bar on the bottom is still moving, as if completing something. is this fine?

    • Ffhpark

      the yellow bar just finished… and nothing is happening. what should i do??

    • j-

      I am getting this too. It can't mount the sdcard — can't find the correct path. Anyone have a fix for this?

      • digipimp

        Step 2: 4. Choose “Allow update.zip installation.”

        If you don't do this, step 5 will not work

  • BurbankCA

    Can somebody answer the questions other people post? They have legitimate and great questions for us “newbies”. Thanks!

  • ive done step 1 successfully. But when i move on to step two, i press the power button and “x” as well and my phone goes straight to the screen with the little picture of the droid and the warning triangle sign. Please help

  • GamerSean19

    Is it rooted for good now?

  • im having the same issue exclamation triangle and device when i reboot into recovery. I press vol up and camera to get to the menu but i dont see any spr settings and load update fails. Any help?

  • Aubbers

    Ok so, heres a question… if i use this method to get root access, will i have to re-setup my phone as if it were new? that is dial into verizon and set everything back up, or will my phone remain the same, but with root access now?

  • I am wondering, instead of going on to Step 2 to root, wouldn't be easier to use Easy Root after flashing? I am still a newbee to all this rooting, flashing, custom ROMS, etc… I have a DROID 1 with 2.2 and the FRG22D version. I'm trying to get back to when I was able to use the wireless tether from above. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Aubbers

    Ok so, heres a question… if i use this method to get root access, will i have to re-setup my phone as if it were new? that is dial into verizon and set everything back up, or will my phone remain the same, but with root access now?

    • It stays the same, just with root access. Didn't even have to redo my LauncherPro icons. Once you delve into the world or ROMs I believe when you start running into re-activating your phone

  • I am wondering, instead of going on to Step 2 to root, wouldn't be easier to use Easy Root after flashing? I am still a newbee to all this rooting, flashing, custom ROMS, etc… I have a DROID 1 with 2.2 and the FRG22D version. I'm trying to get back to when I was able to use the wireless tether from above. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Easy Root doesn't work with FRG22D

  • after reading all the comments i got it working rooted my phone and my girls phone thanks guys for all the comments maybe they should edit this page for noobs like me

  • Jessecnyc

    I need a little help after following step 1 could not go into sprecovery any help anyone

  • Steve

    When I boot-to-recovery, get an exclaimation mark surrounded by a triangle over phone image. Does this mean I did not get the SPRecovery properly flashed?

  • Once I actually read the instructions properly, I got it to work. Phone is rebooting now!

    • Kika951

      thank you for posting this. I kept getting frustrated. I totally skipped some of the steps on this tutorial. I kept getting the exclamation mark after the second reboot. Now I'm rooted and can tether again. Yay.

  • ava030395

    Can you do this on a imac??

  • Dane Kavanaugh

    so the RSD hangs at 100% and “in progress” and the status says please manually power up this phone. If I try to close RSD it says that the application is currently busy…Whats gpong on with this?

    • You have to hold up on the D-Pad right when it says “SW Update Complete” on your phone then RSD Lite will show “PASS” and after that you can boot into recovery

  • Phyches7

    all it does is say waiting for re-enumeration. then it fails. Help?

  • Masims80

    I follow all the steps for RSD light. when i hit the start button, the message say flash failed.
    Some advise please. I am running . stock

  • DUDE

    DID IT!! Super easy. Took me two times before I hit the up “D” pad correctly. The thing to be aware of is the MINUTE you see “SW Update Complete” appear on your PHONE…hit the D-pad's “up” key (key closest to the screen) and hold it until you see the “bootloader” screen again. Once you do that, the RSD Lite program will say PASS. Reboot your phone, while holding “X”, and you'll see the little gold android.

    • Josh121779

      thanks u, thank u, thank u

    • CPOR

      What if it just floats on 100% and nothing shows up on your phone? its not rebooting any time i try it.

  • Gave up waiting on Universal Androot tonight. Started using the other rooting process Kellex illustrated and the Command Prompt stuff scared me away. I just got it done with this system no problems. I would recommend this for people who don't really know Command Prompt but to each his own.

  • Anthonypisano


  • This process worked flawlessly EXCEPT for one part.

