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Unrevoked 3.2 Drops, 1-Click Root for 2.2 on DROID Incredible

Droid Incredible owners have been asking for a 2.2 rooting method for quite some time now and the unrevoked team has come through again.  This should work with a stock Android 2.2, stock, straight-out-of-the-box Incredible.  And since this rooting method falls under the “1-click” category, I’ll let you know now that the most painful part of the process is simply getting the correct drivers on your PC and phone.  Once you get those set up, it really does take just one click.

To help you get your drivers installed, check out the following from an XDA Forums thread

1. Windows users MUST install the HBOOT drivers for this to work: http://www.unrevoked.com/rootwiki/do…driver_install
2. Windows users need to uninstall HTC Sync or any other program that might talk to the phone over USB (doubletwist, etc). Disabling HTC Sync from the system tray is not enough. They interfere with the root process and will cause problems.
3. When asked for USB connection type, select “Charge Only” and “Remember this”.

This Wiki may also help.

And once you have all that setup, head over to unrevoked to grab the 1-click file!

(The method was pulled last night due to an EVO issues, but should be back shortly, if it’s not already.)

Cheers Lauren!

  • cowboy01

    does anyone know how to root the incredile after the latest updates i tried and said firmware is 2 new ne ideas?

  • Willbeapa

    Absolutely right!  It was one click (once i got the drivers right).  Well done guys!!

  • Sinnister

    Does this not work anymore? I rooted my phone this way like 3-4 months ago and everything went fine. Then I had to unroot it and now I need re root it and now its not working. I am using the exact same method as before but not working. getting stuck on waiting for reboot.

  • chris

    will this work for incredible 2?

  • Youngbaize

     will this work for droid incredible 2

  • K.

    unrevoked did not work on my incredible.
    device manager said windows could not find driver software for your device.
    any help?

  • Goosecoop

    really well working tool. thanks everyone who worked so hard to bring us this.

  • I know that this is a really old post but I just used this info to root the Incredible that my wife got for free at Best Buy and uninstall all of VZW’s crapware. It worked like a charm.

  • Vickie Volpe

    I just got a incredible and I don't know how to unlock it Verizon. I want to root my phone. Does the phone need to be unlocked first please help

  • Jdm9502

    Any instructions for us MAC OS users out here?

  • tonytechstorm
  • Dymund72

    OMG!!!!! Thanks sooo much i thought I was gonna lose it when i lost root after the update.

  • Doug

    Any prospects on when the 1-click for the Incredible will be back online?

  • Brandon

    can someone send me 3.2?


    i just did this and while scary it seems to have worked

  • D Ron

    Can someone also send me a copy of 3.2? Tired of waiting!! LOL

  • dkg418

    Any word on when this will be back up for the DI

  • Plemelin

    I am new to the whole rooting thing. If I use Unrevoked3 to root my Incredible will I lose all my settings and downloaded programs?

  • BIGshot87

    do you still have to flash the 2.X radio?

  • nate

    i'm getting a failed to flash recovery image….any help?

  • Brandon

    whyd they pull it for the DI i dont care about the EVO Users!

    • Adam F

      Exactly why I am looking for someone to send me a copy of the original 3.2. I too have the Incredible.

      • Msevenn


        Did you got a copy of the original 3.2? The same here. I have the incredible and looking for the 3.2

        • Axel

          The Unrevoked team doesn't want it distributed widely until they fix the issue, but you can get it at their IRC channel (and help on running it), at their IRC channel: http://bit.ly/bZdzfv

      • Axel

        The Unrevoked team doesn't want it distributed widely until they fix the issue, but you can get it at their IRC channel (and help on running it), at their IRC channel: http://bit.ly/bZdzfv

        • Dymund72

          OMG!!!!! Thanks sooo much i thought I was gonna lose it when i lost root after the update.

  • Gil

    I can't wait till the unrevoked site is back up. It's good that they're fixing the bugs. Thanks Droid-Life for the news.

  • Unknownz13

    Does anyone knows how to take of the logo of superuser after unrooting on D1?

  • 123

    I keep getting “failed to flash recovery image” What am i doing wrong. I cant figure it out. Please help!!!

  • Rob

    Need the one click root for droid1 running frg22d.

  • Mike

    damn i wish they had this for FRG22D already

  • UnknownZ13

    Hi everyone, I know is not about this subject but I need a little help. I got this friend that wants to root his D1 and he's using the universal androot but it fails to do so and its said no~~~fu goo~~~ after the process ends. Can anyone help me with this and tell me what is wrong? Please and than you!

  • Scotty89

    Will this method also put the S-OFF back to S-ON? Need to get my phone replaced due to the shitty speakers they have on them but can't cause I had to go to S-OFF to get the OTA.

