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Custom Theme Friday: Drop Theme for Sapphire

Tato’s Homescreen!

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing well this glorious Friday! What an amazing week here at Droid-Life! We’ve been running our Live Supprt IRC Channel, and now have our very own Droid Life Forum! It’s turning into an amazingly glorious place to be and I am completely honored to be here as a part of it. *Note: I always tear up when writing these*

So, this week we have an truly beautiful theme for Sapphire 1.0.0 for you; it’s called the Drop Theme by Pandroid. I’m sure most people here have heard of Dark Edge. Well imagine if Dark Edge had a “sexy cousin”. That is this theme. So, come on and take the plunge and give it a shot!

Downloads and install instructions after the jump…

This theme is intended for the Sapphire 1.0.0 STOCK THEME ROM. If you are not running that, please download from ROM Manager under the “CVPCS” section. Thanks!


Step 1: Download which color you would like RED, BLUE, GREEN, or ORANGE.

Step 2: Place zip file on root of SD Card.

Step 3: Open ROM Manager and select “Install ROM from SD Card”.

Step 4: Please proceed to make a backup if you do not have a current one already. Do not wipe data.

Step 5: Click “OK” and watch Clockwork Mod Recovery turn your phone into pure “money”.

As always, resort to our awesome comment section if you need help! So many great people on this site! And if you don’t find your answers there, then come check us out in the IRC Channel! Much love you all! Have a great and SAFE Labor Day weekend!



If you wanna make your screen look just like mine, check out these links! 🙂
BattStatt Battery Widget, D-Clock Clock Widget, Droid-Life wallpaper, and the lovely Icon packs!! Have fun everyone!

See previous Custom Theme Fridays!

Credit for theme to: Drop Theme by Pandroid.

And special thanks to Ludacrosse05 for all the special things you do for everyone around here!

  • Look back in the post they are there.

  • Goodfriday97

    whats the name of that clock ? i had to factory reset my phone and lost all my applications !

  • Mike

    when i tried to install the sappphire rom, i got stuck at that blue gem, my phone died, and i have to reboot it. it is because I didnt wipe data and cache? also i choose a low voltage 125-1100 kernel

  • Didn't work for me, i was running BB v0.4 when i tried, but it gets stuck at the droid boot menu and the word droid never appears, but fades the sides of the word off and on every 10 sec. or so. Anyone else have a problem like this?

  • this is also for cyanogen 6 to just ported today

  • mattcrecelius

    How about something other than sapphire or lithium? This site is becoming sapphire-life instead of droid-life.
    What about liquid or chevy or ultimate droid?

    • Look back in the post they are there.

  • Matt

    i posted this in the forum and really need some help.
    i have to take my phone back to verizon today because i am having some issues with my microphone not working. i am currently rooted and was wondering what was the best way to go about the situation. should i just unroot with easy root and then do a factory reset. and then after i activate it do i need to go in and uninstall all of my rooted apps? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks again

  • JohnnyBananas

    My phone is not letting me download the theme.. It says content is not supported on this phone.. what the hell? help..

    • Make sure you have Astro File Manager and in preferences check “Download Any File Type” (can't remember exactly what it says), try the download again and voila!

  • Bdmsgaiters

    does the phone have to be rooted

  • mtkregs

    This theme is for Sapphire 1.1.0. I'm sure it was just a typo.

    It's actually DropTheme 1.1.1 for Sapphire 1.1.0. It's a nice theme for those whom haven't tried it.

  • John

    Having a problem with battstatt widgets.. I can't get any of the widgets to display without a background, even though I have background turned off. Well, it worked ONCE on the large widget, but never again, and not before that. Any ideas?

    • sfc3rd

      Enable background, then disable. That should clear the background.

    • KingCollins

      where did you get that wallpaper i like it. how do you get your dock like that

      • I designed the wallpaper, Lekky designed the dock icons.

        • KingCollins

          is there any way i could get that wallpaper, and dock

    • Goodfriday97

      whats the name of that clock ?

  • youngnamlee

    definitely a new favorite

  • Rctp10

    well what i ment to put was if you like this theme and your phone dont like Sapphire then try Ultimate Droid 8, its got this theme and more and it runs flawless, My phone dont like the Sapphire nether…

    • Im looking through the ult droid section, i dont see 8 i see new era, v10, v9.8.0

  • Rctp10


  • does anybody else get the sapphire diamond and like a quick restart while using this?

  • Keithsmnr

    OK can we please clarify something, Tim? You said that this is a theme for Sapphire 1.0 only. People here are saying that 1.1.0 is out. Will this theme NOT work with 1.1.0?

    • keithsmith22

      It may work but a lot of the “themed” apps will be older and will replace the newer ones that are included in this ROM. Plus my understanding is there are other things that can also cause issues so try at your own risk.

      • Keithsmnr

        Thanks, keith!

        keith keith!

  • Fawzi94
  • EC8CH


    Sapphire 1.1.0 is already up, so this theme is a rev behind…

    cvpcs has also started branding is roms under team name of CrystalCleanRoms (http://www.ccroms.net)

    • Think it's just an typo. The link to the Drop Theme posting shows the newest version is made for 1.1.0 only.

      • Flyinion

        He probably updated it already

    • When I wrote this, the theme wasnt available for that version yet. But, now it is! lol
      Also, yes I know of the branding, and 5 different base roms. THIS ONE is for Sapphire…derp 🙂

  • keithsmith22

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……I need this for 1.1.0 now.

  • I downloaded the icons pack…. but how do I install them?.. help please… thankyou

    • droidyourlookingfor

      unzip using astro then use launcher pro or bettercut to change the icons

    • Billythedeuce

      if you are like me and are still confused… after you unzip, long press on the icon at the bottom and change to custom icon.

  • EC8CH


    Which do you like better REVO or this? They look very similar green on black, etc…

  • EC8CH


    The gradient on you wallpaper looks kinda choppy. If you didn't already know “Wallpaper Set and Save” sets wallpapers without applying the compression that android does resulting in better res wallpapers…

    • Flyinion

      Where do you do that from? The only thing I can find to set a wallpaper is settings/wallpaper/gallery or in Astro long press set as/wallpaper and then whichever way I went drag the box around and save.

      • EC8CH

        Wallpaper set and save is an app in the market

        • Flyinion

          ah ok thanks

        • Flyinion

          Odd, it says it's only for Android 1.x?

  • Oh why oh why is this only for Sapphire…this is so beautiful and clean. Makes me consider changing over.

    • EC8CH

      Do It! Sapphire is my Fav ROM 🙂

  • Looks very clean. I love it, but I still haven't rooted my Droid X. I can't seem to push myself into making the jump.

  • Matholomus

    too bad this aint on the N1… or is it? lol i dont think sapphire is made for the N1.. thats too bad, this looks too nice!

    • droidyourlookingfor

      if they get enough donations they're thinking about supporting the Nexus One, “Once we have an incredible, our next move will be an HTC EVO, then on to the Samsung Galaxy S series, we MAY get a Nexus One but since they are no longer for sale it will be at the discretion of money and phone availability”

      • Tourach23

        well, that ended up changing 🙂 we have already ordered a Droid X for Obsidian(that Droid X video with the gem for a boot animation was us) we're still on the hunt for an EVO though because we have teh vendor setup all ready to start testing…

  • id like to but my phone doesn't like sapphire for some reason…

  • WHERES BB V.05???

  • tonytbone7883

    too dark. watermark theme on Chevy's SS4.7 blue looks real nice

  • ilikebikes