    I just did this an rooted my phone ( 😀 ) but for everyone else out there, if you are stuck, please read this: (Especially steps 9-12) http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-labs/74028-root-droid-1-regardless-os-version.html

    The only thing missing from the instructions listed above is that when your phone is rebooting after “pressing start in RSD Lite” after you see your phone say “SW Update Complete” IMMEDIATELY press the up on the dpad then RSD Lite will say “PASS”. This is the only thing wrong with the instructions.

    For more clarification, read steps 9-12 in the link above. Happy Rooting!!!

  • Gritmob420

    ok well no matter what i do when i run rsd then reboot i get the ! and triangle i dont get the menue from the video and i tried pushing up on the d pad when it restarted the second time wtf help please..is it because im on frg22d or what

    • Markfox33

      What I had to do is… when RSD finishes and reboots for the FIRST time hold up on the d-pad. That got me into SPR and the rest is all good news.

      • Gritmob420

        i did that and rsd finished,however the problem is when i restart and press x i get the exclamation mark and the triangle not the other menue like in the video…and i pressed vol. up and the camea button and tried doing it that way but it doesnt work

        • im having the same issue exclamation triangle and device when i reboot into recovery. I press vol up and camera to get to the menu but i dont see any spr settings and load update fails. Any help?

  • Gritmob420

    when i run rsd it says 100% but wont say complete and thus will not create the backup and i am un able to proceed and root… even though i closed rsd once and tried to finish rooting anyway ahhhhhhh help me

    • Krawferd

      try again, sometimes its just flaky

  • Soofthebold98

    …. my computer says theRSD Lite 4.6 is not supported

  • oneluckydevil

    Help! Followed instructions and rooted. Tried installing CyanogenMod 6.0 via Rom Manger and can't get past boot screen. New to rooting.

  • Jammin4jc

    Does anyone know how to fix the issue with seeing “signature certification failed” when trying to install the update.zip from the sd card?

  • Drew_1311

    With SPRecovery reporting successfully installed by Rsdlite, I rebooted into recovery mode per the video (X + Power button) This took me to a white triangle and yellow exclamation….So i pressed Volume ^ and camera button. Took me to recovery, but doesn't show SPRecovery, just android recovery 3e….wiped the factory reset and the cache..(That sucks)…won't let me run the update nor will it show me SPRecovery…



    [email protected]

    • Drew_1311

      nvm, after reading all the comments again.

      I was able to flash SPrecovery, hold down the Dpad up button again during reboot, RSdlite said successful. Immediately after this you must Hold the X and power button for it to work…appears rooted successfully now.

      • Jammin4jc

        How exactly did you get the SPRecoverey to work right? When I flashed it, it said PASS, but when I rebooted the phone it went to the yellow triangle with the ! screen.

  • Dride317

    Just rooted mine, thanks for the write up and links!! Much appreciated!!

  • Alan

    I just attempted and got an error that the signature was not correct after I tried to use the update with the update.zip

    • Alan

      Never mind I think I have it figured out I wasn't getting the SPRecovery on the phone like I was supposed too.

  • Cooljoe255

    wow.. I have try installing SPRecovery 3 times and it wont work.. it just bring up the android recovery.. any thoughts?

    • jeesung

      hold Dpad 'Up' during RSD Lite flash before your phone reboots as Kwparker80 says. without this SP Recovery won't install properly.

  • jeesung

    Step 2 just get's me to a screen with yellow exclaimation point / droid. what should I do? Step 1 went fine.

    I can reboot normally into 22D so and not bricked with a reboot.

    I thought Step 1 went fine. Any thoughts?

    • Jab1981

      you then hit volume up and the camera button at the SAME TIME, it may take a few tries…

  • Marc Adrian Anderson

    What if my Droid say “signature certification failed” when i get to Step 2 to and try to install the update.zip?

    Step 1 worked fine.


  • BAoxymoron

    Kellex how do you get a screen shot using drocap if you haven't given it root privileges yet? ADB?

    • C Henry94

      You have to have root privilages in order to use Drocap or it will not work.

  • Markfox33

    Followed directions to a tee…. when I try to boot into SPR I get a pic of a phone and a yellow triangle??? Help?