    • MAAACE

      No, its a separate process. The link for the S-On tool is under the F.A.Q. section of the Unrevoked Forever page, just DL it and follow the instructions at the top of the public:forever page http://unrevoked (dot) com/rootwiki/doku.php/public/forever

      • Scotty89

        I used that route and it mentioned on the rootwiki page that if you see a E: to STOP. I seen it when I was in recovery and stopped. Now I have no clue where to go and can't find or get a straight answer…..I'm wondering if this 3.2 release is what I need to root again and THEN go through the steps to get back to S-ON. Am I correct on this assumption?

  • Jwalz

    I'm new to rooting (even this easy way), can someone either tell me or show me a link that says how to do this on a Mac and then what to do to get rid of the bloatware?

  • dredaav

    That just sounds like so much work….

  • ANTONkoolaid

    How about some one click love for the Droid 2 so I can get rid of all this bloatware?

    • the rooting method for the Droid X supposedly works on the Droid 2 as well.

      • ANTONkoolaid

        Yeah but I'm too lazy to do all of that command stuff. One click, please.

    • KleenDroid

      I am also looking forward to some serious lovin for the droid2!!

      But congrats to you Incredible owners!

  • Justin

    New to rooting, but since a manual 2.2 update I've had phone issues and was planning on rooting and doing a ROM install to see if it fixes these issues…

    So in short, do I need to root on windows? or can I do it via mac just by going to that url? Do I do it via phones browser or the computer's browser? Sorry for the noobness

    • rebelz13

      what kind of problems are you having?

      • sirbchalot

        I've had a buttload of problems myself, after an automatic 2.2 update on my DI. Baseball Superstars 2010, for example, now drags and stutters at times. My music library (native HTC app) is gone, and I can't seem to get the Music player to recognize any of my albums anymore (everything, almost, is unknown artist). When coming out of all apps, or settings, or numerous other places, I am greeted with a blank screen, not home screen. It is actually the 2nd screen to the right, which I have nothing on. The battery life still SUCKS, and I've done all the bump-charging, etc., so many damn times it's maddening. The Skype Mobile pisses me off more than I can describe, as does the change to where now it's necessary to force close programs to get them to really, really close. I hate to root; I was trying to get Best Buy to give me an X, though they have been useless and have screwed me around, a lot. There are other things, but since I just hurled all over the screen in reply to a reply, I think I'll shut up now. Any advice though, would be most appreciated.

      • Justin

        a bunch of FCs, I imagine some will be fixed over time, My custom sounds for notifications now have this little crack or audio clip at the end of it, checked the source files and nothing there and they worked in 2.1. that's the most annoying, I now have all regular DI notification sounds. No more starcraft alerts 🙁

  • Mmoreimi

    Question: For Windows users, step #3 says “When asked for USB connection type, select “Charge Only” and “Remember this”.”

    Is there a way to undo “remember this”? I like being asked to choose “disk drive” or “charge only” when I connect my Incredible to my PC.

    • CheeseLover

      menu -> settings -> connect to PC -> check the “ask me”

      • Mmoreimi

        Thanks, CheeseLover. I want to be able to set this option back after rooting.

        Much appreciated.

      • bravoleader2

        CheeseLover = username win

  • Skeltergrave

    used Unrevoked Forever to get the OTA and froyo rooted.. 🙂 love my Droid Incredible.. and the Unrevoked team is awesome!!!

    • RootBeer

      how did you root 2.2 with unrevoked forever? i thought you needed to use unrevoked3 first to root it x_x

  • Brendan

    Droid x droid x!!!!!!!!!

  • Mo

    the incredible update is not posted either. it has been pulled also

  • Droidboy

    Is there a one click root for the original Droid running the stock 2.2 update yet? Nothing I have tried works.

    • shanesol

      Isn't Universal Androot supposedly able to do this?

    • tjpeco

      No. The droid incredible literally has almost nothing to do with the original droid.

    • Exodus615

      http://www.droid-life.com/2010/07/08/how-to-root-android-2-1-and-install-android-2-2-on-motorola-droid/ follow these instructions and dont skip any steps i know it says root 2.1 but just follow the instructions and you will be flashing custom roms in no time

    • Triniboy515

      i was in your boat a few days ago and i figured out that no1 is comin out with a method anytime soon so if you cant wait you have to rsdlite restore to 2.1 or 2.0.1 either or and use universal androot and youll have root acces you also need to get the patch from peter alfonso to stop the ota from downloading and then you can use rom manager or whatever to put your custom roms on … hope this helps !


  • hope it will be back shortly. I cannot wait to 1click root my Desire

  • bravoleader2

    Can't wait to try this tonight!