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Samsung Galaxy Tab Announced, Commercial, Specs and Accessories Included

While we wait for the Droid tablet to be announced and see what it has under the hood, we get a preview of what real Android tablets should act like with the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  Today, Samsung made it official with the launch of a dedicated site which includes all sorts of goodies.  In fact, you could spend a solid hour and a half playing and learning; seriously think about checking it out.

With the official launch and site, we get the first commercial which displays this 7″ tablet beautifully and a spec sheet which we have for you after the jump!

Full Spec Sheet:

Offical Commercial:

So, who wants one?  Or are we all waiting for the DROID tablet?  Tough right?

  • Oh well, but i still like iPad.

  • this is sammy return and make new line for tablet hope we seen more device and app
    let's see video on Samsung galaxy tab accessories

  • hi all sammy user

  • hi all user

  • L_P

    mebbe at least 1?

  • droid tron

    I doubt they will sell ten million tabs with these kind of specs

  • droid tron

    I doubt they will sell ten million tabs with these kind of specs

    • L_P

      mebbe at least 1?

  • t3lancer2007

    Screen is too small for me.

  • DroidHex

    umm… if you look in the lower left hand corner you can plainly see that there is an antenna problem…

  • carlos

    wow it really a kick in the ass, the screen size is perfect, 3 mp camera is enough, it hard to make a decison between this tablet and the future *DroidTable* but theres several point that i dont really like about this, no usb port no hdmi, but its almost nothing.

  • SecurityNick

    Neat, but after hearing about the price, it's ridiculous. Why pay that much for something a LOT smaller than the ishmad? Now I was impressed that it supports 802.11n.

  • so what’s the damn price? I want one already, I just hope it’s the right price point.

  • Galaxy Tab seems like a capable device, but I can’t get myself to buy a Samsung Product even the Galaxy S phones. I mean cmon the touch wiz ui and even the connectors look as though their trying to imitate apple. That may not bother most ppl but Ill wait for the Droid Tablet.

  • WOW I want one!!!

  • bristolcat

    Am I the only one who noticed that the website is in barely comprehensible Engrish? Nonetheless, I want one of these.

    • bristolcat

      From the browser page:

      “Have you ever heard that Flash is played on the full web browsing page?”

  • VitsDroid


  • It think I just wet myself.

  • Finire

    Bring on the Droid Tablet please.

  • poeddroiduser

    Basic tablet “Bill of Rights”

    12″ screen
    2 GB RAM
    8 GB on board memory
    720p MINIMUM 1080p preferred
    mini-SD/SD card slot
    Front and rear cameras 7MP rear and 720p video front

    PRICE: under $300

    • Jamerson90

      Lol. Good luck with that

  • Whats with the Apple Like usb cable? why can this be a standard already??? Also, can you really see someone “docking” this in their car? Do you really need a 7 inche A-GPS system? I can how ever see it usesful as a “tv” screen in the car, but not docked though.

    will there be a wifi only version or are we stuck paying another company another dataplan fee?

  • Gleff49

    Looks like perfection to me!

    I want it NOW !!!

  • Gambrel022

    ya know… I just can't decide where/when i'd use the damned thing… but I'd SURE LIKE TO HAVE ONE AND FIGURE IT OUT!!!

    +1 Samsung!

  • It is nice, but I'd pass – a few things bother me. The camera is only 3MP? These days on a high end device 5MP is really the minimum, if not 8MP or better. No HDMI out. A proprietary dock/data connector? At least put a standard microUSB port on it to use standard chargers, USB data cables, etc, even if you need a second connector for some reason. It is a nice effort, but I'm hoping we see better.

    • Mdhitchcock

      Agreed. Standardized ports and higher end cameras are a must.

      The 7″ size looks pretty good. And having Swype preinstalled is just lovely!


  • Droidzilla

    “Is it an ipad?”
    No, it's like an ipad, but better.
    “Then why would I want one?”
    It can multitask out of the box.
    “I don't care.”
    It has front and rear facing cameras.
    “I don't care.”
    You can make video calls over 3G or wifi to a phone or a computer.
    “I don't care.”
    It can make you magic pastries that make you stronger, smarter, and immortal.
    “I don't care.”
    It can grant you three wishes, with one of those wishes being for a new ipad.
    “I don't care.”

    • Gambrel022


    • kellex

      Big Win.

    • its been a while since ive seen that video haha.

      • annohathie

        This tablet is very promising

  • Actually just watched the commercial. Very nice, looks to be taking on the iPad head on.

  • It's all about the price for me.

  • Looks awesome

  • Swould333

    Nice specs.. but.. how many freak'n cell phones do you need.. i'm looking for an Android tablet that doesn't have to carry another data plan added to my cell bill… I mean come on.. how many places don't have WiFi .. and if your home.. that's what you're gonna use anyhow…

  • kulz

    yo quiero GALAXY TAB~!

  • I just made a mess in my pants…

  • xFenixKnightx

    1024×600 = 1080p? O_o Im confused. /noob

    Other than that it looks very sweet!

  • DroydHead

    Too small if you ask me, but the rest of the specs are cherry.

    • Jdstell

      I thought so too at first. Come to think of it, the size seems perfect. it's portable yet not super tiny like my Droid 1. That means I can actually use it to read news, books, magazines easily everywhere. Put that thing's phone number on my Google Voice acct and I can choose what phone I want to take depending on what I plan on doing that day.

      • DroydHead

        True! I'm sold! 😉

  • Jdstell

    Pure Win.

    • DroydHead

      you're first!

    • Jdstell

      wow watched the vid twice. I definitely want one!