    • BAoxymoron

      phone? are you rooted or did you just flash the .sbf file? did you follow everything to the T? have you tried the help IRC?

    • Ekelling

      kellex is missing a critical piece to the instructions… during the RSD flash right before the phone reboots you must hold the dpad up button. if you do it correctly it will go back to bootloader and it will say PASSED in RSD. power off your phone then boot in recovery and it should now be SPR.

  • Infamous686

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH Kwparker80 i have been frustrated all day till i read ur post! thanx much!

  • I27

    What method should I use to upgrade to 22d if I am running rooted 2.1 now? I have RSD Lite and the drivers already. Is it simply a matter of flashing the SBF above and then using the update.zip above to root? Or is there more to it than that?

  • Oogalic

    the rsd file dont want to open… why?

  • burnthfinish

    Can this be used to root a droid running FRG22D that has never been rooted before?

  • Rwilkinspi

    This method doesn''t work on Stock FRG22D. Didn't brick my phone but remain unrooted. Dev's might think along the lines of REAL security issues here. Seems like Ver/Moto closed most of the loopholes.
    Keep hearing about rooted FRG22D phones but while technically able am unable to reproduce these results.

    • bigfire

      Ahm. I had my phone flashed to Stock FRG22D by Verizon after some misadvenature with custom ROM. After 1 day of no root, I use this method and granted myself the root privilage.

      So as long as you have the RDSL tool and you can reset the custom SPRecovery boot partition, there's nothing to stop your from rooting the D1 phone.

      If you can't follow the instruction posted here, please read and re-read the original and VERY DETAILED Motocache1 instruction http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-labs/74028-root-droid-1-regardless-os-version-new-post.html

  • Kellex – Please edit this post and include the part about holding the Dpad 'UP'. People are going nuts trying to do this, and it won't work without holding the Dpad during the first reboot after the flash.

    This IS a rooted FRG22D sbf for those that aren't sure. I did this a week ago and have been having a ball testing out new ROMS and themes. Have Fun guys.

    A former chicken .. now Simply Stunning ……

    • jeesung

      yes. this is the crucial part that was omitted. thanks Kwparker80!

      for rooting noobs like me, you should check out the Droid Forums MotoCache1 link that Kellex has in the post


      (same link as in Kwparker80's other post below)

      • Papoose34328

        thanks! i just rooted it! i didnt know it was so simple! i remember reading about things you should do after you root…something like nandroid backup or something like that? any tips/advice/suggestions on what to do or what app to use to perform a backup? plus any app recommendations? thanks again!

    • Rikki

      wat if i get an exclamation point while pressing “x”

      • Krawferd

        Just try again, i had to do three time third on was the charm, runnnnnssss GREAT!!! gotta get setCPU tho!!!

  • D'OH

    i got frg22d with working superuser access about a week ago this way.
    1) use rsd lite to flash ese81 (sprecovery) file found on peter alfonso's website.
    2) used update.zip method to install frg01b (master ota) to get to froyo
    3) reboot phone and wait for ota delivery of frg22d
    4) after frg22d official ota i still had working superuser permission.

  • Concerned

    Here are my concerns (they are not being able to follow directions or worrying about bricking my phone)…

    What is in the file MC1_A855_1282081087_Recovery-Onl..sbf?

    What am I flashing onto my droid?

    Does it present a security risk?

    Is it stable?

    Who put this package together?

    I like to understand what sourcecode I am using…

  • RyanP

    I tried three times with no avail to get sprecovery to load and i noticed in the original source link it said when the bootloader is about to reboot your phone hold the up key on the d-pad and i got a PASS on RSD lite. That got it to work for me

  • indy14

    RSD Lite gets 100% done and my phone reboots, but when I boot into recovery to install the root update it goes to the stock bootloader and not SPRecovery. What am I doing wrong?

    • Mscaduto

      Im having the same issue. tried it 3 times now. I cant figure out the problem.

    • AS SOON AS THE FLASHING STARTS hold 'up' on the Dpad directional thingy. It will go into the correct recovery. If you don't hold the Dpad 'up' it goes back to stock recovery.

      Read the detailed instructions straight from Motocache1 here: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-labs/74028-root-droid-1-regardless-os-version.html

      • Kaufkin

        did this, followed instructions, now back to root. and yeah, I have the 22D update. RTFD in DETAIL. and no sweat. especially step 10.


  • Beto

    who has tried this method already? i got the OTA 2.2 update. i want to root because i hate how my droid locks up at times and the scvreens freeze annoying!!! anyone help in regards to this. will rooting help this out?

  • Mike

    i manually updated to frg22d and i still have superuser. does that mean I'm still rooted?

    • Tacown

      No, try using a root requiring app like Drocap2 and you'll see that your root is broken. All super user does is allow you to manage your root access for apps, it doesnt grant you root.

  • Larrypratt777

    update zip not working?

    • Raceman94

      Couldn't get it to work for me either.

      • bigfire

        1. make sure your update.zip is actually update.zip and not update.zip.zip. Turn on file extension listing on windows if you need to verify.
        2. If you're using an 32GB flash drive, try using the original 16GB drive.

        • Mccar42

          This helped me…
          forgot that ‘update’ is actually ‘update.zip’.
          I added the .zip by mistake and forgot about it.

          thanks for pointing that out.

  • misphit_917

    Thank You….Droid-life I'm baaaaaaaack (Rooted) keep up the good work.


  • Dee

    e signature failure did not apply update

    • Larrypratt777

      same here

      • Raceman94

        Me three. I did get the update to run but it failed.

        • AznGWiz

          I have the same issue as well..

        • Khao Toum

          same here e: signature fail

        • khao

          how can i fix this? or get this to work? need help

  • leathernuts

    Ive been downloading crap all day and still dont have a clue!

  • mike jones

    Anything for non-pc owners?

  • g00n

    Been waiting got a root that works with frg22d ..this is it…i did notice that if you hesitate and try to install the update.zip the recovery console is repaired automatically street a reboot. You end up without sp recovery after the first reboot. You have to do all the steps before letting it bout up fully. I had root with the frg22d recovery once done. Them had to install rom manager to instal clockwork mod recovery.

  • Gulfstream

    PC users only… bummer

  • briderx

    Wow.. The new Google Maps update is AWESOME!

  • dasauto8

    If I root my phone, can I restore it back to the pre-rooted state?

    • briderx

      Yes, you can.

  • SBF, ADW, ADB, FPP, RSD, APK, .ZIP, IRC, What does it all even mean?!

    • andrew401

      ummmmm DOH! APK & ZIP are the same thing 🙂

      • BAoxymoron

        that's like saying zip and .exe are the same… yes they both contain files and store them more efficiently in a single file but one is simply an archive and the other contains many files that are used for an application

        • andrew401

          LOL you're completely lost but it's ok i am not going to argue about something. If an APK is not an archive then why can one extract it? Both are archives thank you for the laugh tho.

          • Anonymous

            you know you can extract and .exe and and .msi right?

          • Anonymous

            like i said before, ask any dev what the Android version of a zip file is…….. enough said this is my last response

          • stop being an idiot and listen.

            An APK is simply a ZIP at zero compression (store) with the file extension renamed to .apk

            How many times do I have to repeat myself to you??

          • BAoxymoron:

            APKs are literally ZIPs. The people who’ve told you this are completely right. Stop being arrogant and you could learn something.

            Exes are not like zips, your analogy is wrong.
            Exe is a binary executable format that may have files packed inside of it in different ways, but it is not literally an archive format.

            APK = ZIP && EXE != ZIP

            ~trevorj (of DroidMod/SPRecovery team)

        • APK is literally a ZIP, thats had the file extension renamed to APK


    • BAoxymoron

      roughly those are :
      .sbf = a file to flash data to your phone
      adw = is home replacement as is LPP(launcherpro plus)
      adb = android debug bridge( if you don't know don't worry about cuz it's not really useful for you otherwise)
      FPP = IDK are you talking about LPP?
      RSD = RSD Lite which is a program for using .sbf developed by Motorola and is used to flash stuff to you phone
      .apk = more or less a java based archiving file used to install applications in android similar to .exe but not quite
      .zip = um yeah not going there you should know this or you shouldn't do ANYTHING on this website including turning on your phone… sorry to be so rude
      IRC = Internet Relay Chat which is a way to chat with people using a server… in DL(droid-life)'s case to help you…

  • fuyuasha

    Yep, I used this last week:

    The only fiddlyness beyond the above instructions was this (after step 10 it failed to flash with “Failed Flashing process. (0x7100)”):
    – basically rename the SBF to c:abc.sbf (3 chars worked for me!)

  • FrenchToast

    just noticed the new Victoria's Secret ad on the page… new sponsor Kellex?

  • Scott67

    I just did this and now I am getting nagged about the system update….how do I make it stop?

    • dandroid30

      Download ROM Manager from the market, flash clockworkmod recovery, it should go away.

      • briderx

        Dandroid30.. You're close.

        You have to get clockworkmod recovery (Download Rom Manager), then accept the update. It will reboot your phone, go into a screen that looks like it's updating.. It'll get about 1/4 the way done and error out. Press the power button on your phone once and then click “reboot”… Done.

  • Its root time!

  • fuzzy

    I did this method a week ago, and after I installed those Motorola drivers I had to re-install the USB drivers to allow my phone to charge via USB… the Motorola page has that warning on it as well.

  • mike jones

    Kellex: is there any way to pull the update without a computer? Mine crashed.

  • briderx

    I just bricked mine.. Email is on the way!

    • ScottK

      Every time I'm ready to root my phone, I see a comment like this and wimp out all over again.

      • briderx

        Ha ha.. It was a joke.. I've been rooted since the 2nd day I had my phone (march 1st). Don't be afraid.. It's nearly impossible to brick your phone beyond repair.

        • ScottK

          Dude that is sick! Actually, the official 2.2 OTA bricked my last Droid and I ended up with a refurbished one. At least that I could blame on Verizon. I wish now I kept it, as I've later heard that there were ways to get the phone back to normal. Don't have the money to buy a new $500 something phone.

        •  I agree but still you have to know what you are doing…

      • Anonymous

        seriously it is so hard to completely brick your phone… only way I could think to do that is to burn out your processor and you’d need to use a kernal that i doubt anyone supports to do that… anyways the other day I broke my recovery and rom when clearing cache failed(other details but yeah) and I’m now right back up and running… took some legwork but I got there… seriously bricking has become more of a setback than a travesty… atleast for moto droid 1

        • Anonymous

          The only conceivable method of actually bricking the phone is that you’re in the midst of using RDSLite and yank the USB cable out. Even that is hard.

          • Adrion


      • AlyssaK:P

        Scott, calm the heck down….. No but seriously, u will probably totally destroy your 600$ phone just so that you can do a few extra things, so if you dont have an extra 600$ just laying around i would choose not to do this.

  • God help us all……

    IRC ftw

    • kellex

      But RSD Lite is so “easy”! ADB is so “hard”!

      And yeah… 😛

      • kellex

        Off my soapbox now.

        Enjoy everyone! #droidlife

        • briderx


      • briderx

        Both methods are extremely easy. Just follow directions.. I don't see why so many people have problems!

        • Anonymous

          Reading instruction is hard. Especially the part where the original writer clearly state that needs to be read multiple times. Hey, I didn’t succeed the first time either. After I got the hang of it, rooted my phone and then proceed to root my brother’s phone. He’s very happy with his new rooted phone’s capability.

      • Oh get outta here with that 😛

  • Porschephile2k3

    Nice, there's an SBF file now too for FRG22D?

    • bigfire

      if you're looking for a rooted SBF file for FRG22D, no, there isn't one, at least not yet. If you're looking for going back to stock FRG22D, go http://rootzwiki.com/index.php/Smartphones/Motorola/Droid/Motorola-Droid.html, if you want to flash back to stock FRG22D (I had that done by Verizon after my easyRoot version of root won't boot beyond Motorola logo). This method is sufficiently robust that even if Verizon decided to release Gingerbread (I sincerly doubt if they'll do that), we can still re-rooted it.

      • This IS an FRG22D sbf file. I did this with the same files and instructions on Motocache1’s instruction page, and when finished my phone showed Froyo FRG22D. I don’t know where he got it, but it is the newest version.

        Now running Simply Stunning at 800mhz and love it!

        • Anonymous

          I found that if I underclock the phone while the screen is off, the battery life is greatly extended.